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  1. niti

    Mandrake club

    I got the mail for ftp link now and downloading via ftp. Very fast :)
  2. niti

    Mandrake club

    I fulfilled the form for http link request. But it said me you inform within next 5 days. Isnt it too long time?
  3. niti

    Mandrake club

    I just subscribed to Silver membership.
  4. I want to subscribe to Mandriva Club. I read on that the the Club website , "you can download iso files via torrent" But I cannot use torrent because of the ports for the torrent is not allowed in my office. Can I download them via ftp? Do you have any idea about ftp download? Thanks...
  5. I want to send to Mandriva cooker developers my feedback and bugs that I encountered. Besides, what is difference the Thac rpms with the Cooker rpms for KDE 3.4. And last, When will be released KDE 3.4 as stable for Mandriva ? Any idea?
  6. niti

    Thac rpms

    I have a question and a problem. Question: How can I add Thac rpms into synaptic's repository. Problem: KDE 3.4 of thac's rpms are really very good. I have just one problem. The buttons in where System button(from special button) are good working but Settings button. How can I fix it? When I click it, an error KDE panel pops up on which writes "Unknown settings folder"
  7. OO 1.9.100 menu fonts are some small on KDE 3.4. I could not fix them. Other programs are good. I read and fulfilled the instructions from http://www.openoffice.org/FAQs/fontguide.html . But nothing changed.
  8. Yep, you are right. :)) Marked the thread Solved - Artificial Intelligence
  9. kaffeine has more bugs. I see we should for a little time. Besides, i see this on all media player, when I suff on net, media player's display trembles
  10. I solved problem formating and reinstalling Mandriva :)
  11. Dear John, Thanks for your interest. I checked it that Control Center, it is selected. My problem is still going on. For example, I created a new "link to location" to .trash in my home folder. Then, I delete a file, open trash folder but deleted file is not appearing.
  12. I am clicking home button in storage media , result is: Error - KIOExec Retrieving data from system is not supported.
  13. You must mount your partitions in your / directory. You can listen mp3 files with amarok after installing mpg123 package.
  14. In my opinion, each of them is better than each other. For kopete http://kopete.kde.org/index.php For gaim, http://gaim.sourceforge.net/ For amsn, http://amsn.sourceforge.net/index.php Have enjoy...
  15. You can use amsn or kopete or gaim.
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