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Show off your desktop: December


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I'l give it a shot, what do you have in mind?


Edit: It's bit a minialistic, sort of. Must of the icons are hided in the bars which is set on auto hide.



Is that a real picture of you? If so, did you have those tattoed! :P



*ROFL* !!! I wish :) :jester:


:cheeky: I'm going to win Forum Clown again this month.. :headbang:

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:lol2: Teletubbies :P


Reminds me of a big picture I made at my work. It was the Ghostbusters logo though I've changed the ghost head with a teletubby and where the text said 'Who do you call? Tele-busters' :P

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Is that xfce?


You got 2 starter bars incase you didn't know smile.gif


2 starter bars? gdesklets? I thought I had only one?


Yea thats a XFce4.2 -RC1



Its installed into a complete userspace (/home) so when its no longer beta Ill install it. As of what you see thats my own mish mash. Its hard to see but there is a gnome-panel at the top also. thats a gdesklets starter bar and the XFce4 panel below it.


You see its of my own creation. I Love XFce4 but I didnt like its taskerbar -n- stuff so in comes gnome-panel.

Plus I like GNOME's panel goodies.


That being said XFc4 does not allow you to place objects on the desktop (icons -n stuff) so in comes kdesktop.


basically in my Autostart directory I placed a script:




killall xftaskbar4&


gdesklets start&



here is another pic with the panel:



So I have a mix of just about everything. XFce4 wm, Gnome-panel, and kdesktop. Runs real nice. I kinda got the idea for a post in the gentoo forums for a minimalistic KDE desktop.

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