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Show off your Desktop (August 05)


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I've been playing with the upcoming gnome and err it's buggy as hell but I guess that's to be expected.




If you look at totem the windows don't seem to go away, it's like this with some of the other gnome apps aswell but for the most part I really like what they did to nautilus it's a lot easier to browse files with now. It's feeling REALLY unresponsive and locks up sometimes, hopefully that will all be fixed when it's released.

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Got bored of that rather quickly. Decided to give KDE a proper try, it's still bloated as ever and it's gay how you need to install the full kdegraphics package just to get ksnapshot. It's kinda grown on me though, it's certianly a lot faster than it used to be. I used to hate konqueror aswell, but I like it now too it's a lot better performance wise than firefox. Firefox alsways used a hell of a lot cpu and made my music jump sometimes when I had a lot of tabs open.

Oh ya.



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Well...There are a couple of things I see around here that I've seen before but I just can't figure out how to get them.


1: Bossieman) How did you get that sys monitor in the lower-left of your desktop? I'm stuck with the one for Gnome's Taskbar.

2: FX) The week's weather forecast. All I can get is that dinky one for gnome's taskbars.

3: mystified) Transparent windows?


Also I'm a stupid noob so if this concerns compiling anything I'll require super detail instructions.


...I need to get back on that LFS build on my old 333Mhz PII...I was beginning to learn how to compile stuff right and use some of the linux commands...Then a power failure F'd me real bad. Haven't picked it up since. Oh well.



I'm using Mandriva 2005LE and Gnome. I'm a stupid noob so everything is whatever version it is on the download DVD.

I'd prefer RPMs if at all possible.


Yeah I'm a windows user, power user more like. Only reason I still use windows is because of PC Games. Any they tend to have windows only stickers, atleast the ones I play. Only one that isn't windows only is NeverwinterNights and I have never bothered to setup it's linux piece. Wine doesn't handle my games well and I rather not pay for celdega (SP?).

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3: mystified) Transparent windows?


That's an option that's enabled in xchat. But in kde you can set transparencies for menus, taskbar, konsole, etc. Of course to have true transparencies you have to enable xcomposite which for some reason won't behave on my system.

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