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  1. http://forum.mandrivaclub.com/viewtopic.php?t=52792 So apparently if ther's XGL then there's no la Ora.
  2. With XGL. As I wrote these problems didn't exist yesterday with the other live cd. It supposed to be the same distro.
  3. Yesterday I was writing from KDE One but I downloaded a Gnome One too and I am writing this from it. My experiences are not so positive than with the Kde One. I chose my keyboard layout at boot but it wasn't loaded instead it used English layout I had to use keyboarddraketo set it up correctly. Setting up my ADSL was very easy, but I coudn't browse the web I had to switch off the firewall in MCC first. Itried to change the window decoration in Gnome control center (where the close, maximize, minimize buttons are) and it only changed its color but the close etc buttons stayed the same. What's really strange is that yesterday evening I tried the KDE live CD and none of these problems were there. Is it the new Gnome? But the last time these were working with the Gnome One (Tyr). Anyway XGL works as it should. Also everything else I tried works as it should. Parts of MCC (loacedrake, menu chooser etc) can be launched from the Gnome control center. Though only the apps of the GCC are in the menu Gnome control center is not.
  4. And it works. I am writing this on 2007 RC1 KDE One. I can confirm the first two known bug. But apart from that it's already better than 2006 was when it was released as stable. XGL out of the box, setup my ADSL in a minute, everything seem to work as it should. I'll take a better look around tomorrow.
  5. Some of you may not have heard that 2007 RC1 is out - seems like ISOs are on the mirrors now. The announcement is in the webteam's blog here. Release notes are here. The list of mirrors is here. The list of release critical bugs in cooker is here. Of course always report (or vote for) bugs in the Mandriva bugzilla. These are the known bugs (from Release Notes): * Anti-aliasing may not be correctly activated in KDE, you must use kcontrol to force it * Ia_Ora may not be selected by default under KDE, you must have the package ia_ora-kde and ia_ora-kde-kwin installed and activated in kcontrol-> Style * rpmdrake is not uninstalling packages correctly * bluetooth pairing does not work unless you install the bluez-gnome package and run 'bt-applet' * you must run the command 'hciconfig hci0 piscan' as root to make your bluetooth adapter discoverable by other devices * text install does not work
  6. Sure you can they just run the needed KDE\GNOME processes so e.g. you want to run a KDE app under GNOME like k3b you still need to install kdebase even if you don't use KDE.
  7. Her blog. Her photo. And it's her again. I'd like to hire her too :)
  8. GNOME 2.16 is out. It contains some new eye candy (3D effects, better icons etc), feature enhancements (longer laptop life, disk usage analyzer etc) and usability improvements (new file permissions dialog, new deskbar interface etc). Ars technica already has a review. source: hup.hu
  9. That's not so strange. Linux is killing the commercial UNIXes. Slowly but surely.
  10. It was in the air. Since their massive losses they didn't have a choice. If you look at the comments on the OSnews site you can see noone denies that the MIPS machines are technically superior. But I think that superiority comes with a huge price.
  11. Silicon Graphics is switching completely to Linux/Itanium from MIPS/Irix. SGI used MIPS/Irix in its products for more than 20 years. source: OSnews original source: Heise.de
  12. Google announcement. Tesseract on Sourceforge.
  13. dexter11

    Flash player 9

    Better ask it from Adobe. Anyway there's a workaround if you install the windows version of Firefox (or any win browser including IE) under wine. Then you can install the Windows flash player.
  14. Try launch it from the command line and post the error messages. The software installer's name is rpmdrake.
  15. AFAIK you can't tell it to rpm cause rpm can't do such a thing. Only urpmi is using synthesis.hdlist.cz or hdlist.cz. If the plain rpm could do it then there would be no need for urpmi.
  16. Strange because I tried it I just had to navigate to the tar.gz file and it installed the theme without a hassle.
  17. Yes there is. It's called kerry and it's the KDE frontend of Beagle. BTW kat is discontinued (dead) now. If you want to see an interesting menu you don't have to wait until the new SUSE release try Tasty menu.
  18. You mean you installed an rpm from rpmfind or an other outer source? Just use the software uninstaller to get rid of that package or urpme on the command line. Then install kdevelop.
  19. When was Xubuntu released? Intel open sourced its drivers on the 9th of August see: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/index.html
  20. That's only true for those people who saw other OSes. Those who worked only with Windows will be amazed by the new look. Xp is already behind KDE IMHO and still there are more Windows users.
  21. dexter11

    firefox plugins

    Playing videos depends on the website too. If it is using a browser recognition you won't see that video unless you find a way to download it to your hard drive. I ususally can watch wmv videos using mplayer-plugin. Of course you need win32codecs, realplayer codecs etc.
  22. Using a live CD you are limited in the freedom of choice of what you want to install. You can install it as it is and delete after installation what you don't need.
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