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ManDRIVAusers.org ?


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from and article posted here @ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/426

There's an interesting thread running on one of the mandrake mailing lists discussing the possibility of an upcoming name change since their buy out of Connectiva. Seems there may be some truth to the rumors as a whois it might prove.

A quick "whois" here showed the following ".com's" taken too:


1 mandriva

2 antelmandrivas

3 mandrivabizcases

4 mandrivaclub

5 mandrivaexpert

6 mandrivalinux

7 mandrivaonline

8 mandrivapartner

9 mandrivasecure

10 mandrivasoft

11 mandrivastore


WTH is a Mandriva ? Personally, it sounds like a dumb name that could lend itself to some even dumber nicknames and stuff. Off the top of my head --- I think Mandrake-Connect sounds a lot better and more marketable. Those domains remain available.


Didn't someone just say in another thread that there was no French word for marketing? :lol:

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hmmm...mandrake definitely owns mandrivalinux.com

whois reveals it:


owner-address: Mandrakesoft SA

not only that, but going to mandrivalinux.com redirects to mandrakelinux.com, see attached image.


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From the posts on the club thread... it seems they are looking to drop the term Mandrake all together from their name just because of some stupid fictional magician I never heard of.


I did like Germ's suggested name of "PowerLinux" :D The three main domains seem to be attainable... even if they need to pay a little premium to aquire them... it would be a much better marketing decision than "drivalling" away from those stupid lawyers.

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'tis true about The Magician:




I always thought that's why they chose the name ... most of the cartoons I saw in the Eighties were French co-productions ... and he's a bit cooler than a root-vegetable that looks like a wee man and 'screams' when you cut it.


If they must change it, how about Lothar Linux? FlashGordon Linux?


Phantom Linux? (ooohh..!)


Ming Linux? (might lose some fans in Scotland)

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Mandrake (the comic character) is a magician. I looked at distrowatch and ther is no Magician Linux though there is Magic Linux.

Another idea on this line is Wizard Linux. No Wizard linux on distrowatch though there is a Wizard Linux Team. I found them on Google. Don't know if they want to make a distro. If an italian speaker would be so kind to tell it.

Another idea Spellcaster OS. Didn' checked it.

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They're in a hot spot at the moment.


Mandriva leans towards man drivel.

For an editing company, not too good - for a linux distro, don't know...


The difficult part is: they have to change their name, for reasons of the Magician thing, and for the developers of Conectiva, in numbers they're not far behind the original Mdksoft..


On the other hand, they do have to create a name that connects the old distros to the new one; Fedora Core had everyone going: what the ????

Sure, a fedora is a hat, but how many people who's native language is not English know this? I didn't.


Mandriva, no matter if you like it or not, sure makes a clear reference to Mandrake and to a lesser degree to Conectiva.

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How's that workin ?  There's no record for that domain and I don't see any tricks you may have used.

I bought it as part of our mub>>mdk-club merger april fools joke. :D

It cost me less than the price of two beers so i thought it was well worth the price for a convincing laugh.

But i can assure you the domain does exist.

DiG 9.3.0 <<>> mandrivaforum.org
;; global options:  printcmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 38435
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 3, ADDITIONAL: 3

;mandrivaforum.org.             IN      A

mandrivaforum.org.      14400   IN      A

mandrivaforum.org.      14400   IN      NS      kwh.kernow-webhosting.org.
mandrivaforum.org.      14400   IN      NS      kwh2.kernow-gb.com.
mandrivaforum.org.      14400   IN      NS      kwh.kernow-gb.com.

kwh2.kernow-gb.com.     37016   IN      A
kwh.kernow-gb.com.      123416  IN      A

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Instead of Mandriva, I would suggest ... MANDIVA.


Easy to pronounce.

Easy to type.

Uses both of the names.


Having to change the name is because yet another m*****l US company is claiming world ownership of an internationally used word. The idiots in the French legal system sided with the US Company (a comic book publisher........among other things). Mandrakesoft does not want to waste its resources to further fight the issue so is going to change the name.


Cheers. John.

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