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  1. For giggles I decided to reinstall 9.2, it froze up completely Twice during the installation. I guess I was lucky the first time around. I have no other way around it. It's not even stable long enough for me to attempt to fix it. Thanks anyway...
  2. Fine fine, I'll use Win2k then. Problem solved. Before I bought this system I was told it would be ok for Mandrake 9.2... ok for crashing I suppose. You can see why I'm disappointed.
  3. No real solution yet? I already posted my specs in my first post in the thread. I also said it is a total lockup; mouse or keyboard does not respond. I now know that the freezing has nothing to do with Firebird, it freezes randomly no matter what I am doing. It has effectively prevented me from using the OS I purchased. I have no use for an OS that crashes more frequently than WinME. I am not sure if the freeze happens while using something other than KDE, I just do not feel like waiting around until it crashes. How pathetic is that? Thanks anyway... a shame there's no fix.
  4. I'm disappointed there's no fix yet. I can stay with Win2k though, it never crashes...
  5. Same thing as the thread's author. I freeze while using FireFox (0.8). It could be when I'm actively surfing or just letting it idle AMD 2600+ 512 DDR Chaintech 7NJL3, onboard NIC GeForce FX5200 128mb graphics card MDK 9.2, under KDE... whatever version it came with on CD... ;-)
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