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  1. AdamW is a very helpful person here and on the Club forums. I think he took my hat because I couldn't keep it on.
  2. Or you could install KDE 3.4 yourself via instructions located in this forum and in the Mandrake (Mandriva? :lol: ) Club forum if you are tired of waiting. Your choice though.
  3. http://forum.mandrakeclub.com/viewtopic.php?t=34690 See also this thread (posted above). I still think Mandriva sounds like a male enhancement drug.
  4. I agree with Steve on the legality issue. Problem is that many politicians in Washington D.C. take contributions from and spend time on the "golf course" with lobbyists from such companies as AOL Time-Warner, Disney, Sony, etc. - companies with heavily vested interests with DRM. Until there is a solid ruling on the subject from SCOTUS, we won't know for certain, though.
  5. It mentions "Apple Labeled" hardware. Some folks have reasoned that you could put an Apple sticker on the box ;)
  6. Once PearPC fixes its sound support, maybe you can get iTunes on Mac OS X on Linux legitimately (sorta).
  7. If they would only release Adobe Creative Suite for Linux I could switch all my business over now... bleh... I like NVU but I like Adobe better. Maybe when Wine ages more...
  8. It is the one with the chainmail coif on the front: Beowulf: A New Verse Translation I just looked at Amazon and found 3 (or more) possibilities for the Seamus Heaney translation - can you tell me which one? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-h...0353402-1399112 tia! Kristi <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  9. Great forum, Havin_it! I love using PearPC and I hope they go after CherryOS!
  10. http://www.pearpc.net/ This site has some interesting news about the emulator and the alleged code difference (or lack of difference). It may very well turn out to violate GPL. Also Apple may step in and quash it because they specifically encourage potential buyers to install Mac OS X with it - when Max OS X, at least according to their EULA, can only legally be installed on "Apple-labeled" computers only. One amusing poster here noted that perhaps one could just put an Apple sticker on a box to work around that (see the comments section of the article). :lol:
  11. http://www.cherryos.com Mac emulator based (though they say it isn't) on PearPC. Right now it is only for Windows XP but I bet they port it to Linux eventually. For now I don't see the advantage in it over PearPC but time will tell. PearPC has done some research and doesn't appear to be happy with what appears to be their code in the program.
  12. I knew I forgot one! Thanks anon!
  13. Weird - the link worked for me when I clicked it... Here it is in plain text: http://forum.mandrakeclub.com/viewtopic.php?t=32409
  14. For ease of use I guess you could install Plesk - does it work on Mandrake? I know that Ensim's Webppliance doesn't as far as I can tell.
  15. I think this might help: http://forum.mandrakeclub.com/viewtopic.ph...light=mount+iso
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