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The future of Linux

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Easy way for Joe Blow to copy then burn a dvd movie. I mean an EASY way!! Can I hear of one? Cause I really would like to know.

joe blow is unable to do this, both in windows and linux... :P

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sl@sixty4:~/shared$ df -k
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1             10317828   6305676   3488036  65% /
tmpfs                   517480         0    517480   0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda2             66602516   2268116  60951112   4% /mnt/hda2
/dev/sda1            153834852         8 146020428   1% /mnt/media
/dev/sdc1            199122688 124858968  72272304  64% /mnt/media2
/dev/sdd1            241263968     32828 238780024   1% /mnt/media3

Except they are avi not VOB....

Its a good point, I recently had some VOB's to rip to avi ..

I usually use acidrip but no way to start halfway...

in the end I just used mencoder for cli....

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BTW, it's aRTee, not aTree - I feel like your monkey (from your icon) is hanging on to me now.... tongue.gif


Ooops, sorry aRTee(!). I guess that'll teach me not to try to put up posts at nearly 3AM in the morning or some other stupid-o-clock time :) . But I was thinking the other day about a couple of things about stuff that would be good to have in a future version of linux. And one of the ideas was some sort of RPM "repair" tool; it's all too easy to add in a wrong RPM somehow and cause all kinds of problems (in fact I'm getting this right now :( ) !


And I like trees too ;) hehe!



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psssttttt....check out this script (I would say 'my script', but half of it is stolen from code snippets from aru "Bash god"):




That'll fix missing files. Not sure exactly what your paticular problem is.

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Guest chisanga

Thanks for subscribing me to Mandraheusers,


I am a Mandrakelinux use and when I compare it with the Window bases operating systems it is more stable. You see the entire system does not crash when a problem arises as compared to windows where you have to restart the entire system. The future of linux is very bright considering that it is open source and any one can contribute to the perfecting of the platform of linux.




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Just as an aside, I run a small (but old and established) football website which gets about 250-300 unique visitors a day - its visited by lots of people who care little for computers and just want to use them and not mess..burrt I have been calculating the webalizer stats and, after lots of explanation why its important by the more geeky types on the forums, 36% of the visits on the site are done by people using firefox (compare to less than 10% generally) and IE usage is 'down' to 55%.


Now, I am the only one I know of in this particular 'community' that uses anything aside from Windows, but I feel its worth mentioning that if you stick to facts and keep plugging, people do get the message and even some of the most inertia-ed MS/IE users can be persuaded to at least have a try..and if the F/OSS product is straightforward / good enough, they'll stay with it.

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