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  1. Lately I have the feeling there are more and more fanbyos who don't have half this mind of their own, just look at all those "How to... ...on ubuntu" blogs, while most of the things they write about are not distro-specific. I don't mind if ubuntu brings new users to linux, but I just can't stand all those fanboys selling me ubuntu as THE linux. Without Debian there wouldn't even be an ubuntu.
  2. I have burned many DVDs with nero under windows and never had problems reading them under linux. have you burned them with InCD ? this might cause the problem, I had even that much problems with it that I don't use it in windows.
  3. Seems to me that they had already made up their mind from the beginning. What about "in dubio pro reo" ?, seems some people don't understand this nowadays. there was a time when you had to be proved guilty, now it seems to be the other way round, you have to prove that you're not guilty. don't get me wrong, I am not entirely sure if he didn't do this but there is at least enough doubt that he did it. does anyone remember the film 12 Angry Men ?
  4. I experienced a similar problem with the fglrx driver on my notebook, but since I don't need 3D there I just used the vesa-driver.
  5. Aaargh, had this TLB-Bug thing enabled, although my CPU is bug-free, after disabling it virtualbox is much faster.
  6. It's a nice toy I must admit, had some problems with the BIOS, but now it works very well, I'm just trying to overclock the beast a bit, and it seems that I found a well-engineered example, 3 GHz without raising vcore is not bad for a phenom, at 3,1 GHz with std. vcore my screen went black, but since I don't want to fry it ill leave it there. The only thing that bugs me a bit, at the moment I can raise the Multiplier only with AMD Overdrive, it just does not show any reaction to the multi I set in the BIOS, so I'm stuck at 2,5 GHz in Linux, although it feels faster with 2,5 GHz in Linux compared to 3 GHz in Windows.
  7. I didn't want to say that there is no problem, but it is not easy to find a solution if it works on my hardware, since I have no way to see where Mandriva Spring faults, the fact that you have problems with the same chipset that works flawless for me doesn't make it easier.
  8. you can bind an application to a core, say you have 3 virtual machines running, each uses its own core and there is still one core for your host system, there are a few games that support quad cores (afaik UT III does). But yes at the moment there are not that much applications that make use of the potential of a quad core. ok after reinstall Windows works, but I'm still trying to find my way through the thousands of options with memory timings, voltages and frequencies.
  9. Ok now I have my Phenom 9850 BE, Mandriva 2008.1 starts without problems, all 4 Cores are recognized, CnQ works, allthough it seems to work only on 2 Cores, when booting all 4 cores work on the low frequency, when I set the cpu to performance 2 cores scale up, the 2 others remain at the low frequency (don't know if this is a general behaviour with quad cores, especially phenoms or if it is because I just replaced my 6000+ with the phenom without reinstalling my system). The variable Multiplier seems not to work in Linux, I set the multiplier to 13x but in Linux it still remains at max 2,5 MHz. All in all my Linux experience is still much better than windows XP so far (BSOD), seems to need a reinstall (it's windows, what did I expect ?).
  10. Yes that is right, but at least we should not make life to easy for them :D. TOR isn't absolutely sure anyway, because the exit notes can be targeted, there is always one point, where you or your proxy or exit node needs to show their IP-Adress, it was just an explanation why someone might want to hide something (his IP-Adress in this case).
  11. Still on the dark side http://vt102.deviantart.com/art/April-Desktop-83772284
  12. In some countries e. g. Germany it might be a good idea to hide as much as possible what you are doing on the web (we are going to get some really weird laws here lately).
