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ManDRIVAusers.org ?


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I agree with most, except the last part: they don't need someone who understands the Linux community in marketing, they need someone who can get Mdk preloaded.

The first distro to get preloaded from lots of places is going to hit the bigtime.


Think about it, it's no longer about getting a Linux fanbase, it's about getting MSWin converts.

Mdk is set for that.

Not really mandrake already had it and lost it twice.

They had the Walmart deal (blown) and the Carrefour deal (blown)


It takes more than just pre-loading it. There needs to be some sort of support system and help and Mandrake at worse than bad at this. If you buy a preloaded machine you don't want to be told join the club to receive help.


I don't see what's wrong with FC they kept a clear identity even though non native English speakers might wonder wtf a Fedora is!


However ... like Dexter11 says whats wrong with Connectiva... its a damned site bettwer name than Mandrake anyway and if they can drop the cartoonish look that would be good too.

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whats wrong with Connectiva ?

Yes... what's wrong with this. They already own this name. I like this idea. I mean why spend all that money paying lawyers to fix their mistakes and trying to build a new identity on a name most users really seem to hate? I think I am going to add this to the poll.



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Dragonmage, I'm curious just like dexter11, what's that Chinese Coca Cola think??

OK... me too :cheesy: I do remember hearing something about Coke's real original formula (that would be the original Coke and not the new Coke ;) ) using cocaine in it.


Coco-cola was another famous source of cocaine. John Pemberton introduced it in 1886, it was made with cocaine, caffeine and syrup but, due to public pressure, the cocaine removed in 1903.
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Face it, no matter what you name your brand / company, there will be a language in which the word (or similar sounding name) is a curse word or something like that.

Maybe it's true but it still matters that in which language is it a curse. The most widely used languages in the world are english, spanish, french etc. (not necessarily in this order). If the name is a curse in one of these languages then you can throw it away.

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Hmm, the most widely used language is actually Mandarin Chinese, and whilst typing that I actually typed "Mandrake" Chinese first....

Am I not objective? I think so....

Second is Spanish. I think.

English? Who speaks English anyway..?



Aside that, dexter is completely right - if the new name is a curse in english, french, spanish, chinese, portugese. german, italian and dutch, forget it. (Well, dutch only because it's my native language.. :D ) We'lll all have to change distro. Or wait! We can fork it! Then we have to take out the 'Mandrake' anyway, so we'll substitute it with whatever name gets the vote here! I propose MUBLinux.

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Hmm, the most widely used language is actually Mandarin Chinese,

Nope, its not. Its spoken by more people but is not the most "widely used"

Most widely used =English first, and Spanish second.


Off Topic.

Sigh, the Netherlands this time of year are ablaze with Tulips, a real sight to behold. ;)

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?? How do you see that English is the most widely used? I seriously doubt that, unless you count all inhabitants of India in...


I'd actually think that English is more spoken (i.e. more people can communicate in English) than other languages, but it's not more widely used (native language),...




BTW, I don't live in the Netherlands anymore, here in Switzerland tulips cost a fortune (relatively speaking), so they are a slight bit less plentyful... :(


Sorry to take this topic o/t....

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?? How do you see that English is the most widely used? I seriously doubt that,

Its spoken in more countries around the globe as a first or second language than any other, therefore its the most widely spoken langage used, .........regardless of the total number who speak it.

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Ah, yes, in more countries, that's true. It's all a matter of perspective and definition. Mind you, in France (just a quick hop across the Channel, or a swift train ride underneath it) you won't get far with English.... or Chinese for that matter... :P

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Ok. the Chinese Coca Cola naming confusion..


I first read the article in Indonesian, so maybe the translation is not really exact. And this story can be considered an Urban Legend (although it actually have basis in fact, just that Coca Cola would never admit it).


Back when Coca cola is trying to market to China, they found an interesting problem, Chinese are really really fanatic about using their characters for all things. (and I can testify about this too, even though I don't understand Chinese that much, but since I am Chinese descent, my parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, etc, do speak Chinese). So, they try to 4 Chinese Characters that have similar sounds to "Ko Ka Ko La". The closest sounding translation is nonsensical, but have a meaning of something like "Bite the wax tadpole." Now nobody would like that as a brand name, so after extensive research, Coca Cola chooses 4 Chinese Characters that sounds like "K'o K'ou K'o Le" which means, "to allow the mouth to be able to rejoice". Coca cola registered that trademark in 1928, and then everybody lives happily ever after. :)


Source: http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/tadpole.asp

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