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  1. thats probably it, i found a similar post http://www.linuxcompatible.org/Installatio...ion_t33426.html the drive is 36x max (no rewriteable ability) so it is probably old i tried the ubuntu alternate version (its not a live cd, just a text installer) and burned it at 32x and it was installing but it said a few files on the cd were corrupt, I may try to burn it at a slower rate and see what happens mandriva's cd seems to be a live cd also, i wish they had a cd with a text installer only i wanted to use mandriva, cuz i've always liked their stuff but at this point i just need a test box with linux on it
  2. I have a really old comp HP Pavilion 6630 win98 500mhz celeron 192mb ram 10gb cd-drive nvidia 420mx 64mb anyway all I can ever get to install is Win98, I cant upgrade to Win 2000, or any version of Linux and I've yet to figure out why, maybe its a BIOS issue? ive found other posts online where a person did get 2000 or linux to install so I konw its possible my cd drive works, as I can install 98 all over again, it seems like its going to work then quits halfway, ive tried several cds, several new burns from new downloads, HDD has no errors, i can use DELPART and FDISK to fix up the HDD however and wipe it clean but its no use this machine is worthless if all i can do is keep 98 on it crap i posted this in the wrong forum
  3. I found them: Hardware Requirements CPU: All Pentium, Celeron, Athlon, Duron, Sempron processors RAM: 256MB minimum, 512MB recommended. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Graphic Cards: NVIDIA®, ATI™, Intel® i8xx and i9xx. Sound cards: All Sound Blaster compatible cards and AC97
  4. Anyone remember the requirements of Mandriva 2006? I cant find old docs that say the requirements for 2006 free edition
  5. I've noticed all the new Linux releases now require 256mb of RAM. I was going to setup a new test machine and it only had 192mb, I coulndt use Mandriva Free 07, Ubuntu or Vector. I'm guessing this is a new minimum requirements now? I know that old files are still out there but it would of been nice to try out some new stuff without the higher requirements
  6. that method sounds the best to me (last thing I want to do is have to install stuff, something always goes wrong when i do) thanks :)
  7. I read that and was wondering will that work with GNOME?
  8. A situation I've run into is that I login as my regular user, but then need to install some stuff like a webapp and my web-folder is only accessible by root and so I have to move and rename things in the command prompt and that takes longer than i like, so is there a way I can login as root for the GUI temporarily so I can move/rename/delete stuff fast?
  9. Thanks, i got it working now :) I guess no one can see my signature cuz it says I use Gnome :o but I'll make sure to make sure to let others know im on it from now on
  10. Is there a way in mandriva 2006 that when I pick logout i can get an option to shutdown? Right now when i logout it logs me out then i have to go to options then pick shutdown or restart. I know in mandriva 2005 had this option, not sure why they took it out :huh:
  11. thanks i tested lower fonts in firefox and that does it :) I havent installed vmware-tools yet, but thats soemthing I'll be doing later on and I'll make another post for it if i have probs
  12. well I bumped up the default font sizes in firefox and that helped a bunch, so I guess that is all i needed to do, I'm using gnome and running under vmware so its kinda a big mess
  13. thanks I got it working now :D
  14. Alright, well I'll probably be trying out PhpCake though I'm guessing most webapps should be ok on php5 and apache 2.x. What i dont understand is that I know Mandriva had mod_python checked off, but the httpd.conf doenst list it in there, i cant find my apache 1.3x install cuz i know that was checked off also, who knows...
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