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  1. By the way, anyone hear about an upcoming amaroK version that will be able to play video (!) and organize virtually all of your media?? That would be sweet.
  2. Well, my vote goes to juK. Easier to use and set up, and has a much cleaner interface. Anyone else? Moved to Everything Linux - Artificial Intelligence
  3. My apologies for not searching first! Well, I have dialup, so it seems that the easiest way to go would be to back up all my home files to CD, and then getting a full MDK 10.1 install for free, or a very modest fee.
  4. I've got MDK 10 Official, using KDE 3.2.1, I think. I noticed a couple of cool little features in KDE 3.3 that I'd like to have. So, how can I update to KDE 3.3? I don't want to get MDK 10.1 and do a whole new install. Are there any small update files available? OR . . . Is there a quick and easy way to update from MDK10 - 10.1 Official? I'd like to keep all my personal files an dsettings intact, for the most part. I'd appreciate any help.
  5. I hunted around a bit and found that Creative webcams are a pain. Other than that, it seems like hit-or-miss. Basicaly, all I want to use the webcam as is a low-cost camera, jist to take photos of me. I'm not sure how that is done, but I assume that I'll point it at my face or whatever, see it show up on the desktop or in the appropriate app, and somehow save that image, or even do a screenshot. Does this make sense?
  6. I'm looking to buy a webcam to use with Mandrake10 Anyone have any experience with this? Compatibility problems, etc. ? If it's a USB device (proabaly will be) it might be a bit finicky, and might be a pain to mount it, I suppose. Thanks.
  7. I found this . . . how do I enable supermount? "Mandrake 10 makes use of the supermount kernel module. After switching to the root user and profile you should be able to `lsmod` and see the supermount module listed. In the mdk 10 implementation you should be able to plug the floppy into a working usb connection, insert a floppy into the drive and do `supermount enable`. If everything is functioning correctly then fstab will contain an odd entry for the floppy drive. When the device becomes active supermount will automagically mount the file system."
  8. Well, I had to get a USB floppy drive. I have lots of stuff on floppies, plus at univ. there are many computers with floppy drives. I've got a Sony MPF series. Harddrake says it's there, but it's listed as "unknown", and so I can't access it. Someone on another board posted the following: $su #mkdir /mnt/USB #mount -t vfat /dev/sda1(orwhateveritis) /mnt/USB I'm not sure what sda1 means, but I tried that and I've got a USB folder in /mnt, but there's nothing in it, and still not recognizing my drive. I've got a floppy in it already. It does get power, sine everytime I plug it n to a new USB port, the drive light comes on. But no filesystem access. I've got several USB ports. I tried each one, but to no avail. I'd appreciate some ideas, if possible.
  9. I need an external floppy (3.5 inch) USB drive. I'm kinda worried about compatibility. Anyone know any good ones that will work with Mandrake 10 Official Edition ?
  10. LTD602

    MDK10 Jave RPM?

    I remember that months ago, someone provided a link to a Mandrake10 Java RPM (for Limewire to work), which was a snap to install. I just clicked on the RPM, installed it, and there was no configuration necessary in the terminal. Everythign was put where it should be. Anyone have a link to this?
  11. Hi everyone: I just upgraded and I had to reinstall MDK10. Everything's smooth, except for one thing: I've got the download version, with the 4th CD. The 4th CD has kOffice on it. I like kOffice. I insert the 4th CD (from KDE desktop) into my CD-RW, select the first KOffice RPM, and click install, etc. As usual, it asks me to insert Disc 2. BUT, it opens my DVD drive and not my CD-RW. Weird. I insert Disc 2, click OK, but it keeps asking for it. Strangely, it always oopens the OTHER drive when it asks for a new CD, and then . . . . it keeps asking for it even though I inserted it and clicked OK. I want it to only access my CD-RW. Really strange. So now, I can't swap CDs. I'd really appreciate any ideas. Everything is nearly perfect, it's just ths stupid little problem . .
  12. I'll make this simple: Linux has an answer to EVERY ONE OF YOUR NEEDS. In many cases, the Linux counterparts to M$ applications are better than the M$ applications. Most apps are KDE-aware or GNOME-aware, so you can even achieve a familiar, uniform "look" accross your desktop and your applications. Enjoy. It's worth the switch. I only use M$ XP for games . . . . it's good for games. ;-) -To see some of what's out there, go to: kde-apps.org -For eye-candy and some very cool/useful little utilites, go to: kde-look.org. Otherwise, ask around here. Some of my favourites, for KDE: -Office/Wordprocessing: OpenOffice, kOffice (I LOVE kWord - not as powerful as openoffice, but frame-based, simple, effective, and very attractive.) You get a complete suite of apps, from painting to presentations, in both OpenOffice and kOfffice. -Desktop Publishing: Scribus, Kugar is also an option (right?) -Graphics editing: GIMP (#1), Karbon, Kolourpaint (like mspaint) -E-mail/address/calendar: Kontact (similar to outlook) -Video/Music: XMMS (winamp, anyone?), TotemPlayer, Audacity -text processing/notes: Kate, kWrite, kIle . . . lots more. - Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox (the best browser out there.) Konqueror is also an option. There are also a number of COMMERCIAL apps available, such as Maya, and others - I don't remember any more off the top of my head. Alot of the movie Shrek 2, for example, was made with Linux, and Linux is playing quite a role in the 3D design industry. and lots more I don't know of or haven't mentionerd due to sheer laziness . . . . . . . .
  13. I know you can download kOffice fro the KDE website, but does anyone know were there would be kOffice RPMs for Mandrake10 specifically . . . a repository that is updated as new versions are released?
  14. Interesting responses here . . . . I find that kWord handles large documents beautifully. I'm all for improving kOffice in general, It's a very promising suite, but it's taking quite a while to "grow up."
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