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Yes, please let us know !!!


I signed up this morning and am currently uploading my site via ftp right this moment. I have not received the email I was expecting and have had to guess my way to the ftp and http sites.


Otherwise, the options there look great.

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I am moving my personnal photography site there to enable a move from static HTML to a dynamic PHP site.


My old site (and permanent URL):




EDIT {4 hours later}: Files transfered, database uploaded, etc, etc,


Tommorrow (if I still have access) will work on some details before forwarding my URL there.


EDIT {next morning}: Still got full access. :) I tried adding a user to my site but that email hasn't gone through either. I guess their sendmail is not working.

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Seems this sendmail problem I am having (along with many other "nukers") is with my php-nuke setup. Seeing the "recommend my site" feature works and sends the email kinda tells me the sendmail works from the host's side.


Somewhere tho, in my php code is the sendmail problem I am having. I found my new user signup is stuck in "nuke_user_temp" table in the MySQL database.


So seeing the only problem from kingshosting is this missing conformation email we should have got and they are working on solving this.


For what they offer and the price... I can't complain. :D

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