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Show off your desktop: December


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Arch Linux, background from applegeeks.com (same as the last one). GTK2 theme is a combination of Aqua Extreme Sunken and Milk 2.0, I just picked the parts I liked out of AquaExtremeSunken and combined them with Milk.

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Added 2 alternative metacity themes for Edge




I like the top one! Can you make one for KDE? ;)

I don't have kde installed :cheeky:

maybe a kde themer will do it? Everything I do is GPL except my ports, which I have no desire to do anymore.

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if kwin doesn't support svg they can export to bitmap, png whatever with inkscape.

i think that svg support will be in kde 3.4, if i am not completely wrong. at least it will work for wallpapers... but for windeco, i am not sure...

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