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They are not linux, but php support is there, and once you get it through their heads that you don't want frontpage, they help with cgi. Unlimited bandwidth and 500 mb disc space is nice too. www.readyhosting .com


whoops! $99 per year includes domain registration fee.

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You should have a look there




. based in New Jerey,

. FreeBSD,

. very reliable,

. cheap

. very small and .. very friendly



* Web Hosting (HTTP)

* Email (SMTP/POP3)

* News (NNTP)

* File Transfer (FTP)




for php and else I don't know but must be. Else may be you just have to ask (The boss is ManiaC++ if you have heard of him)


hum I've didn't been there for a long time and there is some funny link to smartsoft.cc. Better go to smartsoft.us instead .. :unsure:




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I did not find any rate sheets at these two mentioned sites:





Now fuzzy's suggested f20.org looked promising. I see they even offer a free account (with the option to pay for addons of course). Is this where fuzzylizard.com is hosted? Also, I couldn't find a mention if they are running Linux or whatever. Either way, looks like a good place to experiment with a site idea and if it grows... you would be able to add on the needed services.

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Thanks for the suggestoins... I'll be checking these out. I really need the reliability as I transfer my work to and from home via ftp. Since I'm programming in a windows environment, complete with IIS (gag!) I just need a simple ftp. But I also want email and reliable email. If I end up moving to a different city, I don't want to have to have all my contacts and web memberships under my local email (roadrunner). Big help guys!

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Now that we are on the topic of hosting anyway, I would like to find a service similar to brinkster, that is:


free, a decent amount of HD (at least 10MB), serverside scripting (preferably asp, php possible too) and a database with connection (dns-less). And a decent data transfer rate as well, since I do not want the site to drop offline after just ten visits (cfr. Brinkster).


FTP would be nice too, but is not essential.


Idea is to set up a small website with information, plus a back-end database which will

capture data from online forms (e.g. questionnaires, registration, ...)


So far Brinkster is the only one I could find, but it's not really that impressive.




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I've been using them for about a year now and haven't had any trouble. They always answer my emails, too, when I have questions. If I remember correctly, they are using Redhat (I don't remember the version). Also, you may read instructions about ssh on the site, but they don't have ssh enabled by default, since they've had problems with abuse before. They will give you ssh access to your site for 24 hours whenever you need it if you email them.

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