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  1. Kopete fails to connect on my machine as well :(
  2. If you just want audio Noatun and Xmms are both good, if not Totem.
  3. Rescue will only re-install lilo for you as it was before things messed up, which should be fine in your case as your install is on a different drive. But once you're are back in MDK I'd suggest running the bootloader wizard in the MDK Control Centre so it can update everything to your new set up. If rescue doesn't get you back in to MDK all is not lost. You can do a re-install and when it comes to partitioning choose to do it manually. Delete all the partitions on HDB except for the one that was /home. Select it and set it as /home again, then let the installer do the others. This way when you get back into MDK your user settings should still be in tact. Good luck!
  4. I never got the RealPlayer plugin to work, but I put it down to that fact that I'm running the AMD64 version of MDK. As a get round the BBC normally have button you can press to launch a stand alone player. The button tends to be small and not all that obvious but it should be there.
  5. My experience with DiskDrake and NTFS is that it can onlu resize until it encounters the first peice of data. Which means even if you have used only about 25% of the disk if Windows in its wisdom has put any of that at the end of the drive DiskDrake is going to have problems. Stupidly defrag only makes sure that data blocks are continous I haven't yet found a way of making it move everything to the beginning of the disk.
  6. mtweidmann


    Umm, that is weird. You could try unloading the module then reloading it, it might work but can't see why. And have you tried using a different port? For some reason when I use one particular USB port on my motherboard Windows always detects it as USB 1.1, but I don't see the same problem in Linux.
  7. I don't think you're quite being fair to MandrakeSoft. The commercial versions have always been Silver+, with the download edition for Bronze. It was the same when 10 was released for i586 and from memory when they released 9.2 originally. And I'm sure that as with every other MDK release the ISOs will appear on the public servers in the not too distant future. On a side note, I wasn't a fan of the 9.2 release for AMD64 but since swapping to the first beta of 10 have only encountered a few (not particulary big) problems. From my experience at least they seem to have got it right this time. PS Gowator sorry this is just me being slow (and deprived of tea) but don't understand the comment about the Nvidia drivers. :( Haven't the Nvidia drivers always been available for download for all Club members? EDIT: Probably unrelated but does anyone know why the hdlist.cz has dissappeared from the 10 mirror? ftp://ftp.sunsite.org.uk/package/mandrake.../Mandrake/base/
  8. mtweidmann


    I would guess that MDK is loading the USB 1.1 module (usb-uhci) no the USB 2.0 module (ehci-hcd). A quick way of checking this is run the lsmod command as root, and the ehci-hcd should be listed. If not try running "modprobe ehci-hcd" and see if it makes any difference. To get ehci-hcd loaded at boot-up you'll need to edit your modules.conf in /etc. /etc/modules.conf Result of lsmod Module Size Used by DAC960 65104 0 sg 33456 0 sr_mod 14372 0 radeon 119520 2 drm_ioctl32 12548 2 radeon,[unsafe] lp 9968 0 ppdev 7424 0 usblp 10368 0 md5 3584 1 ipv6 206848 8 forte 15244 1 ac97_codec 15128 1 forte af_packet 17292 0 hid 39040 0 ide-floppy 14720 0 ide-tape 30624 0 ide-cd 37640 0 cdrom 32040 2 sr_mod,ide-cd floppy 54264 0 button 4512 0 thermal 10256 0 processor 12220 1 thermal fan 2696 0 ac 3464 0 battery 7688 0 ipt_TOS 1536 12 ipt_REJECT 5376 4 ipt_LOG 4736 6 ipt_state 1152 16 ipt_multiport 1152 2 ipt_conntrack 1664 0 iptable_filter 1792 1 iptable_mangle 1920 1 iptable_nat 16972 0 ip_conntrack 21580 3 ipt_state,ipt_conntrack,iptable_nat ip_tables 12928 9 ipt_TOS,ipt_REJECT,ipt_LOG,ipt_state,ipt_multiport,ipt_conntrack,iptable_filter, iptable_mangle,iptable_nat r8169 9732 0 ohci1394 28036 0 ieee1394 318280 1 ohci1394 supermount 34600 2 ntfs 74712 2 nls_iso8859-15 4736 5 nls_cp850 4992 3 vfat 11520 3 fat 37824 1 vfat ppa 10376 0 parport_pc 26400 1 imm 10504 0 parport 29196 5 lp,ppdev,ppa,parport_pc,imm tuner 15884 0 tvaudio 18828 0 msp3400 21140 0 bttv 152236 0 video-buf 14084 1 bttv i2c-algo-bit 7944 1 bttv v4l2-common 4864 1 bttv btcx-risc 3080 1 bttv i2c-core 14340 5 tuner,tvaudio,msp3400,bttv,i2c-algo-bit videodev 7808 1 bttv soundcore 5664 3 forte,bttv ehci-hcd 20484 0 uhci-hcd 25248 0 usbcore 77936 6 usblp,hid,ehci-hcd,uhci-hcd rtc 9352 0 ext3 95088 4 jbd 41904 1 ext3 sd_mod 14240 0 sata_via 3460 0 libata 28160 1 sata_via,[permanent] scsi_mod 99168 6 sg,sr_mod,ppa,imm,sd_mod,libata [format by spinynorman]
  9. mtweidmann

