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  1. Ian, When I was trying to set up LDAP for Mandriva is a pain for me also when I try using drakwizard or Webmin. In the end, I edit the configuration by hand. Now, for basic LDAP, I don't know whether there is an easy way to do it. I basically setup LDAP in order to set up Open Xchange in Mandriva. So my experience in LDAP is rather limited also. However, I can give you a link to the manual of setting up Open Xchange in Mandriva. It helps me considerably in setting up Open Xchange, so it may help you if you read the section for setting up LDAP in that manual. Here is the link http://spazioinwind.libero.it/bordini/en/E...ndrake_10_1.pdf
  2. Wait, isn't CIFS is basically SMB? So samba should detect it ok right?
  3. I actually installed OOo2 (the tarball edition) before uninstalling OOo 1.1x. Both of them runs ok because they are setup in different directories. I uninstalled OOo 1.1.x because I don't need 2 Office suites :)
  4. Is this ADSL or cable modem? Or something entirely different? In Indonesia, I have seen ADSL modem with built in firewall/router and wireless from different manufacturers. At least the wired ports works easily with Linux. For wireless, you need a wireless card first. I suggest researching a bit for wireless card that is supported in Linux. D-Link seems to be a good brand for Linux support (with exception of the USB version).
  5. Since I am using Mandriva 2006 x86_64 Powerpack edition (a friend gave a copy to me, don't ask), my experience may not be the same as yours. Other than the 100% cpu usage at 4 AM (fixed with the acpid update), I have not experienced any xorg problems. I am using the Nvidia driver from the CDs and it works well for my GeForce4 Ti 4200. I am having some problems overall, but it's mostly due to using x86_64 bit version (like no Flash plugins, no Sun JRE plugins, need to use mplayer 32 bit version for 32 bit windows codec, etc).
  6. Can you tell us the exact model and specification of your laptop? I find it strange for a laptop that is made after the late 90s that doesn't allow booting from DVD or CD-ROM (depending on the laptop configuration).
  7. As a person who regularly install and configure postfix on Mandrake based machine (since Mandrake 9.2), trust me, you don't want to use the drakwizard to setup your postfix. It's just not that great. To configure postfix (as well as any other server based apps), install webmin, then use it. It really helps you into the nitty gritty of server configuration without confusing you, much :)
  8. Actually, while I have no problem running Mandriva 2006 x86_64 edition (other than installing 32bit version of MPlayer so that I can run wmv and realplayer stuffs), I have to agree with you somewhat that I prefer 2005 for their stability. But I thought other distro such as OpenSuse 10 also uses xorg-cvs too.
  9. Is it Mandriva 2006? I believe there is an errata listed in Mandriva Pages regarding installing to a Raid controller http://qa.mandrivalinux.com/twiki/bin/view...ta#Installation
  10. Heh.. I really really shudder at the price and the (lack of) reliability of these Windows cluster. Anyway, have you seen the newest top 500 Supercomputer machine list yet? Not a Windows machine in sight, while Linux takes almost 3/4 in numbers and more than 50% in power. http://www.top500.org/lists/2005/11/l/Operating_System
  11. If it is the Nokia DKU-5, then you are out of luck. Nokia doesn't provide Linux driver nor open the specs so that the hackers can make the driver.
  12. Soundblaster 16, being an old card it is, doesn't support multi-channel mixing. That means, only one application can take control of the sound card at the same time. Now, there is a way around it. Arts (the sound daemon in KDE) supports software mixing. This way, multiple apps can take control of the sound card, as long as it is routed to arts. Now since you have system sounds turned on in KDE, that means arts is turned on. Now the solution, as far as I can see are these. 1. Open KControl (Start Menu -> System -> Configuration -> Configure My Desktop). Then go to Sound -> Sound System. The number in the field Auto Suspend should be set to 1 second. This way if arts is finished playing the sound, it will automatically let go after 1 second. 2. Use soundwrapper for other sound applications so that it is routed into arts. For example realplayer, open a konsole, then type soundwrapper realplayer Then test playing realplayer while the system sound is on. If it works, edit the menu using menudrake to reflect on the changes to the command.