  13. I just don't get it, why some people think you steal people from this board. I am signed to both boards, and I'm going to visit both, so what is the problem some people have ? Why make a popularity contest out of everything ? The fact that I like Porsches does not mean that I can't like Corvettes, too (yes I know these car-analogies suck :D ) I think that both boards could even benefit from each other, someone stumbles over on of them, likes it, sees the link to the other board and visits it, too, is this so implausible for some ? :wacko:
  14. I don't think that the CPU has a large impact on performance as long as you only use the computer for basic tasks like office, email or surfing, amount and speed of memory, pata vs. sata might have more impact, but when you use virtualization software or games, you should notice a difference. At the moment indeed there is not that much software that really supports quad cores, you can run it on the quad core but it won't really use its full potential, this is even the case with many applications on dual cores, although I have the impression that linux makes better use of multi core CPUs than windows (no hard facts just my personal impression from using both OS on dual-core machines). In some cases a higher clocked dual core can be faster than a slower quad core. Multithreaded tasks will benefit from multiple cores, while single threads will benefit from higher CPU-clocks. I have an opteron 185 system and one with an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ EE, both with 2 Gig RAM, the 6000 is much faster when booting and feels snappier, but I don't think that is an effect coming from the marginally faster CPU but the use of SATA Disks on my newer system. Since I don't have a quad core at the moment I can't say how well it works, but normally there should be no problem, since actual mandriva kernels have support for smp. (I get my phenom tomorrow, then I might be able to tell more). I could see the impact of the amount of memory and dual channel memory on my notepook, after going up from 1 GB (single channel) to 2 GB (dual channel) it booted much faster.
  15. On my notebook I have only Mandriva at the moment (every other distro I tried on it had some glitches, mainly with wireless), the Computer I use for Gaming has Win XP Pro and Mandriva on it, the rest is a mix of different Linux distros and a bit BSD, would try Mac OS X too, if it could be installed on a PC. Although I'm through my distro-hopping phase, I still like to see what others have to offer (and if it's only to convince me that Mandriva was the right choice for me).
  16. For me Mandriva 2008 Spring installed without problems on the second sata drive, no fiddling with noapic or the like, just a clean install. how is your sata-controller set in the bios ? tried other settings there ?
  17. there should be rpms for connexant hsf modems in mandriva 2008, afaik they are in the non-free repositories, if you use the powerpack-version the packages should be on the CD/DVD. /dev/modem should work if the packages are installed.
  18. this time looks normal to me. I don't think there is an easy way to speed things up at this point.
  19. since stupid firefox didn't really work with SlicknesS, I'm back to standard Mandriva theme but kept the wallpaper. http://vt102.deviantart.com/art/March-Desktop-79428505
  20. seems to be another YASP (Yet Another Shi..y Patent), sorry but that sounds like patenting a doorman
  21. if I recall correctly the phone is normally set to connect as modem-device with the computer, but there is an option that it connects as storage device, if it is set to storage device you can either chose to access the internal phone memory or the slot-mounted card, then you can access it directly with your filemanager (no extra software needed). at least for me it worked this way
  22. On my r60 Fn+F4 works (either suspend-to-RAM or suspend-to-Disk, depending on the settings in gnome-power-manager/kpowersave), Fn+F5 can be used to switch bluetooth on and off, screen brightness and thinklight work, I have no problems with kpowersave so far, after installing the tpb (thinkpad buttons) rpm the volume and mute buttons worked too. So far I have not tried to get the other buttons to work (I just don't need them at the moment). Yes think-wiki is somewhat inconsistent at times.
  23. but there is a card-slot ? (just curious, maybe there are different 3xx versions out there), that might be the problem, you can somewhere specify how the phone connects to your computer (modem, storage-medium, if it uses telephone storage or card). Sorry but please don't ask me where to find this in the menu of your phone, I know it's there, but I can't tell you the place exactly and I haven't my 3xx here for looking).
  24. Are the photos stored on your phone or on the SDcard ? I wonder why it is not accessed as removable media like any ordinary USB-Stick (at least in Windows it should work this way). I did not need phone tools for accessing the pictures on my phone.
  25. if you have the data stored on the microSD card in the 3xx, there should be no problem accessing it on windows (no extra software needed) it will show up as removable media, the same goes for mandriva 2007.1 and 2008, you can access everything on the microSD card through your file manager (at least for me this worked), v8 is recognized in windows as removable media too, only mandriva still insists that it is a camera (still haven't tested this with other distributions).
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