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  1. Hi, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I can not rip files from a CD in a format that is playable on my nintendo wii. I have tried ripping with soundjuicer in the aac (m4a) format, but the wii can not read them. I assume that the program is not ripping in a compatible format, does anyone know how I can get this to work? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if there is a Mandriva or other rpm for firefox 3 available?
  3. HP has linux software that will show you the ink level of your cartridges. It also has configuration and maintenance options, and other functions depending on your device. I think it is in the hplip package that is available for Mandriva. A shortcut to "HP Device Manager" will be installed underTools/System Tools. Its a pretty useful piece of software.
  4. We can mark this one resolved, thanks to Arctic. I renamed the file /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libhcengine.so and that immediately solved the problem. Gnome-appearance-properties now works as intended. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the tips but I can confirm that the problem occurs for all user acounts, including new ones. I have all official updates installed, and the problem occurs with compiz enabled or with a regular 2D desktop. The problem also occurs with any theme, including the Mandriva default. Has any one else got any ideas?
  6. I have recently been trying to change the appearance of Gnome using gnome-appearance-properties, but the screen stops responding if I try and change from the theme tab. Therefore I can't tweak the theme, change fonts, wallpaper etc. I'm using Mandriva 2008. When I start the program from the command line I get the feedback: gnome-appearance-properties: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libhcengine.so: undefined symbol: ge_cairo_inner_stroke_rectangle I found two references to the problem on the web, but neither appears to provide a comprehensive answer. Has anyone else seen this and found a fix?
  7. You can set up a custom software source in the Mandriva Control Centre, where you define software sources. It would probably be best to create a folder on your hard drive and transfer the file from your flash drive to that. You can then keep any other rpms you need in that location for later use. You may also need some additional rpms which are dependencies, so check that first to avoid multiple trips between computers.
  8. Hi Adam, I have been using Mandriva Powerpack for a couple of days and I really like it. I have not found any significant issuest, so hopefully it will be a great success. It takes time to become familiar with each release, so it is difficult to give detailed comments, however this is my mini review. In my opinion Mandriva should ditch lindvd and cedega. One of the worst things about Mandriva is these packages. Lindvd may be legal, but it looks like DBs (dogs balls - an Australian expression) and it is not user friendly. Is there an alternative that is also legal? Perhaps it would be in Mandriva's corporate interests to assist the development of an alternative. Regarding cedega, the more linux tries to cater to reluctant windows migrants, the less it is likely to succeed. Linux can stand on its own two feet. Mandriva has many excellent native games available, and if it is a compelling platform games will come. This is a chicken and egg scenario. There are also many highlights to Mandriva 2008. I have had no crashes or system lock ups, despite extensive testing. There is huge number of applications and games available from the DVD and from online sources including some new and exciting programs. The task packages are a great idea as it makes it easy to install a package of applications for a particular purpose. As a Gnome user I am pleased that Mandriva has included the latest version of Gnome, released less than a month ago, and which includes some nice improvements. To summarise, Mandriva continues to be an excellent combination of user friendliness and power. In my my opinion Mandriva 2008 is much better than suse, fedora, the buntus (yawn), pclinuxos and others which I have tried. To really achieve its potential Mandriva needs to improve its marketing so that Mandriva communicates to potential users about their excellent product with a consumer focus. I have read that some positive changes in this area are planned. One improvement would be dropping the title of club (whch suggests an exclusive group) and using the title community, which is all embracing. Good luck Mandriva, you have an excellent product and deserve great success.
  9. Mandriva had been in financial trouble, however it worked its way out of the french equivalent of bankruptcy by making some tough decisions. Although it is (or was) also in debt it has sought funds to solve the problem and complete a merger/takeover of another company. The CEO of Mandriva was interviewed and explained that the vast majority of linux companies are not currently making money, and that Mandriva is no exception. Lets hope that for all of our sakes Mandriva is able to develop a viable business model, as it seems like a company which has a true commitment to the principles of free software, and it produces a product that many of us value.
  10. Try installing mixx or lmms. I can't say I know how to use them (not a dj) but they look quite capable and they are available for 2007.1. I'm not sure if they are available for 2007. I love Mandriva too, it is the best linux IMHO, a good combination of ease of use and sophistication.
  11. Some apps, including Chromium, do not seem to appear on the menu unless you add them manually. This is quite easy using alacarte, however you will need to install the updated version as the one that ships with Mandriva 2007 does not work.
  12. This may show my age, but I used to enjoy arcade type games on my PC including: Raptor Flying Tigers (I and II) Overkill Epic Pinball All are playable using dosbox on linux, but the speed of some of them is too slow to be enjoyable. The mindless shooting was very relaxing. Some windows games that were fun include: DX-Ball Full Tilt! Pinball (cutdown version was in some versions of Windows) Shanghai Dynasty I also enjoy playing some of the arcade games that are emulated under MAME (galaxian, gyruss, 1941, puyo puyo, truxton etc) , and of course I own all of the ROMS. ahem. The Metal Slug games were a lot of fun but are not playable under recent versions of MAME.
  13. According to Warly and Adam's blogs at Planet Mandriva 2007 is pretty much finished, save for final testing and creation of ISO's. Eventually cooker will start moving away from 2007, so you could try using 2007 community mirrors for your sources. I changed from cooker to community yesterday.
  14. The control centres were created in response to a need. Ubuntu is much harder to use because it doesn't have one, and Mandriva better off for it. The Mandriva Control Centre is not easy to use without experience, but it is getting better. In my opinion it is better than the Suse control centre. The 2007 control centre is better, but still not very intuitive, especially for newbies. Hopefully the 2008 control centre will have a complete overhaul.
  15. Congratulations Ironfighter for getting Gnome working. It may appear simple but it is very capable. As a counterpoint I installed Mandriva from the Sunna Gnome CD and can not get KDE started. No big loss.
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