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  1. No, it was not Access. The original application that I wrote in 1997 was a destop Access based solution. But then it got to big, and we needed to be able to use it multi-user from different offices, so we switched to a web based frontend and MS-sql on the backside. Thats were my limits were reached, and we called in a ASP programmer.
  2. MS SQL specific. Just enough to be a pain in the ass. I think once i can justify the savings on the server side, then I can justify the changes to MYSQL. Then once that is done, I'll work on the ASP and IE specific stuff. Small steps.
  3. Tried that. 2 problems. The scripts are MS-SQL specific, and would cost us to re-write to MySQL, and some of the ASP functions don't work with the apache module. *sigh* I guess I'll always be stuck in the M$ world at work.
  4. I agree, but in an environment like mine, Windows Desktops and Mixed Servers (now at least:lol:), it would make sense to have more of a selection of replacements for M$ stuff. We have replacements for SQL, File and Print services, and to some extent, Terminal services. SMTP has always been *nix forte. In our environment, we Could use LDAP or IMAP, but we use POP3 cause our remote client sysems are on dialup and the overhead for IMAP and such are too much. It blows our collaboration ideas, but we learned to work around it. Now with Linux in the mix, I am hoping that we can do more collaborative tasks. I'd ditch Windows completely, but we have a Custom written ASP application (Wich only works with IE) that we have invested lots of time and money in, and it is far to expensive to have it redone at this point. So I have one foot in the old conformity world, and another in the "New World Order" :)
  5. I am looking at Courier Imap right now. I thinkit will be quite useable, butI'll know more with some testing. I am amazed at just how litle i wasable to find for a POP3 server. There seem to be about a 4:1 ration on SMTP:POP3 serversout there. you wuld think there would be more, especially if the different Distros are trying to get more of the server mraket. I mean Database Web and SMTP do not a server make. You would think that this would be something that would acheive some attention.
  6. I don't know if anyone is familiar with a group of users for OS/2. "Team OS/2" were users who really wanted to Market OS/2 to the masses. IBM helped them out with Promotional material, Demo Software, and lots of other stuff. Many a Microsoft employee were really shocked at conventions to see a mass of Team OS/2 people working the floor for free and gaining some respect for it from the other companies at shows, but they were all volunteers. Yes, I was a Member of Team OS/2 and our Pink Polo shirts got us the nickname "Pink Ninja's" for the way we would suddenly appear at shows. Before there was any public Internet access here in town, I was doing an "OS/2 Demo Days" at a local store, and IBM supplied me with an IBM access internet account on Dialup for the weekend. They did go the extra mile for Team Members. They even payed for us to have a table at one of the local shopping malls for a week. Maybe what we need is a Team MDK to help promote it. With a little bit of Promo Material from Mandrakesoft, we could easily put on Demo Days like the "Pink Ninja's" used to do. Show the public what can be done with MDK. What do you think???
  7. I've actually convinced him that scanning on the desktops was a better solution. Makes my life easier, as i can PUSH updates and definitions to the desktops from my Windows servers. Now, all i need is a good POP3 server. I am looking at a couple of solutions, but nothing is really saying "USE ME" if you know what I mean.
  8. Thanks Yves.The imap package, is that on the CD's or in the contribs?
  9. CanuckKev


    Anyone have any experience with this one? It looks sorta interesting. I am not much into third person games, but this one caught my eye.
  10. I am trying to get my boss to allow me to replace a Windows server at work with another Linux box. I have everything he has asked for, except for 2 items. First off, I need a POP3 server. I have postfix setup for the smtp side, but the POP3 side is one I am not sure of. I have searched the messages google, and RMPFind, and the only thing I can find is qpopper. Do I have any other choices. Also, the bos is concerned with Virus's transmitted by email. I am looking at RAV and F-prot but would prefer an Open Source solution. Do I have any options for virus scanners that will work on the SMTP server or on the box directly?
  11. For anyone in Canada, I have setup the RC2 iso's on my server available on ftp and rsync (max 4 users) for the weekend. They will not be available after Sunday at Midnight. ftp://mdklinux.sytes.net rsync://mdklinux.sytes.net Enjoy!
  12. You have the right command, but you forgot to to supply the destination... rsync -[options] host::module/path/filename destination So your command would be: rsync -Pz --stats carroll.cac.psu.edu::mandrake-iso/i586/MandrakeLinux-9.1rc2-CD1.i586.iso whatever-the-destination-is You could use the . as the destination if you are in the directory that you want the files put in, or the absolute path.
  13. Okay, how do I change from the Graphic lilo to the text one???
  14. Yep, i found a place for it on a virtual... Thanks for your help...
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