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Show off your desktop December 2007


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go to .icons/<the theme>

you'll see a bunch of folders which shows pix size of the icons. It might be diffrent from theme to theme depending how and when the theme was made (up to date with gnome standard). In each pix folders there's a "places" folders which contains an image file called gnome-main-menu.png. It might be symblink with another image. Nevertheless just replace it with "Gentoo" icon. It just need the name gnome-main-menu.png.

Get a Gentoo icon size 128x128 then you can resize it for each pix folders.


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Finally found a (semi)-dark theme that is usable (at least for me), still not perfect (tear-offs for menus in gimp not shown correctly, in firefox menu-bar is not coloured as it should) but better than nothing.



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