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  1. They must have lost out in the UK courts. Budvar (with 'Budweiser' as a subtitle) is now very popular here. It ain't cheap, but is reasonably in-line with other imported beers of high quality (read: NOT Bud. God I hate that watered-down goat's pee). As for the players: try asking your OEM computer vendor. I'm pretty sure Windows can't play DVDs 'natively' - OEM installs I've seen tend to come with PowerDVD or WinDVD installed for the codecs. Better yet, try asking Cyberlink or Intervideo, who presumably licensed the tech from the copyright-holders.
  2. Sean, did you need to do any Xorg hacking to get it working? I have a similar graphics chipset (82852/82855GM/GME w. i810 driver), and on Mandy and Gentoo all I've needed to do is - [KDE Resize & Rotate] change desktop resolution to 600x800 - Press Fn+F5 (or dedicated button if available)
  3. Yves, your surmise is correct. From my ~/.wine/config WINE REGISTRY Version 2 ;; Powered by Sidenet ;; http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/ ;; Version 1.8.3 ;; All keys relative to \\Machine\\Software\\Wine\\Wine\\Config ;; WARNING ;; This file is ignored in wine >= 200506* ;; If you think it is necessary to show others your complete config for a ;; bug report, filter out empty lines and comments with ;; grep -v "^;" ~/.wine/config | grep '.' (Note: I setup WINE with the Sidenet config utility. The address above is its homepage, and look in http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/files/ for the latest tarball) I'm not too sure how font-setting works in WINE, but if you hunt through the registry you should find a number of keys showing a list of available fonts. Have you installed IE6? This installs (optionally) a set of 'IE core fonts' - maybe it is the lack of them that's causing the problem? (It is always a good idea to install IE whether you will use it directly or not, because so many other apps depend on it.) Finally, I wonder if it might be a locale problem rather than a font problem? It's curious that the titlebar of your window is unaffected by this, perhaps that's the reason?
  4. I used this on Windows a while back; good system, though it can only 'see' stuff tagged as 'GmailFS'. Not sure how it would behave with regular messages, even if you tagged 'em all. It's more aimed at backing-up your files to Gmail than your messages to your comp. The Linux version was a separate project though, so may work a little different... If you are a coder, you might find this page gives some ponters on how to go about rolling your own solution: http://johnvey.com/features/gmailapi/
  5. bvc, please ask your punk friend to stop doing that to Dr. Banana! This is a family board you know...
  6. Maybe the Beagle team read it too
  7. 'ning Any readers of Linux Format (UK-based, don't know if it travels) magazine come across this gem in the current issue [LXF71]? Don't wanna spam the whole thing here (too lazy and legally questionable), but essentially it's a 'journal' - sent from the future - of the period 2006-2019 in the computing world and beyond. I do not expect such crap-yourself-funny content in a tech mag, dammit! People around me thought I was dying (which was close to the truth, definitely choking hard on tears of merriment). Here's a couple of small snips: Other highlights include Microsoft buying SCO and releasing MicroSCOft Linux; IBM's CEO (Carly Fiorina!) selling the server division to Lenovo in 2010; Emacs reaching 2.0 milestone in 2013 (new feature: Vim keybindings as default)... I won't tell you how it ends but it is fricken PRICELESS. /just me? :lol:
  8. Just an update on current progress. Aomighty is helping out now and we are just starting to write articles and content. If anyone sees things in the above document they fancy having a go at, just get in touch (email addy further up the page). We're especially looking for people with experience in: - SuSE - Fedora - Ubuntu - Linspire (yes I know it is despised by many, but it is a n00b distro!) - Mac OS (Mac switchers are invited to the party too!) We'll also be doing articles on "Win/Mac equivalent" software apps too, so if you're a Gaim guru, OOo oracle or Firefox fanatic, we want to hear from you! We have a draft list for these apps online at: http://thejoyoftux.net/workfiles/aomighty/equivalents.html If you'd like to suggest/write about any other apps, let us know. (Remember the scope is limited to widely-used, mainly 'recreational' type apps. For example, we're not looking for equivalents to Visual Studio .net - that's for a different site!)
  9. Havin_it

    need to enable gd

    Hi, Yes, the 'Configure command' is what PHP was configured with. As an RPM, this is a binary so it's already been configured and built before you download it. If --with-gd (or whatever) is not in that line, it's not built-in. You could try searching in Package Management for 'php-gd'. If it's not there, you may need to uninstall PHP and build it from source with your preferred options. Let us know if you need any help with this.
  10. The only pure scriptwriting WP I know of is Final Draft for Windows. My boss (scripts are one of his sidelines) uses v.5 on Win98 and up, no idea what version it's on now, but it needs the CD to run so WINE use might be a non-starter. You can always start building your own template in OOo by adding paragraph styles for the various components, then save it as a blank document. This works just the same as in M$Word; Start a para, tweak the font/style/margin settings, then write a name in the style box and hit Enter. I find myself doing this all the time because most of the builtin styles are not quite what I need.
  11. If you run ~arch, you should put =app-office/openoffice-bin-1.9.128 in your package.unmask and go for it! OOo source ebuild filters out ALL your CFLAGS optimisations anyway, so you might as well! I did the source install at first... never again!
  12. I'm surprised the view of AbiWord/M$Word compatibility is so dim - I only just read an article in Linux Format mag that said AbiWord had the edge over OOo in that arena. Guess you can't believe everything you read...? I use OOo 1.9.128 ATM and still get some nasty incompatibility issues. Been thinking of trying to get Office2K (to run in WINE) off eBay - probably a pretty cheap item nowadays...
