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  1. Well, there is a bit more to it than that. While Rafael definitely blogged it, and as such the credit goes to him. It was because of his blog that motivated me to email FSF, DoJ, and Microsoft. Here is the thread on another forum covering all the details. http://forums.opensuse.org/tech-news/424961-microsoft-used-gpl-licensed-code-their-closed-source-tool.html
  2. I just finished up to the install command with its options. To check out the book, download it here http://downloads.thecompletecomputerresour...t/smartbook.odm
  3. I use them both. CLI is faster and can do more. The GUI's are not intended to have the same features as CLI (I don't understand why). So I'll use the GUI to get an idea, and then the CLI to do the rest. Personally, I think GUI's should offer all the same features and options that is available via the CLI. Then it'd be a matter of speed and eye candy.
  4. Agreed. With this forum having 18388 registered users, and a poll sampling of 45 votes is less than 1% of the registered users. There isn't enough of a response in the poll to get even a remotely decent sampling. So it would be more accurate to say that this poll is more out of curiosity and fun, than to prove anything. 184 votes would give a 1% sampling from this forum. So let's just have fun, and not worry about any scientific accuracy or representation.
  5. Yes, that will be covered. That's part of smart config. Here is the old howto I did on smart config. http://wiki.suselinuxsupport.de/wikka.php?wakka=smartconfig
  6. Yeah, little vampires running about. Oh yeah, she already has at least one I'm aware of.
  7. I have openSUSE 10.3. I started in SUSE, with the help of some friends here, when SUSE was 9.1. While I enjoy openSUSE for the most part, there are somethings that annoy me. As for as the Software Installer in openSUSE (YaST is the tool, and Software Management is the module), it's not perfect. It needs parallel downloading. It also drives me crazy that the gui for the software module connects to zypp and then to rpm. Why not just go right to rpm? Don't get me wrong, zypp is extremely powerful. I also don't like Sax2. At the top of the xorg.conf script it says that it was generated by YaST (which is ok), but it then goes on to say "do not edit"!! WTF?! So you have an ATI or Nvidia card and you're new to Linux or openSUSE, you go to edit xorg.conf and see that and now your stopped. If you heed the warning, you're confused. How are you supposed to make changes with out editing, especially when Sax2 doesn't have all the options? What made me switch was the problems with urpmi. I had all the repos set up, so that wasn't the problem. Urpmi simple didn't handle dependencies well. Zypp, in this regard, handles dependencies much better. I can hear someone saying urpmi has improved. I am sure, but I also do stay on top of urpmi, so I am familiar with the changes. Any way, I am not looking for a debate. If you wish to start one on package management, please open a new thread. I have remained with openSUSE since SUSE 9.1, and have contributed to it by writing howto's, and even starting in programming. I try to remain distro agnostic, as I don't want to limit myself. I have tried gentoo and saybayon. I found portage annoying. To me, one of the most important things of a system is the package manager. If it doesn't perform well, I don't stay long. I also don't like resource hungry distros. To me, this shows poor planning and implementation. Of course configuration and detection is important. That goes with out saying. But then most distros do well in this area. Finally, eye candy. To me, openSUSE has met all these criteria. I do miss the Mandriva partition tool. That was one tool I really enjoyed.
  8. mystified, I whole heartedly like the concept. I have an smf forum myself, and probably overdid it. As to the Linux part of my forum, I broke it down (as far as distros go) into 3 categories. RPM based, Deb based, and Source based. I do think that more needs to be added. There is more to Linux than just FAQ's and tutorials or how-to's. Another part of contributing to Linux, in which I am new to, is programming. I personally, would love to see that added. Then I can bombard y'all with programming questions. ;) Becarefull with the audio/video and flash in smf. Smf warns against this as a security risk. If you do allow it, may I suggest that it be moderated at first, till it's security can be verified. You may also want to take extra precautions in securing the board itself from vulnerabilities due to these. Just some thoughts.
  9. I have almost finished with the Setup Commands. I am currently working on the Flag chapter, which is the last bit of the Setup Commands. Then I will begin working on Action Commands.
  10. Thank you. I have fixed that. Admittedly, the Repositories chapter needs a lot more.
  11. OK, I have now covered how to add, edit and remove channels in smart. This is the part where I really need your help. I want it to be friendly to newbies, while addressing the more experienced users. Since I have used smart for over two years, to me, this is second nature. I don't care whether you've used smart before or not. In some ways I prefer that you haven't, cause then you're coming in as a newbie. So I want to be thorough, but also technically accurate.
  12. I am now done with Supported sources. Next up is Setup commands. When I did supported sources this time, I didn't just provide a table and list. I explained each one. Take a look and see what you think.
  13. The more that get involved and provide feedback, the better. Knowledge of smart is not required. In fact, being a newbie is quite helpful. Of course, if you know smart, that is also helpful.
  14. I have continued to add content to this book. There is still a lot I have yet to add. So please continue to review the book, and tell me what you think, and what it needs. Currently the book is 24 pages long. I go in and explain metadata, what it is and why it's important. I also explain packages and package managers. I haven't gotten to using smart yet. Working there.
  15. Thanks for catching that. That error has been there since the original. So about 4 years. I will correct it. Any suggestions on what I should cover? Let me show you the document I wrote about two years ago. http://labix.org/smart/howto Now in this rewrite, under smart usage, I plan to start out with channels. What are they? How to set them up, various things like that. Then move on to other bits of using smart. Infact I first wrote that 2006-02-08
  16. another link http://www.linux-books.us/linux_general_0013.php for the same book.
  17. I am working on rewriting the smart documentation. I wrote the original, and I feel I could do a lot better. The original can be found here; http://labix.org/smart/howto The version I am working on now can be found here http://downloads.thecompletecomputerresour...t/smartbook.odm I am requesting your feedback. Of course, if you want to help out and write or edit it, thats fine to. Just resubmit it here. Instead of uploading a gazillion files to my server, I won't change the version or the name. So check often for the current version and to see changes I'm making.
  18. Good stuff dexter11. I shall do my best.
  19. Well said, security isn't easy. Did you forget that I wrote the security overview? You have valid points, but at the same time, I am not sure you follow me. What I am suggesting is an alternative to the stand alone. Kind of like webmin. Webmin is light weight, written in php and perl. I read about an iptables tool that is web based using glade (I came across this while trying to find out if this could be done). So it can be done, and is being done.
  20. It provides another option to the user. It'd help keep it lightweight. And no, no security issues. Not if it's done right.
  21. I had another idea. What if I took the glade designed gui of smart, and made it web based. So you could use the gui as a stand alone front end, or in a browser. http://gtk.php.net/manual/en/glade.gladexml.php
  22. That's my next step. At least we're getting to the point where we like it.
  23. Yeah, I know. I've been with the smart developer for like a year now. I wrote the documentation for smart. Been studying python and rpm. So yep, I know. I have also updated the gui, so I'd encourage you to check again. The buttons on tabs was just so I could label them, so y'all would have an idea of what it means, or looks like. It wasn't a button, but actually a menu, where I took everything out except for the name. ;) Someone complained about how big the buttons were, so i made them smaller. I can certainly make them bigger. Care to elaborate on the spacing?
  24. I did make some of the changes you suggested. http://downloads.thecompletecomputerresour...screen%20shots/ These are current screenies.
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