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  1. So I haven't been on this board for a while and I'm wondering what is Mandrivia and what happened to Mandrake? The last time I had anything to do with Mandrake, 10.0 I think was out.
  2. ncb

    linksys wireless - g

    thanks a lot I will just figure out a way to upgrade.
  3. ncb

    linksys wireless - g

    hmm are these directions applicable with mandrake 10.0 could you give me them in a more step by step manner? There is no connection thing in the taskbar that I've seen.
  4. ncb

    linksys wireless - g

    i'm still trying to figure this out.. My harddrake or whatever it calls shows all my stuff like my ati graphics card, etc. But for the eth0 or whatever it just shows a card but doesn't say what type or whatever.. Does this mean it doesn't recognize it? Is that why I could be having problems and if so what do I do?
  5. ncb

    linksys wireless - g

    ok i saw a post on here where someone told somebody else to open a console, su -, enter the password, and run drakconf ... I did this and it opened up the program and I tried to add the connection or whatever as wireless but I get stuck on which driver/network to use.. there is a big list and I've tried a lot and none work.. What do I do with that how do I know which one to use?
  6. Does this network card work with linux? I have mandrake 10.0 installed and I have no idea how to setup a wireless network card on here. I have a partition so windows xp is on here too and it works on xp i'm just using it to pickup a free network cloud. How can I get it to work with linux ?
  7. Hey I live in Athens, Ga and there is a free Wireless network cloud downtown.. I'm within the radius of it and I wanted to know do I just need a wireless network card to access it or do I still have to have a router. What do I need exactly and what do I do?
  8. searching the board is a pain in the arse.. It's not as efficient as one would assume. To fix it I used a win98 boot disk to do fdisk /mbr Mandrake didn't offer in option in the Rescue to do it. and that doesn't work on 98 to the other user.
  9. Ok you all have probably seen my post about installing windows after linux. I went through all the steps, etc. It didn't work like it was supposed to. Inserting the mandrake install 1 cd and booting from it. When you hit f1 and then type rescue no menu is given to delete the boot loader or install it. I need to get the boot loader off or do whatever it is I have to do so that I can install Windows 98 again and boot to it. I don't know exactly what I need to do. I don't need to bother uinstalling Mandrake 8.1 do I? The installation of Windows 98 will format the whole drive including those mounts correct? Either way if I can get it to boot to Windows which I guess I just get rid of lilo in then its set I will be happy. Or do I have to do something else so that it will boot to Windows 98?
  10. Awesome thanks a lot, that is much easier to understand.
  11. ncb

    Mandrake 10.0

    I live in Georgia in the US. manjeff, or Urza9814: If either of you wanted to mail me the current Mandrake discs, I would be so appreciative. You would have my loyalty for life!~
  12. ncb

    Mandrake 10.0

    Don't you have to have a cd burner to burn the iso's you download? I don't know what a network install is.
  13. Is there any way you can break that down in more specific steps. Or explain how to do each of those. Sorry it's just I've never done it before and I don't know how to create a vfat partition or where to do that at, etc.
  14. ncb

    Mandrake 10.0

    Hey if you decide you want to be generous and burn me a working copy of 10.0 that would be awesome. Want to mail it to me too? I would love you forever. I've been on Mandrake 8.1 since the day I got it. I ordered it off Mandrakeuser.org and it took like 2 months to come which sucked I was anticipating it so badly that I bought a Mandrake 8.1 package at Wal-Mart I saw and installed it. Like 1 month later the cds came in the mail. I just really would like to upgrade but don't have a credit card to order online like from some cheap package deal and I don't have the connection to download. I definitely understand it would be a pain to do this but if someone was willing that would be a godsend.
  15. I already have Mandrake 8.1 installed. I need Windows for a couple of school-related things. Does Windows have to be the primary OS or can I install say windows 98 on a partition now. Or do I have to go ahead and uninstall Mandrake 8.1, install win98, then install mandrake 8.1 again?
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