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  1. i ran into some trouble with the out-of-the-box firefox version that comes with mandrake, so i uninstalled it in MCC, then i went to the mozilla site, downloaded the installer for the most recent version (1.04 i think), and manually installed it to /usr/local/firefox. now my life is perfect :) PS: dont worry about the install, its pretty simple, no compiling, or anything. just make shure you install the package cstdlib++ first. Hope this helps
  2. i once installed some stuff using this method ( i guess ill work with other stuff) 1.- create a folder for the rpms youre goin to download 2.- download (manually and at your own pace) the rpms you need into this folder 3.- go to mcc-> and add a new repository pointing to the folder you created (select the local folder option) viola! now go to install packages, and happy installing! Hope this helps you
  3. Thanks a lot, ill get right to it. (ill have to start by figuring out what this cooker stuff is :) ) BTW: can you giveme the url of the repository you used, or some other repository where i could find this rpms? Thanks!
  4. hi!, is it possible to upgrade my LE2005 installation with gnome 2.8 to gnome 2.10? (via rpms, not compiling) does anyone know of a place to find rpms for gnome 2.10 for mandrake? thanks!
  5. thanks for your answers, if i may wonder a little bit off topic, i noticed that on the Gnome GDM control dialog, you can set settings for remote sessions, but how would i connect to GDM remotely? can someone please point me to a proper tutorial / article etc? Thanks in advance
  6. hello, i dont really have a problem, just a doubt. whats the point of setting up vncserver to run as a daemon (via mcc->system->services), if i still have to ssh to the box and type vncserver :1 ? i mean, if i dont set it up as a daemon, and type vncserver:1 at my ssh terminal, wont it work just the same? or even better, wouldnt it be the same to add this to the end of my /etc/profile?: vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768
  7. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=4486 even tho those instructions are a bit old, now all you have to do is install 2 rpms, one for the core and one for the gui i did it a few days ago and have been happily downloading non-stop since then :) and about amule being better, well, i respect scarecrow┬┤s opinion, but IMHO, amule crashes more often than a windows Me box with viruses on it :D
  8. ERD

    startx problem

    im kinda confused, (im sort of a newby to linux), i understand (i think) that once i arrive at command line (at the login prompt), im at level 3. but wont running "startx" take me to level 4 and then level 5?
  9. ERD

    startx problem

    mhh, i havent noticed this before (duh!): i start x manually via "startx" at the command prompt, and after i end the gnome session and drop back to command line, theres an error message: (EE)Failed to load module "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a" (once only module 136033803) could this be related to the problem? could someone please explain what this means and an idea of how to fix it? (i really dont like my boxes givvin me ANY kind of errors) Thanks!
  10. ERD

    startx problem

    nope, user is a "standard" user belonging to users group and has no admin rights
  11. i dont know if this will help you, but i used to have some trouble with firefox plugins as well, here what i did: the problems ocurred with the firefox version INCLUDED with mandrake witch btw, is kinda old (1.02 i think), so what i did is, 1.- i went to mcc, uninstalled firefox 2.- downloaded the latest (1.04) version directly from the mozilla site, and installed it "manually". with the provided installer to /usr/local/firefox (as root of course) 3.- installed the plugins i needed directly in firefox->tools->addons (they all installed fine) now everything is working smoothly :) hope this helps you
  12. ERD

    startx problem

    yes, same user
  13. ERD

    startx problem

    Hi all, ibe setup LE2005 on a "server" computer witch runs 24/7 to provide file shares, prinnting, edonkey, etc. and since i dont usually work on this box directly (i use it mostly with VNC and ssh from other boxes), i removed the option to start X automatically (in MCC). and this is the problem: if i setup mcc to DO start x automatically, everything works fine (as expected), however, if i set it to NOT start x automatically, and i start x manually by means of locally loggin in and typing "startx" at the command line, or remotely via ssh and vnc, then some of my gnome settings are messed up!, the items in my pannels are out of place, net applet doesnt run, session settings dont get saved if i ask to, etc. like i said before, this ONLY happens if i start x manually, if i let mandrake start x automatically then everything works fine. my guess is that i should start x via a diffrent script (not startx) or that mandrake runs some other script besides startx to start x automatically. Any idea of what could be wrong? Thanks!
  14. thanks for your reply, ibe followed the proceedure explained there, and (hopefully) i wont get those annoyng files anymore, however, theres something i dont understand. If i understood correctly, those files are core dumps made when an app crashes, but ibe never since i installed linux had an app crash in any way (God bless linux), so why do they appear if nothin crashed in the first place?
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