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Show off your desktop: December


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Well, the December Thread is up!


No doubt we will see many christmas oriented desktops this year, maybe some ideas and wallpapers from this thread last year: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=9853&st=0


What about the competition?


Competing is totally optional, and you can continue posting screenshots as always without a worry.


If you do wish to enter...

During each month, a member may nominate one of their own screenshots to go into the competition. You may write the nomination into the post when you post it, by putting this text into the top of the post. The point of this text is so that the screenshot is clearly marked for entry.


If you wish to enter you must nominate a screenshot as follows:


[b]Nominated Screenshot[/b]


You may only nominate one screenshot.


You may change which screenshot, so long as you change it before the end of the month.


A poll will run for about 10 days after the end of the month, and the winner is awarded. There may be a small prize...


Good luck, and may the best eyecandy win :D :banana: :

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okay, here we go. as you all know, i prefer some rather simple desktops. this month, it ain't any different. well, it is not windowmaker or blackbox or xfce (still waiting for v.4.2 in deb-repositories) this time but my main gnome 2.8 desktop, using the nice brise-glace-theme and a rather relaxing wallpaper. :)

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That was quick, Artic. I havn't setup even an icon for my new screenshot  :o

hehe... actually i do not tweak my desktop nearly as much as you do. ;) i did it once (okay, several times) but it got pounded to death with superkaramba/gdeklets and transparency stuff that i finally noticed a considerable slowdown and no improved "informationvalue" in my case. that is why i kicked them out of my desktop and ehy i am so fast with a new desktop-screenie. :D


and: those who come last will be the first ...or so... so i will end up dead last anyways. :P

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as it is a white theme (and beautiful), i think of clouds, fog, milk or paleness or polished plastic or something like that. paleness sounds idiotic (sick!)... something with clouds? ...*thinking*...


polished milkglass

shiny milk






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