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  1. Thank you it's ready. In case you don't wanna wait for them I attach it here.
  2. What is that suppose to mean? I can't see anywhere a '*'. I can't give a proper translation for this.
  3. OK I think I've found it: http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/svn/trunk/urpmi....www/lang/en.php
  4. You're welcome. I don't know if it still works or not though.
  5. Browsing the svn I've found this. Judging from the strings this is the one (hopefully).
  6. I mailed him the correct link and asked this question in the same time. He thanked me for pointing out the bad link and ignored my question, so the answer is either obvious or he doesn't know.
  7. Look in the MCC and switch off the services you don't need (like cups if you don't print from that machine).
  8. dexter11

    File browser

    This is a file chooser dialog window from GNOME or GTK. Unless there's a central application where you can set it, like gconf editor, there's no way to change it other than change the applications which call file chooser dialog and then recompile them of course.
  9. The title is self-explanatory. Which file should I translate to add a new language to easyurpmi? More precisely I need a link. Before asking here I wrote a mail to the guy who has his mail address on easyurpmi but he didn't answer on this question. I tried to browse the svn repo but I didn't find anything useful. I don't have experience on translating user interfaces I just translated Howtos a long ago so pls be specific. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  10. Mine does not autoupdate itself although it is set in the preferences. And it doesn't autoupdate the extensions like AdBlockPlus and ForecastFox either.
  11. When I click on the thumbnail of your picture arctic it opens a new tab with a lot of characters instead of the picture. It seems like displaying the character version of the pic with FF1.5 an Konqueror. edit. It's working now.
  12. This is very poor for a GF4 so I think the driver wasn't properly installed. Look at glxinfo . If it displays mesa instead of nvidia like : then you should check the driver installation.
  13. I don't know if it's really belongs here but I don't know a better place. Anyway.. some of you maybe noticed that the German Mandriva fansite has released a new easyurpmi-like webpage called smart-urpmi. The main differences are that you can see when the mirrors were updated and in the end it is able to save a script instead of the usual copy-paste (though it's still available) so it's more user-friendly. German only but the source is available of course. [moved from Workbench by spinynorman]
  14. Knowledge base, Cooker wiki, Community wiki, Mandriva Unofficial Starter Guide with yours it makes it 5. It make sense now. Which is..? It's not in the posting guidelines. Thank you.
  15. First of all I like it. Second I don't like that Mandriva has 4 or five or maybe more wikis instead of one big one. What's the license? Also it would be good if there would be a link to a page which shows all the articles so anyone could see what's there and what's missing.
  16. I already added a few things and probably add some more. I'm thinking about a table which would help to find the Linux equivalent of Windows progs. That and a general "how to install software" could replace those "How to install ..." parts.
  17. You mean netapplet? It's in System\Monitoring (or something like this, I translated it back to English) in my menu.
  18. Current is a symlink which always points to the latest tree so currently there's no difference between the first two but there will be when Mandriva 2006 will be released.
  19. The Macromedia flash plugin is 32 bit only, and they won't release a 64 version soon. Others solved this problem by running 32 bit programs in this case Firefox. Though I don't know how it works, you have to install a 32 bit Firefox only or the full operating system. Someone who has a 64 bit system will tell.
  20. You only have to do ./configure, make, make install if you install from source. In this case you just have to start the firefox file in that directory. First you step in to that dir: cd firefox then launch it: ./firefox Don't forget the dot and the slash from the beginning.
  21. Try urpmi libstdc++ as root from the console. Post error messages if that doesn't work.
  22. Just found this: a christmas edition of S.W.I.N.E. (733 Mb) is freely downloadable from the company's website: http://www.stormregion.com/. It's a windows game but it's reported torun smoothly under Cedega. The game is an RTS about the war between pigs and rabbits. Have fun. Happy new year.
  23. 17 Sep 2003 Guess it's already in a lot of distros like Mandriva
  24. Maybe it was because you used --auto which automatically upgrades packages and it tried to upgrade your Mandriva packaged nvidia drivers with the plf one. But that's just a maybe.
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