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  1. Hi, Thanks devries that was it. Mandrake works so well for me that I very, very seldom have to do anything to "fix" it. So I'm not very up to date on compiling kernels. I'd have posted back sooner, but who knew that it would take all night to make and install modules on a P200 :o ! Again Thanks! dalee
  2. Hi, I'm trying to re-compile my stock kernel (2.4.19-16) in Mandkre 9.0 on an old P200 to get better support for my ParaPort ZipPlus drive. I'm using Aru's instructions that he posted here (Thank You!!!). Everything goes fine, using xconfig to configure the kernel. When I'm done, I run make deps as the screen instructs, then I do: make modules modules_install. It runs until I get this error: ambassador.c:301:22: atmsar11. start: No such file or directory ambassador.c:305:24: atmsar11. regions: No such file or directory ambassador.c:310:21: atmsar11. data: No such file or directory ambassador.c:302: parse error before `;' make[2]: *** [ambassador.o] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.4.19-16mdk/drivers/atm' make[1]: *** [_modsubdir_atm] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.4.19-16mdk/drivers' make: *** [_mod_drivers] Error 2 I did a google for the error and got this [http://www.mail-archive.com/cooker@linux-mandrake.com/msg108357.html]Error Message[/url] Unfortunately, all I really understand is the need for a patch to fix this error. How do I fix it, get a patch? Which one? Or just download a new kernel? Or have I mis-configured something due to ignorence? Thank You for all advice!!!! dalee Edited for link
  3. dalee

    Zip Plus Drive

    Hi, It's been awhile since I've been around . But I've got a problem with a paraport Zip Plus drive that I can't access. During install it detected the drive and loaded the scsi/imm module. I know the paraport works and the zipdrive does too. I've tested them both under windoze. But now Mandrake can't find the zip. Harddrake can't find it. I've looked with linuxconfig. It shows sda4 with mount point at /mnt/zip. But it won't mount it. It returns: no medium found, return 32 I did insmod imm and it returns the location and that is in use. I did rmmod imm and then insmod imm with no luck. But my boot log shows it's trying to probe with ppa instead (I know I need to use imm). I can't figure out how get it to probe with imm instead. Oops! almost forgot, I'm running 9.0, if that helps. Thanks for any ideas, dalee
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    Hi, I can't say if your all-in-one will work, but you need to install sane and xsane to make scanners work. But you can check it out here: http://www.sane-project.org/ dalee
  5. Hi, Are you talking about voice dictation or voice control of your computer? Back with 8.0 They did ship IBM's ViaVoice. But I believe that IBM no longer supports Via Voice under any platform. HTH, dalee
  6. Hi, I too have had this problem with MCC. What I found is that while MCC couldn't add or download mirrors or rpms, urpmi would still work fine. So I now just use the cli. Just my experience with it. dalee
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    Hi, POP3 means thier stupid :o ! POP3 is an e-mail server protcol. I would ask to speak to a superviser rather than the phone monkey :D . The dialups I've used, use PAP. So I'd try that first. dalee
  8. dalee

    card readers

    Hi, I have agree with VeeDub, a card reader is way better than trying to get your pictures direct from the camera. I always have trouble direct connecting a camera to my 9.0. But a card reader always works perfectly. dalee
  9. dalee


