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  1. I think you referring to the open file dialog which is a standard GTK open file dialog. It's the same under GNOME and Firefox. The Firefox guys didn't wrote their own open file dialog instead they used what was ready. I think you (and your friends) should either order a boxed set or make your own ISOs. But of course making your own ISO would require downloading the packages before so it leaves only the first option.
  2. What do you think how popular would it be? Themeing contests are the most popular IMO so this how they got the most community involvement.
  3. Did you install codecs? Like real and win32codecs (from plf). You can install a dozen player if you don't have the right codecs you won't see anything. For plugins you have to install mplayer-plugin for mplayer. Maybe there are others for other players. Mandriva is using a point release cycle meaning they backport security and bug fixes from the newer versions until the release is supported but they're not upgrading a software so if you have Firefox 1.0.4 you won't have a newer one it's just patched so it remains secure and stable.
  4. Who said Mandriva doesn't listen to its user base? When they announced the sound contest some users (like yours truly) had the idea why isn't there a theme contest too? So here it is : http://club.mandriva.com/xwiki/bin/Main/ConcoursSummer2006 As you can see there's no English translation yet I will post it when it's available.
  5. Tinks most of the software you think is in the Mandriva repos. Maybe they're not on the CDs or DVD but there are Mandriva packages. For login\logoff music there is a Mandriva sound contest. Mandriva is packaging software and not writing it so tips like "don't use GNOME fileopen dialogs in KDE with Firefox" and "avoid using multiple windows like GIMP" are pointless.
  6. What about those who don't use GNOME or KDE? They have to install kdebase and half of GNOME just for dependencies?
  7. Mandriva will be released with the latest GNOME, KDE etc. GNOME 2.15 is in cooker so they will ship with 2.16. But they will get obsolete during the one year lifecycle just the same. Is that a typo? Even 2006 has 2.10. Security fixes are backported to the older versions so you can use them safely. X has been updated a few times since the release of 2006. Or is that with the updated X.org?
  8. Maybe there wasn't a package of those in 2003 and there wasn't 13000 packages in the Mandriva repos in 2003.
  9. Ehmm.... I included this link here. So they may already know about it.
  10. Which GNOME is in Fedora? 2.14? Mandriva has 2.10 or 2.12 for club members. AFAIK GNOME 2.14 has various speed improvments so no wonder if it's faster.
  11. Mandriva sound contest for the login and logoff music of the 2007 release. Details Club forum topic
  12. PCLinuxOS. A Mandrake 9.2 spinoff. And I found this is what Mandriva should be on the desktop. Advantages: Fresh,stable and great looking not to mention that they are not license trolls so propietary stuff is preinstalled you don't have to setup codecs etc. LiveCD so it's very easy to install and it's full of apps very likely what you need is already there or in the repo. Big and helpful community. There are already several PCLinuxOS spinoffs e.g. for kids, gamers edition etc. Disadvantages: poor localization meaning it's not done automatically you have to setup languages other than English. KDE centric. If you like GNOME there is only 2.10 yet though a GNOME version is on the way and other wms are available like fluxbox. Broadband is required. Usually rolling release is for community distros which has no intention to be in the enterprises. They are more fresh but has smaller repos since they have to keep it fresh. Like PCLOS has about 5000 packages while Mandriva has about 10000. Point release is for enterprise\corporate distros or for those distros which are the base of enterprise distros. They want stability over freshness so their packages are more outdated but more likely to work and they have bigger repos.
  13. The /usr/share/doc/ directory is the place of the documantation which comes with the packages. So changing /usr/share/doc/dhcp-client-3.0.3 won't have an effect on anything. Most likely it's a sample file. Look for the same looking file in the directory ianw1974 have given.
  14. Yes by default they are deleted after install. That's why you should have used the --noclean option.
  15. He used to but there is another admin now too RJ495 (Rick James). And wobo is there from time to time from the German fan site, though he usualy there to express his (sometimes not too positive) opinion and not to do admin work.
  16. Apache 1.3 and PHP4 are not supported anymore. You can still install them from contrib if you want though.
  17. Ehmm... it was released a month ago. http://club.mandriva.com/xwiki/bin/Main/InsideMag02
  18. Yes. The two options are not relevant in this case. What's confusing me is that %U. It should represent the file name which mplayer should play. But from the little C I learned it should be %s instead of %U. If I understood correctly when you double click on a video file mplayer starts but can't play the file because it doesn't understand it. So the best I can come up with is this change that %U and see if that helps.
  19. When you double click on a movie file it executes a command with that file. You should check that command in the GNOME file associations in the GNOME CC. I don't have GNOME so I don't know where it is exactly but I'm sure you can find it.
  20. The message means the compiler can't find the specified file hello.c. Try ./hello.c
  21. Then take a look at how is it set up. Maybe it's using the wrong command.
  22. You should see the boot codes if you boot from the installation CD and press the F1-F12 keys.
  23. I think apt and synaptic is in the repos somewhere but I didn't check, or you can use PCLinuxOS.
  24. The 1999 game by the Polish Metropolis Software House called Gorky 17 (or Odium in the US) has been ported to Linux by Hyperion Entertainment. The game is a turn based Action/RPG. It's a commercial game and costs 25 pounds. Webpage Demo Thanks for hup.hu and kovi for the original news.
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