    k3b question

    I'm not sure if this applies to audio CDs, but have you checked that the disks are closed? I found when burnging DVD+RWs or CD-RWs that the drive in my old machine couldn't read them unless they were closed (sometime called finalized). If your car stereo is older than your wife's it might be having the same problem.
  10. I choose to buy a combined router/switch/modem, which works really well with Linux Its got several advantages compared to getting a modem, most importantly being there are NO drivers. The device itself deals with the modem all you need to configure it is a web browser. Then jst set up a standar LAN connection, giving the IP address of the router as the gateway. The other advantage of this approach is that I can have more than one mahcine accessing the internet at once, without having to mess around with connection sharing software. Plus you have all the normal advantages of having your machines networked (eg file sharing) and the router has a built in firewall. The main disadvantage is cost. The router cost me about £65 and if my machine didn't have an intergrated network card I'd have had to buy one of those as well. Plus many ISPs will give you a modem, yet to see one giving out routers. If you are interested here's the link to the one I've got: http://www.cclcomputers.biz/specs/networkm...DSL504/spec.htm
  11. To answer the first bit of your question urpmi is a great tool for installing and updating your Mandrake install. Reason being that it can work out and deal wit all th dependency problems for you automatically. But for it to work you have to find a urpmi source that has the rpms you want, for cutting edge stuff you might want to add the MDK Cooker as a source. For instructions and lists of source try: http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php Is it worth? If your machine is working reliably and doing everything you want whats the point in updating? Personnally I like upgrading to new versions and don't mind occassionally having to rescue my installtion when it all goes wrong.
  12. I've got an Olympus C220, its not the most complex camera in the world but it works well ad the pistures come out well. Supposedly it works with Linux, but I always use a car reader because its easier.
  13. mtweidmann


    How did you install ClanLib? If you installed it from a RPM then as well as the actual program RPM you also need to install the "devel", which gives all the header files needed to compile other programs that require it. This would look something like: Clanlib-1.0-mdk.i586.rpm Clanlib-devel-1.0-mdk.i586.rpm To check whether you have them already installed you can use the MDK Control Centre. Select the Remove option under Software and do a seach for ClanLib. It it turns up then its installed.
  14. Sorry I have an ATI card, so Nvidia drivers aren't likely to work :)
  15. Epsons are normally well supported in Linux, so it is unlikely to be that. How far do you get in the installtion? Is the printer detected by PrintDrake and correctly identified? Or does it just not do anything when you send something to print? With my C42UX I find that sometime I have to manually active the printer once I've plugged it in. To this: KDE Control Centre -> Peripherals ->Printers Press the "Administrator" button and enter the Root password. Then select your printer from the list, right click and select "Active Printer".
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