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  1. Well, Im keeping ubuntu on the lappy alongside slack but im not sure why... PROS= its cute, you dont need to keep installing disks beyond two for app installs from cds, since there arent any more than ubuntu and kubuntu. Its Debian, sort of...you can get used to the sudo thingy...alot of it works out of box. The forum and support is pretty well established and looks like theyre in for the long haul with all the canonical business and a possible gnubuntu and edubuntu and ... Did i mention cute? CONS= its a little on the slim side (since i like bloated distros too), the forums are a bit newb heavy, its not exactly my idea of debian compatible (compared to kanotix or mepis), its got a slightly smaller repository than sid, theres a bug of the month in every release, at least in my experience, this time round its the kaffeine, totem gstreamer crashes, and some odd things happen when you add kde to ubuntu or vice versa....it is cute however.... Strange, I feel like installing say Kanotix, since its very deb compatible, but when i think of removing ubuntu i get free floating anxiety and guilt. Youre removing a distro thats stands for humanity, freedom and (judging by the names) small furry animals?! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?!?! So Im giving them more time, to see if i can catch on to what the rest of the world seems to be going ooooh and aaaah over...and im afraid i may find out its a great newb distro, with a kick ass debian philosophy on steroids. But if thats the case, why arent they more deb compatible? I find myself scouring the web for reasons to fall madly in love with ubuntu but nothing yet...its 'nice' Did i mention, cute? Strong temptations to try and config sarge again on the laptop, or test kanotix and debian sid, as opposed to ubuntu sid....instead of waiting to see which deb pkg will break my system cause ubuntu dont have it.... puzzled by the ubuntu juggernaut.....
  2. The easiest option was to download the latest....now running slack 10.2 and am very impressed....next step is either gentoo or linux rehab, i guess.....sigh...this stuff is addictive!
  3. Well, its too soon to tell (having installed slack 10.2 two days ago after a night of hair pulling with the laptop) but the slack look has an almost SUSE polish probably due to kde 3.4 starting to catch on with distro releases. Slack is replacing mepis which doesnt have the track record or the decent forums and support you find with say suse, mandriva, ubuntu, fedora....lots of wannabe cultists, imo. I admit , im treading gently so I dont break everything, since i wanna learn what slack can teach. Installing things like open office and k3b were a relative snap with kpackage working with a debian like efficiency or better...the fastest OO install ive ever seen! Yeah, the article is a bagbiter.....im impressed with slack and look forward to being more impressed the further i go with it. Using Sarge as the stable desktop linux and dual booting slack with ubuntu seems - for the moment- to satisfy my linux requirements for a) a stable home system B) an unstable cutting edge distro to trash and reinstall and c) an OS to go deeper into nix admin waters and learn how stuff works.... Hmn...those who can, do...those who can't write shitweasel reviews...heh
  4. I don't think anyone in here wanted to bash Mepis. I see it more as some concerns that you can break your machine if you don't take special care when running "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade". And if its Mepis fault or Debians fault is... well different persons, different views. Nothing wrong with that imho. ;) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Honestly? I have a great time with mepis but i have doubts about the GPL status and the fact that the mepis support sites are cultish. If someone wanted to settle down and depend on a distro, Mepis gets me nervous about repositories, the GPL and the fact that one guy withdrew his source code (the founder and sole developer?) after a tiff with KDE folks. I would sooner invest my time and data in Debian who hasnt thrown such hissy fits. But Mepis looks and feels easy and smooth and user friendly... a good intro distro, especially to deb and deb packaging....its got me apt-getting on mandrake and suse now too
  5. LOL, although why im laughing i dont know, since i dont have kanotix (yet) and am using mepis.....but a point is a point.....
  6. some others, like SAMS (Mandrake based) Mepis (medium number of packages and out of box ready) Suse Live Eval, likes nice, like the installed version with a simple menu, Ubuntu live....
  7. So cancel the thought of using Slax as a base for Slack 7.1 packages. Installing Slack 7 and upgrading could be interesting.....hmn. Thanks.....
  8. Ive pawed thru the Slackbook and some Slax docs and still have a weird question..... I just found an old cd of Slackware 7.1 and I recently downloaded Slax. Is there a chance - for purposes of experimentation - to lets say....install slax, then add on packages from the ancient 7.1 distro configured for a 2.2 (ack!) kernel?? OR to even install a 7.1 Slack at all on a new machine? (RH 7 is a no go...) I know I can load slax and download pkgs, or download the two install cds for Slack 10.....but downloading is actually more difficult so Im either slack-less or using the live slax. Am really curious as to what options if any I can use with such a bare bones , modular distro.... to see what kind of hybrid Slack system I can come up with. My impression from the docs is that you cant use old slack with new. And you dont generally upgrade, you reinstall. At least 7.1 was the first real cd based install vs the old bag o floppies. Would love feedback on what slack hacks are possible , at least in theory......
  9. Welcome to Mandriva....you'd be hard pressed to find a distro that installs as smooth as Mardrake/Mandriva......wait'll you get a load of the partition tool! I just repartitioned my laptop with it to install two other distros....
  10. LMAO ....can you say anally retentive control freak? Sure ya can. Which is too bad cause I like the actual distro...its still on my box. But you have to go to other distro boards to get any answers it seems.....sad.
  11. Look on the bright side, you dont have to show em Slowlaris, heh.....
  12. Oh. Yup. Sure...aha, no problems....(fingers crossed).... Eh, well, if anything goes wrong, at least theres someone to blame.....hehehe
  13. Getting good now at installing dual boot linuxes....copying boot files into the first distros menu.lst , but Kubuntu seems to be an exception. Heard that you DONT install a bootloader at all?!?! But then how would you get back into ubuntu to continue the package installs and stuff after its first reboot? Or do you just load the ubuntu grub onto the root partition for ubuntu and then go back to distro one, (mepis at the moment) and copy all the relevant file info? Or is Mepis the problem with its unusual meauto installer thingy? So far its making dual boots a snap but with Kubuntu....no luck....by choosing Ubuntu at the splash screen, Im bounced to a grub screen from ubuntu that doesnt do anything except return after you select ubuntu. Redundant to say the least. Its like a Bootloader Purgatory.
  14. SOLVED What was going wrong with Suse Installs was that I didnt choose INSTALL with NO APIC(?!), the second choice on the install menu. I saw a note somewhere about installing without APCIA or whatever letters it was, when installin on a laptop.....and then? it runs lightening fast (relative to Fedora) no mouse problems and sound out of the box including autoplaying of audio cd....course anything DVD or MP3 will take the usual tweaks and codecs. Strange though, that SUSE doesnt automatically install shadowutils and slocate? no locate command at all...and updatedb produces a puzzled , HUH? till you add some pkgs....hmnn.
  15. You know, I bet those penguins would dance REALLY FAST on the upcoming DAPPER DRAKE by UBUNTU......
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