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  1. Thank you, I get "package urpmi is not installed". I'll install it Try "rpm -q urpmi". If you get "package urpmi is not installed", you should install it from your installation CDs. Otherwise, it should be in /usr/sbin, which should be in the root user's path. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Done that. Definately get a "command not known" every time. Sorry to be a pain!
  3. When I type urmpi I get a command not recognised message???
  4. Pardon my ignorance - what is urmpi and where do I get it from?
  5. When installing RealVNC it says these need to be installed..., I click OK and then it just sits there. Then I tried using the software manager to install the libstdc package, and it started to install and then just sat there. Unfortunately I am just getting started with linux (trying to move up in the world from Micro$oft) so I am not familiar with how things are supposed to work.
  6. RealVNC needs libstdc++2.10 installed, but everytime I try to install libstdc the computer just sits there and doesn't get past "package installation". What is wrong?
  7. Thanks to scarecrow and devries. Got it going. It had defaulted to 24 bit colour, I dropped it back to 16 bit and it now works.
  8. I have installed M2006 and have a Benq FP767 17" LCD monitor. It seems to be the right resolution but isn't redrawing correctly - see screen shots attached. What do I need to do? Thanks.
  9. Thank you - just what I wanted to know. :D
  10. I have just done a "standard" installation of Mandrake 9 to use the PC as a web server. But I can't find the location of index.html and the other web files. Where are they?
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