  13. Have you tried ticking the box to 'run in console'?
  14. I've been putting the ideas together this morning, and had a stab at some graphics too. The materials are up on the site: http://thejoyoftux.net/workfiles/TheJoyOfTux-layout-draft.pdf [Sketch of main content areas] http://thejoyoftux.net/workfiles/TheJoyOfTux-layout-draft.odt [Same thing, in editable OpenDocument format if anyone wants to annotate, just mail it back to me] http://thejoyoftux.net/workfiles/penguin.png [A penguin I did in Freehand. Not very cuddly but hey, if you're an artist, feel free to jump in..!] Sorry for not making live links, but I don't wanna get spidered until I'm ready. Be glad to hear your thoughts on the plan so far.
  15. That's a good call - only sad that my own current distro would inevitably be left out of that list <snff>. Then again, I'd say Gentoo can be as easy as some others to install - just a lot more time-consuming - as long as you RTFM beforehand. (BTW, props to those who warned me about this -saved me considerable hassle!) I think there'll also need to be a section on forums and their conventions - every n00b will need to join at least one, and despite being a seemingly simple thing, it can be a bit daunting to the outsider. BTW, are there any cartoonists/illustrators in the house? I've been trying to do cuddly penguins all morning, but the results are just abstract and un-fluffy :(
  16. Hi, Don't think unace integrates with Ark (unrar integration is not perfect either). Your best bet is to set an 'Open with...' handler for .ace archives in KDE. Just right-click an .ace file, choose Open with... and navigate to the unace executable (probably in /usr/bin, but you can check with 'whereis unace' on the command-line). Just tick the 'run in terminal' and 'remember this association' options, and add any additional switches you want to the command string.
  17. Any media you can mount in your system, should be accessible through the Crossover environment, if that's what you mean. AFAIK the Crossover binaries and libs will be installed in /usr/bin and /usr/lib unless you install it just for your user. The fake_windows directory (Crossover C: drive) for your user will be under your home directory though.
  18. Hi and welcome to MUB Towers. There's no harm in installing the mozilla.org package - in fact I'd recommend it as each version has plugged a couple of security vulnerabilities. When you unpack the download it has an easy graphical installer, and later versions can simply be installed over the old. You should check in Control Centre > Install Software for any dependencies you might need to install before Firefox (you probably have everything you need already, though). They will pop up when you select Firefox for install, then you can de-select Firefox and just install the dependencies. Hope this helps, just ask if you need any more help.
  19. Ah, what's £24 for two years? I can spend more than that on a night in the pub. (That's why I need 2 jobs!) A rundown of all the installer systems would be a good thing to have. Ideally as well as the distro builtins, it could look at emerging non-distro-specific tools like Autopackage. Anyone using that yet? And of course the obligatory guide to source building. If I could make a non-scary one of those for the beginner, I'd call that an achievement. Recenltly my GF asked me why it took so long to install one bit of software [on Gentoo] so I treated her to my best dumbed-down description of the compiling process - she ran out of the room in under a minute!
  20. Hi, Got mildly bored this afternoon and bought a new domain: thejoyoftux.net. For some reason I thought this would be long gone, but only the .net.cn variant was taken (and not answering pings at last check). I'm thinking about - as a hobby thing ATM - using it for a bit of Linux advocacy and fandom, aimed primarily at budding switchers and n00bs. It has scarce disk and bandwidth, so will be mostly a link-reservoir unless/until anything big happens with it. I would like to put out a request for ideas on what to put on the site. The process will be likely very slow as I work two jobs, but in the long-term I hope to have a ubiquitous resource for both switchers and those looking to sell the switch to others. Because we need more of that, I think. Contact me by posting here or email to robin ~AAAAAAAATTTTTTT~ thejoyoftux %D000000000000000T% net. Cheers, Havin_it [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  21. Hi, If I recall, the installer script contains not much script and a lot of binary/encoded contents. The 'line 1033' reference is probably to something that's decompressed on-the-fly out of the encoded section. Unless you can track what temp files are being created during the install attempt, I doubt you'll be able to debug this yourself. Time to contact Codeweavers support methinks.
  22. A Wine-borne Win virus is not necessarily restricted to the .wine/fake_windows folder: it depends how many DOS devices you have in your setup. For example I have other drives mapped to / and ~, so stuff could get written to any areas that my user can. Then again, it's a Win virus, so it will only work its badness under Wine (if at all, as running a Wine application is not equivalent to running a whole instance of Windows).
  23. Hi, Let me start with two things to eliminate: 1) The message about different versions of Wireless Extension: I get this with my wifi card too, but it still works. It's not the most likely cause of problems. 2) In the driver's config file, don't worry about the blank MAC Address line with teh X's. This is where you can set the MAC address if you want to. The card still has its real MAC address (should be written on the casing somewhere) so this isn't important. The DHCP issue: I've had headaches in the past configuring dhclient. You might want to try pump instead (urpmi pump), or even try configuring a static IP address. What output do you get from 'ifconfig wlan0'?
  24. I tried Crossover (twice) and Wine on Mandrake, and Crossover v3 had a perfect install of all my Macromedia MX apps that I needed. v4 botched the install of IE6 though, which had problems for installing other stuff. Wine didn't work for me at all when I installed it on Mandrake (config hell) but I later got it setup perfectly on Gentoo using the wine-config-sidenet script (and a few added components such as Windows Installer and some DLLs). If you want to try emulating something other than Windows, you could take a look at pearpc, a PowerPC emulator. Get a copy of Mac OS X (or a PowerPC *nix) and you can install it on this. Speed is quite painful on the current stable release, but build from CVS and you'll see a big improvement. They are currently working on hardware-accelerated graphics support for it, which will make a big improvement to speed.
  25. 's okay, don't need any now! In a couple of ways, everything's actually running better now than it did under CXOffice. For example, IE6 used to be a mare to install and once installed would crash after about the second page load. Now it's relatively bug-free :)
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