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  1. There's now an official Canon driver for Canon ip 1500 printer : see the tutorial here... It is made for Fedora, but it worked fine in Mandriva 2006, witj a bit of googling to find the 2 libs... http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=73920 Enjoy it !
  2. Well, yes it just worked... I am in Gnome right now (to change a bit...) and I did "action"- "launch an application" and past the command... It worked fine... Thanks... Now, do you think I can either create an icon or put the real player in the start menu ?
  3. Hi Jboy, I just did double-checked, and it still doesn't work... Here's what is says as an error message : "Le service «/home/martin/Desktop/%2fusr%2flocal%2fRealPlayer%2frealplay.desktop» est mal formaté." That basically means that the service «/home/martin/Desktop/%2fusr%2flocal%2fRealPlayer%2frealplay.desktop» is not formated correctly... Strange, because whenever I type the very same command in a console, it opens the real player... I am a bit discouraged, but... with patience, a solution will come my way... Thanks for your help anyway...
  4. Hi Heather, I'll try all that... I am also using PCLinuxOS on another PC in the house, and I must say that it is really very user friendly! However, Mandriva LE2005 was the only distro to let me connect to the internet thru my USB ADSL modem Speedtouch 330, that's why it's either M$ or Mandriva for me in my main PC... I just wish I could listen to my fav'radio stations... It's too bad most of them are using Windows Media Player, which I think can't be played whatsoever in Mandriva... I can't believe how easy it was in PCLinuxOS, and how unsolvable it is with Mandriva ! I guess I'll find a solution with time...
  5. I went online, to the Mandriva Online website, and registered. I received a confirmation email, and I am following instructions... But now, it asks me for a registration key... I have no idea what it is...
  6. Hi Folks ! I am enjoying a lot my new OS... It's been only a few days that I am using Mandriva LE2005... I am trying to register to that service called "Mandriva Online", which has an icon on the task-bar, with a "?" in a circle... I enter a user name, a password, and a valid email address (I tried with a yahoo, a hotmail, a gmail, and the one from my ISP...). Then, I click on "next", and it tells me my email is not valid !!! I tried different user names, different password, and different valid email... Don't know what to do... -Do any of you has a clue ??? Thanks in advance. Moved from Software by theYinYeti. Welcome aboard!
  7. Thank you both ! I am happily surfing the web from Gnome in Mandriva ! It's fun to change window manager from time to time... I'll try IceWM as well... Maybe Enlightment too...
  8. Great !!! I just tried, and it asks for more details. It gives me a whole lists of gnome-related stuff... Which one is it ? Maybe gnome-desktop ???
  9. Hi Folks, I am now a happy Mandriva LE2005 user, everything works fine (apart from some radio stations that don't open in real player... but this is not the topic here...). When I installed Mandriva, I only chose to install KDE... Now I wish to have Gnome as well... -Is there a way to install Gnome afterwards, now that I have the system up and running, already well tweaked, I would hate to format te partition and start a fresh install ??? Thanks in advance for your advices and help !
  10. Thanks for your answer, I tried, and it doesn't work... I'll have to figure out something...
  11. Hi guys, I am using Mandriva LE2005. I successfully downloaded the Real player RPM. I did installed it, so I could listen to internet radio, but it doesn't work. First thing, originally, in the menu, there was already a Real player in the multimedia section, but it didn't help for radio. Now, since I installed the one that was recommended by Firefox (Real Player 10.5), it's nowhere to be found in the menu. To open it, I have to open the console and type : /usr/local/RealPlayer/realplay -Is there a way to creat an icon on the desktop for Real Player ? Second thing, whenever I try to listen to radio (it's that one : www.rfi.fr), I receive an error message with this text : "transmission incorrecte (rtsp://a1234.l663344176.c6633.e.lr.akamaistream.net/live/D/1234/6633/666/reflector:44176)" I had real codecs installed, and that Helix player as well... Maybe I forgot something, can anybody give me advices or help... thank you in advance...
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