    Hi, Aww man!!!!! Look what you've done to me!!! I must have them all!!!! I may never forgive you guys for this! :D (Thanks a bunch for the link! I will never need my old win98 disc again for anything!!!) dalee
  10. Hi, I've compiled and installed Fluxbox on 9.0. I can get it to start and run from the CLI. But I need to get it to run from GDM (I've got wife and kids running this box too). I symlinked startflluxbox to my /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions. I did a chmod 700 on the file. But when I log out of the WM I'm using to do this, it appears that I lose permisson to log in Flux as a user. What I do get is TWM instead. What am I doing wrong? And any ideas how to fix? Thanks Much! dalee
  11. Hi, I don't think that Progenys' proposal is going to preclude you from opening your config files in Vi and hand editing them if you so choose. That's something that should never go away. But, there are those of us, like me, who do prefer to use our distro, rather than have to spend a lot of time doing admin work. Lazy admin'ing can happen with any distro or OS. And that dosn't require any auto-majic hardware detection. The thing I really want is better hardware support period. I would like to use any hardware any time. It's coming along I know, but I get impaticent. dalee
  12. Hi, Thanks scoopy! I looked at cinelerra, but dual Athalons!? :o Holy mackeral Batman! I just got an old k6-2 350/128megs. I know you didn't know that since I didn't mention it. But it was quite an eye-opener. I'm dl'ing FilmGimp, (now renamed CinePaint), will give that a try. Hopefully, I'll be able to learn to use it. Thanks Much! dalee
  13. I think this would be great idea. For those of us who are home users and don't really want to be sysadmins. It's always bothered me that hardware detection can be so hit and miss sometimes. dalee
  14. Hi, I want to add music and sound to my slide shows that I can view on my TV DVD player. I've been looking for programs (admittedly not overly hard), but can't seem to find anything. I've got OO.org 1.1, would Impress do the job? Or would the format be wrong? Thanks, dalee
  15. Hi, I've had this problem myself. For me it's my firewall that causes the problem ( I hate Shorewall). Just disable it and see if you can surf with it down. If you can, then you will need to either change some firewall settings via GUI, or hand edit the rules files for what ever firewall your running. HTH, dalee
  16. Hi, I too get the "disappearing menu" while installing a program sometimes. While it does come back if I wait for a while, if I'm in a hurry logging out and back in brings it back. Though Scoopy's CLI method is one I will definatly try!! Thanks Scoopy! dalee
  17. Hi, During the install did it ask you how many disks you had? If it did, then it should know what's available to install. If it didn't, look in the software manager to see what it does think you have for disks and programs. You can always add sources there. Next, did you do the default install or the expert? I always do the expert.That way I get to choose what gets installed. Is there enough room on your harddrive to get all that on it? If there isn't then it may have cut out some stuff to make it fit. Plus, I've noticed that I've never gotten the same install twice with Mandrake no matter what box I put it on. Don't know if anybody else has ever had the same problem though. But I always do. HTH, dalee
  18. Hi, You don't say what kind of connection you have. But I get that sometimes with my dial-up. Maybe that's it? dalee
  19. Hi, Thanks Guys! I'll look for a USB stick then. dalee
  20. Hi, That's my problem. Everybody I use IM with uses M$ stuff, as much as I preach about alternatives . So I don't really need much more. Dalee
  21. Hi, Was wondering if anybody could recommend an inexpensive joystick that you've had good luck with in Mandrake. My old wingman isn't recognized. Dosen't have to have all the bells and whistles either. I just want to play Search and Rescue. Thanks! Dalee
  22. Hi, Thanks SoulSe!! Been wondering what to do since M$ changed Messenger again. I think I like this even better than Everybuddy. Dale
  23. Hi, I use both myself. Plus XFCE, windowmaker, and enlightenment. Depends on my mood :D . If you have the room try as many as you like. They will not interfere with each other, so have fun and test some of them out. dalee
  24. Hi, OO.o and SO should look alike. OO was developed from SO5.x, ( can't recall off hand the exact release). SO 5 source was released to the public and OO.o took it from there. So OO.o can be looked at as a child of SO. Personally, I get better preformance ans stability from OO.o. And I can't tell you why :shock: . So that is what I use. It is every bit as powerful a suite as anything else I've used. Plus it's free! I would recommend that to you. HTH, dalee
  25. Yeah, I've had that problem too. Though only with older versions of O.O.o, pre 1.0. Since I've downloaded and installed 1.1rc2 I've not had a problem with it. This probably isn't the answer you were looking for, but I never got a solution for it on the O.O.o forums. :x dalee
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