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Show off your desktop September, 2007


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Mandriva 2008 RC1 (Cooker) with the new Gnome 2.20. Default wallpaper, new clearlooks decoration (Ia ora is still available and offers a fifth design now) and gion icons. The menu structure has been changed drastically and Gnome offers a new centralised control-center for defining the look & feel (metacity, gtk, background, app-menus, fonts).


Funny sidenode: 2008s cooker-gnome is more stable right now than 2007.1s stable gnome ever was. :blink:

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Hi There,


Nothing very exciting, just the web access to my QNAP-ts109 that I strongly advise. On the snapshot is the download station which works with firefox and allows the users to download some stuff while the pc is off (here it was on for obvious reasons...).


The bottom right is an ssh shell from the linux box into the QNAP which shows the linux command line ( and busybox). The hardware is fast (500 MHz CPU and DDRII ram).


I really like it so I ll go back to it now...




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