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  1. I'm not sure what your problem with Kile is, but IMHO, it's really the best tool out there as for a LaTeX frontend editor.
  2. This can be done on the command line (e.g. mplayer -vo help for more details on available video drivers), or in any mplayer config file (say, ~/.mplayer/config or /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf). I was suggesting this because one of my friends had by default vo=fb in his config file and had your symptoms concerning full screen not working. Anyway, it's good to know where to change these options; mplayer has litterally hundreds of options, which can be really usefull, say, for watching DVDs... e.g. mplayer dvd:// -chapter 6-10 -ao alsa9 -channels 6 plays chapters 6 to 10 of your DVD using full 5.1 surround sound.
  3. It's mplayerplug-in They got from pre-version 1 to v. 2.4 in weeks recently; yet it is still not the most stable app I ever used ;)
  4. Use the option vo=xv If it works, change it in mplayer.conf.
  5. Just for the record, when your experience a freeze, the proper course of action is: 1. Try to restart the X server by hitting ctrl-alt-backspace 2. Try to switch to another virtual console by hitting ctrl-alt-Fn, where n is 1 to 6; if you are able to do so, you can login and kill the process which locks up your system 3. If this doesn't work, the next thing to try is to login remotely if your computer has a ssh server running or something similar 4. If all this fail, hit alt-sysrq-S,U,B (without letting go of alt-sysrq). Sysrq is the print screen key. Those key sequences go directly to the kernel: alt-sysrq-S syncs all your drives; alt-sysrq-U unmounts all mounted filesystems; alt-sysrq-B is an immediate reboot. Doing alt-sysrq-S,U,B is much more clean than hitting reset and will work 95% of the time. 5. If event alt-sysrq-S,U,B fails, that means the kernel itself is not responding. Hit reset. You know, you're not the only one with random freezing of Mandrake 9.2.
  6. Ah sorry it was maybe a little offtopic. But yet what I said about 125 FPS is true and proved, trust me ;) Two otherwise identical clients on a server, one playing at 125 FPS and the other at, say, 60 FPS, will get slightly different speeds and jump heights, 125 FPS giving the optimum performances. There are custom maps which exploit this, placing power-ups at a height where players running at 125 FPS can barely jump to.
  7. neutro

    KDE broken

    I'm using MDK 9.1 and recently applied updates for the KDE 3.1 packages. I'm currently running: - kdebase-3.1-83.5mdk - kdelibs-3.1-58.3.91mdk - kdeutils-3.1-9mdk to name a few. Well since that update, I noticed that three things seems to be broken. First, SFTP access with Konqueror. Typing "sftp://username@servername" in the URL bar of Konqueror always worked; now I wait for a while and get a pop-up window with the following error: and then a blank page with "Could not connect to host localhost". However I assure you that ssh and sftp are working properly as I can use them from the command line. Second, kghostview: I am able to see previews for PDF or PS files in Konqueror, but when I open them in kghostview, it waits forever with a blank page (wristwatch icon). On the side I get the markers for the pages but nothing get displayed. I can open the PDF's fine with acroread, but I was begining to find kghostview superior... Third, KDE keeps forgetting file associations. Not immediately, but now and then, I would double-click on an open-office file and KDE wouldn't know what to do with it, even if I always enter the right path to the binary and check "remember this association". Those problems are present even under new users so it's probably not a profile issue. Anyone has a clue about what is going on? I tried reinstalling those packages, but no change was observed. Is my only hope installing a newer version of Mandrake? I'm not sure if reverting back to the original 9.1 packages for KDE is a wise thing...
  8. Just for the record: there's a huge difference between 60 and 200 fps in Q3 ;) This is not just cosmetic since when you play online, the underlying physics engine is updated at the same rate as the framerate. Thus, 60 FPS will be perceived as a supplementary lag of 1/60 sec (17 ms). Also, it is well known in the Q3 community that if you lock your framerate at 125 FPS, you get maximum velocity and altitude when you jump, as you'll get a physics model sampling point at the apogea of the precomputed ballistic trajectory.
  9. I was refering to this bit at the end: So the issue's gone now?
  10. So you had trouble bringing up your NIC under 10.0? Funny thing is, my NIC is the only thing which doesn't work under a newly compiled 2.6.3 kernel... In fact it doesn't seem to be the NIC: even the loopback interface cannot be brought up. I'd be interested to see what kind of errors you get at bootup in /var/log/messages concerning your network...
  11. Or Cinelerra from Heroine Warrior, if you can stand the absolutely disgusting GUI colors
  12. I see two possible problem there: - hardware incompatibility - bad media I never encountered the first but I once installed Mdk with corrupted ISO's and I got more or less the same thing as you: I let the installer run, it took a really long time, but finished. I failed to notice several I/O errors, and the system was highly unstable (due to missing files, etc.). When I tried to reinstall using the same media, it crashed. With another set of CD's, everything was fine. So if you feel like trying again, check your ISO's md5 sum and burn them on media you can trust. Maybe it will go better.
  13. I don't know for OpenOffice et all, but in mozilla products, you can adjust the menu's font size by adding a few lines in userChrome.css. However the default font size is 11 pt, and using say a larger font size may cause overlapping text or orther problems. See this page for details.
  14. I'm not up to date as for mother boards. If you want to check out nvidia cards performance against each other or against ATI cards, maybe this Tom's Hardware article would be useful. Basically a GF4 MX440 offers you the best bang for your buck (low-end card); as for middle-range cards, the FX5700 seems to be acclaimed; as for high-end cards, nvidia's top-of-the-line is the FX5950 Ultra. If you find any GF4 Ti4x00, they are among the best vidcards ever; however they lack DirectX 9 support (not an issue if you're using Linux only of course) and may be slower than equivalent-priced FX cards if you use FSAA and such.
  15. I really don't know about the Guillemot Muse; you should check the state of ALSA support for it. Yes, SB Live! 5.1's can be pretty cheap; in fact I'm quite surprised about the 47 EU since my local computer store lists it for barely 45 $CAN (which is about 30 EU I guess)... maybe you're quoting the Audigy 5.1? Anyway, I can't tell for the Guillemot but Sound Blaster cards with the EMU10k1 chip can output 6-channels sound using the ALSA driver. Depending on your setup (e.g. analog vs digital speakers) you may have to tune the ALSA driver settings and mplayer's command line options, but it's really just a matter of reading mplayer's man page and spending a few minutes adjusting the dozens of sliders in alsamixer :lol:
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