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Random Freezing?

Lord Kenneth

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Everything freezes. Mouse won't move, keyboard won't work. Must do a hard reset.




Athlon XP 2500+ (oc'ed to 3000+)

Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4200

A7N8X Deluxe (it's an nForce2 Chipset, btw)




Any ideas on how I can pinpoint the culprit, whether it's software or hardware? Perhaps I need to change some settings?

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try using nvpart instead of agpart ..or the other way around. using nvpart worked for me.


It's an option in yout XF86Config-4-file. I can work for you ...


in the device-section:

Option "NvAGP" "1"


I also think it's video-related. Can depedend on tyour motherboard/chipset I think. Like my via-chipset. I read it doesn't perform good on agp. I'm not sure of this ..anyway, I think it's a matter if your chipset is supported well I think and more ..finding out what to use :).

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That would seem to be the right one then.


How bout the video card fan or the chip fan (on motherboard). I just experienced some freeze ups and found those two fans were blocked up with dirt and not running and causing an overheat condition. I took them off and things have been fine since (tho I don't run my machine overnight anymore)

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I have the AMD XP2500+ also (overclocked to 2200 MHz, which is I guess what you mean by yours is oc'd to 3000+) and a GeForce4 MX440 64MB DDR video card using the NVidia driver right before the one you are using (the newest one just gives me a black screen for some reason). Anyway, I have the random freezes too, but they are very far apart...maybe two a month. In my case, I have a computer that I can use to ssh into this box and kill and restart X, so it is mostly a video-related problem. I have an Asus A7V600 MoBo with a Via chipset. Anyway, I have not found the cause or fix for it. Sorry, just thought I would share a simliar experience in case anyone can find a correlation.

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I was having the same problems with nforce2 and MDK 9.2

Using the patched nvidia (video helped)

but I think the main prob is the nforce2 drivers....


Sorry its running deb now....

I used knoppix to boot up and try and download the nforce source since i couldn't do it in mandrake and the rpms just kept locking it up.

I tried alsorts including leaving it at a console overnight.....

(fine) but it always locked up when using the NIC....


I downloaded and went to bed and woke up and knoppix was still up...

Went to work, came back and it was still up....


So did a HDD install a week ago and its still hasn't crashed once.


Unless anyone has really got this working otherwise I think compiling a new kernel might be the only way....

It seems to have worked with deb based kernels but always crashed on the RH/Mandrake trees.


However to make things more complex I have a gig and the RPM's don't wanna work when using kernel enterprise.

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I find that nforce2/nvidia card/nvidia driver is very picky in what irq they want. I solve my X freezing problem in my nforce2 board by using a certain version of the bios. If that is not possible, you may need to reserve certain irqs so that the nvidia card is forced to use the "safe irqs" so X freezing can be lessened, or alleviated entirely.

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still doesn't explain why uptime on knoppix/deb is now over a week wheras Mandrake was locking twice a day!!!! (or more)


No bios change or anything just hellishly good HW detection.....

Perhaps your right on the IRQ's and its just detecting them better in knoppix????

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I'm still having this problem.  What should I do to fix the possible IRQ problem, if that is indeed the culprit?

I had identical problems on my nforce2 system. Since I set noapic and nolapic in lilo it has been very stable. I believe this limits the IRQ channels to 0 - 15 (ie <10 hex) I do still have problems however with a USB card reader which I have abandoned for now.


This is part of my lilo.conf. If you try this, don't forget to type lilo after editing to register the changes.



append="noapic nolapic devfs=mount hdc=ide-scsi acpi=ht resume=/dev/hda5 splash=silent"

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