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  1. At random intervals our monitor is simply turning itself off. Nothing else changes, it just switches off. Just as suddenly it will turn itself back on again. It can happen any time, including when the system is in full use. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  2. Are you running this as user or root? What exactly did you do to run it?
  3. The unix beta is Here. I am going to download it and see how it goes
  4. I ordered. This looks to be a very nice kit. Now to invest in a DVD Drive....
  5. This might be something that would be nice ported
  6. I am running Mandrake from a US mirror. No such files here
  7. Use urpmi to grab the latest gkrellm. Also get the themes package. There is a theme in there called 'invisible' that is completely see through. There is another called Glass2 which is almost see through
  8. OK, I had almost given up on trying to get this bloody SBLive! to work under any circumstances, but decided to pull it out and try again. Understanding that there are problems with ESD in this release I have disabled that and am using alsa. Anyway, does anyone know why /dev/dsp keeps disappearing on me? Literally. I create it with mknod dsp c 14 3 and there it sits. When I look again, or try to run anything with sound - it disappears into the ether. Interesting I also had to create mixer and audio. Both of those stay in place. I am becoming very very annoyed. Is there an easy way to uninstall alsa entirely and try again?
  9. Of what form is the driver you found? What is the exact filename etc..,
  10. The best way (and certainly the way with the best eye candy) to add icons to your desktop in fluxbox is to use gDesklets. You can see one of these running in the atteched screenshot (it is called CircleButtonBar) You will see that it contains icons which can be used to launch apps and is infinitely editable. I am not sure which of your monitoring programs is telling you the truth on this one. Your other problem, with the popups I am not sure of, having never encountered it, but I will look into it for you and see if I can replicate it.
  11. I guess I should add that I use thunderbird for mail. After years of using pine
  12. My Radeon 7000 worked 'out of the box' with no problems
  13. I use nautilus - which version of nautilus are you using? You can also use any number of file browsers (including konqueror and ROX) or webbrowsers. Can you post the version of Nautilus (it would be helpful to be running GDM to use this) , and any config options you are using as well
  14. No problem You can set the backfround by using the following: fbsetbg /path_to_file Logging out is simple enough. Simply use the fluxbox menu and choose Fluxbox>Exit
  15. I added cooker and plf sources to urpmi. That enables you to get the files you need, and of course satisfies all the deps. Remember you cannot do it with X running - the install that is
  16. There is a fluxbox rpm (I cannot remember which source I used to get it - maybe cooker or plf). It is set up for mandrake and should install perfectly. I have been running it for quite a while. Look for fluxbox-0.9.8-1mdk It is also more up-to-date than the one you are trying to install. Happy fluxing. Once you have it running and configured to your liking you will never look back
  17. Firefox definitely You can get it here Mozilla Project page When you come to symlink your java let us know, it is a bit of a trap for the unwary
  18. I have not used KWord a lot. I do all of my office style work in the gnome suite (Abiword, Gnumeric etc). I did use OO for a while but found it very slow to use (mostly because I only have 128Mb RAM on this machine). Abiword opens quickly, runs smoothly and has all the features I want. Handles .doc like native as well which I appreciate.
  19. PLFis a project that makes packages that for various reasons (such as patents) are not included with your distro. Once you have entered the information you can install packages (which will take care of their own dependencies) either with urpmi on the command line or by using the 'install software' tool (which is a graphical frontend for urpmi) in your desktop menu
  20. It is indeed called 'configure your computer' (why is anybodys guess). Failing that just type 'mcc' into a terminal as per usual
  21. I am not sure if this is exactly what you want but I moved from Xfree to Xorg. Use init 3 and use urpmi to get it. It should also have the driver you need attached. At least, that worked for me
  22. In 1998 (I think) I downloaded a copy of Mandrakelinux 5.2 - via dialup. A friend has introduced me to RH a couple of years earlier and I wanted to try something else. From there, despite switching distros a few times, I have continually returned to Mandrake. He is an old friend, peaceful and stable, who keeps me on track
  23. nocturnes


    [minor hijack] Love it bvc. What is the file browser you are using ands how did you get it looking like that?
  24. nocturnes

    Mandrake 10.0

    You are only over the border then (Alabama). I ought to be able to help you out with this. PM me some deetails if you like and we will see what we can do
  25. I had the same problem with it. It recognises eth0 nicely but there seemed to be no pppoe software included in the installer (that I could find). I am also on Bellsouth DSL That could be me, as I was looking for the Roaring Penguin sofware that I am used to using. Still...
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