  13. Why don't you just create a mirror of the ftp site in one of the computer, then use that computer as the update server for the rest?
  14. Try disabling ACPI. I found out that some integrated graphic solutions simply won't work if ACPI is enabled. At the lilo screen, press ESC, then type linux acpi=off If it works, use Mandriva Control Center to disable ACPI. It's in boot section I believe.
  15. HJT, to vote you need a certain amount of posts (I think it was 10, but I forgot). Anyway, I use Thunderbird because it's multiplatform, so I can check my email no matter what platform I use. Heck, there is even a stand-alone USB version so that I can check my email whenever there is a Windows computer :)
  16. Gnucash seems to be the standard answer. I imported the office's secretary quicken account to gnucash when I migrated the office's computers to Linux and she seems to be handling it ok.
  17. ianw1974, the slowness in the Acer is caused by the hard drive. Acer is notorious for putting 4200 rpm hard drive in order to keep the price down (the Travelmate 2300 series is under 700 dollars after all). There are several pluses for Acer that makes me recommend it to people I meet but performance is one of them. You may want to upgrade the memory or change the hard drive to something more managable like 5400 rpm or even 7200 rpm. Of course the battery life will suffer even more. But what do you expect for a cheap laptop like that? :) Anyway back on topic. I prefer AMD processor because of value. Cheaper price for same or even better perfomance. I am still dying to move my desktop to a 64 bit linux, but the last 64 bit distro I tried (FC4-x86-64) is quite unstable.
  18. There is one advantage that Mandrake 10.0 has over 10.1 and 2005LE. Intel 536EP winmodem support. I have yet to compile the Intel winmodem driver successfully on Mandriva newer than Mandrake 10.0. Not even the newest driver from Intel.
  19. I think Mepis is perfect for beginning Windows Users who wants everything installed right now. So I usually use it for demo purposes (instead of Knoppix). Everything works right out of the box, so I can show people what Linux desktop can be at the cost of 1 CD. Now, as for Suse.. I just played around with Suse 9.3 Pro FTP edition. There are a few things I like (like automatic throttling control, easy Internet access, etc), but there are tons of other things that I don't like (everything is Yast based, no multimedia support out of the box, kinternet hogging modem access and configured so that it's easy to accidentally cut off connection, really heavy desktop, etc). Unfortunately, I have to learn Suse in order to promote Linux to companies since it seems to be the only one backed with company support (Novell) in Indonesia. RedHat do not have presence over here, much less Mandriva, and no corporate entities will want something community based like Debian or Gentoo.
  20. As far as I know, Mandriva doesn't do throttling right out of the box. So you need to muck around with some configuration. First you need to install cpufreqd rpm in order to have a daemon that control cpu throttling. Then you can install cpudyn so that the throttling control is done automatically. Take a look at this thread https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=17648&hl= Anyway, as far as I know, Suse 9.3 is the first distro I've seen that does CPU throttling right out of the box. The problem is that Suse 9.3 feels noticably "heavier" than Mandriva 2005 LE. I think your computer can handle it though.
  21. Well neonsox, I can tell you one thing from using Cool and quiet in my 2005 LE. It doesn't really help that much. Newcastle core is still quite hot compared to newer cores such as Winchester or Venice due to the 130 nm die. I basically removed the cpufreq packages because it is not worth it for me. Besides, I am running Folding at Home so the cpu usage is always 100% :)
  22. I guess it's one of the bug in the Beta 1 configuration. Better tell the developer that, so it could be fixed. I know for a fact that changing from USB to PS/2 doesn't pose any problem for me in my mandriva 2005 LE.
  23. Not sure if Mandrake 10.1 supported K8 powernow architecture. It uses an older kernel after all. I know for a fact that Mandriva 2005 LE does support K8 powernow architecture. Either that or Mandrake 10.1 is too new for Newcastle Core.
  24. I think it was bundled with a tablet pc made by someone (Penguin Computing?). I mean, you cannot just use a tablet PC OS just on any tablet PC. Well.. except Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition but that's because it's a monopoly so it sets the standard.
  25. Yow.. now this is actually a hacker in making. You should've told him to join the kernel hacker or something
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