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  1. Just my curiosity, don't want to high jack thread, I like to see more about this subject. I've been trying the same thing with Rhapsody and iTunes but can't seem to get any software to work under Mandriva Linux. So, I end up doing purchasing and all my file processing in XP, then import to Linux.
  2. Mandriva only with Windows XP on both computers a home folks. ;)
  3. Now that I'm aware of this... ;) I like to know how this feature got switch on? :huh:
  4. Found the problem... Under Kmix / Switches / IEC985 Optical RAW was on. Never seen this before and don't really know what it is, but when it's on, the front channel disappears. Ha! That make me happy! :lol:
  5. But James, that's just it, there are no errors. Nothing to tell me what is really happening, what can I say? When I say the system will not boot, that's exactly what's happening, no boot, no errors with the updated bios. Grub comes up and when you chose Linux, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. tyme; that was the first thing I looked at, to see if I was getting sound from the on board sound... nope, no sound. It wasn't till I flashed the Cmos that I was able to check the mother board sound, it was on, the original bios had no sound features. ??? With the original bios back in place, now I have sound in linux, rear channels work, no front channels. Kmix shows no muted inputs. Hardware in the Control Center shows the same thing. Same driver is being used as before the last update... BTW; Have the "auto update" on.
  6. Ok, Here's an update; The mother board is a Biostar TA690G AM2, CPU is a AMD Athlon 64 dual core. We updated the bios to R69AMC13 and lost Linux, could not boot, flashed to early revision R69AMB15, and Linux could still not boot. We flashed the Cmos once again back to the original revision and now Linux boots. The only reason I had to update the bios was to disable the on board sound or to be sure it was disabled. Linux now boots and no sound. Well, no sound from the front jack (green) but sound from the rear channel jack (black). Hummm. Still not right, keeping in mind all has worked before the last update. But what about the bios update? No Linux aloud? The sound IS a Linux issue... interesting.
  7. and I don't like it. I have been using Mandriva Linux for the last 6 years now, and really like it. Amarok has been one of the best music organizing software I have found for all of my downloads and CD ripping SoundJuicer is easy to use. But after the last upgrade, the no sound problem has fallen upon my KDE sound system. Windows XP has sound, not linux... . After every thing Ix And I can think of trying, I got the bright idea the on board sound might be on some how, conflicting with the SBlaster Audigy sound card. Happened before. After looking for, and not finding a jumper and looking for a "disable" in the bios, it was discovered there is no feature to turn off on board sound. So we up graded the bios and now have a way to disable the on board sound system. Yea... right? Wrong! :huh: Now Linux will not boot. Grub come up and I can select WindowsXP and it boots right up... no problems with Windows. We tried booting up linux Rescue, will not boot, tried running linux installer, will not boot. Nothing of linux will boot. Could this be that Windows bug in the bios to stop loading any other OP System? Hummm... We will try to reprogram the bios with the old software to see if linux comes back. But if I can't fix the sound problem this may be the end of Linux for me.
  8. RadioEar

    k3b weirdness

    Never had a problem with data CDs in K3B but had a similar problem making an audio CD. K3B kicked out a bad WAV file during the burn process, remade the WAV and all was OK. Getting back to data, I always check verify to insure a good data CD. I use Mandriva 2008.
  9. Starting programs in konsole I find to be the handiest piece of advice one can use to trouble shoot in KDE as well.
  10. Well, no. Never lost anything after an up date, but anything can happen. I know xine uses plug ins for the different file formats, maybe the plug in for FLAC was corrupt or was not included in the up date. I use Amarok for all my music which use xine and never had this happened to any of my audio formats in my library. Anyway if anything I bumped post back to the top to give it another chance to be seen! B)
  11. Voltage, You Are A Swell Nephew!!

  12. RadioEar


    Well, the good news is I'm still receiving updates for KDE 3.5, so... I'm Happy. Wait and See What Happens. B)
  13. 2008.1? OK, but what I have Now works ;)
  14. 2008 Free - everything works great. I love this country scape, reminds of the fields I drive by to work in Indiana U.S.A. Right down to the rolls of hay.
  15. My Dear, dear brother.

  16. Listening to some jazz while surfing....
  17. Read that Blog again and you'll see AOL bought out Netscape, that everybody was using. And Yes I do find it incredible and incomprehensible that M$ could not write a web browser. Now I can tell you some real stories about Bill Gates stole code from his apple partner Steve Jobs and formed Microsoft to develop software for the IBM's first PC.
  18. I know I'll be ban from the forum for saying this but; I find it incredible that M$ could not write a web browser. It is incomprehensible. Sometime Ix, I just don't know who you are..... Also... according to that blog, AOL bought out Netscape.
  19. Thanks Guys, scarecrow, samba worked out just fine. Thanks
  20. OK my bad. I have two machines networked through a router. both have XP and Both have linux. However I download music through one running XP but while the other is running Linux, it would be nice pass files to the other instead of rebooting XP on the second machine. I hope this is clearer :D
  21. I would like to do this but can it be done? My first machine runs both linux and XP but it would be nice to pass files from XP to Linux once in a while. I can do this when both are running XP. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  22. That's just it, it didn't come with the package. I ended up downloading it from the Audacity site and can't get Audacity "Help" to work. So I view it in Firefox or Konquerer.
  23. I down loaded Audacity, installed it, ran it and hit a snag. So I went to the "Help" section and once again, "Can't find [so and so, and such and such]. Why can't I ever find the Manuals? Why aren't the help files or manuals supplied? Is this the usual for Linux? I don't have much for KDE and I have very little to nothing for other applications. Very disheartening.
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