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  1. I had a similar problem. After modding the socket read and proxy connect to higher values, the problem was resolved. Regards, Armond
  2. armondf


    One of the best ways to get into it is starting with online tutorials that teach you the basics, show you how to use variables, mixing HTML and PHP, etc etc. I would suggest any O`Reilly book. And visit PHP (www.php.net) and download the documentation (they have various formats available). The PHP Manual is THE resource for all the hundreds of functions. It will explain how to do virtually eerything, from installing to writing complex code. Regards, Armond
  3. Try the following in a terminal: Regards, Armond
  4. If you have a problem initialising the camera under USB, do the following in a console terminal: modprobe usbcore modprobe usb-storage modprobe usb-uhci mount -t usbdevfs /dev/sda1 /proc/bus/usb You should then be able to hotplug and sync your camera using FLPhoto or GTKam. Regards, Armond
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    Hi What do you mean "program" Do you mean to run PHP (server) or do you mean to write PHP scripts? Regards, Armond
  6. Hi I can translate from English to Afrikaans and vice versa. I can translate German to English and Dutch to English as well. Regards, Armond
  7. Hi, sorry, haven't checked this thread out in a while. What do you wanna delete? Regards, Armond
  8. He started with Webmin, but it didn't start. That to me seems more of an Apache issue than a webmin issue......
  9. any directory prepended with a "." (period) is *hidden*. try doing the following: rm /home/your username/.kde/share/apps/kppp/kppp.pid
  10. Gates: "We've gone from little over 40 hours on average to 24 hours. With Linux, that would be a couple of weeks on average." 2003-10-15 (Same Interview: We invented personal computing.) Bit off topic as well, but how about throwing in these little gems: "The Internet? We are not interested in it" - Bill Gates, 1993 "Sometimes we do get taken by surprise. For example, when the Internet came along, we had it as a fifth or sixth priority." - Bill Gates, Jul, 1998 "We had planned to integrate a Web browser with our operating system as far back as 1993" - Microsoft (27 Jul 1998, filing its first court responses to federal antitrust) "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good." - Bill Gates "The next generation of interesting software will be made on a Macintosh, not an IBM PC." - Bill Gates, 1984
  11. try removing the pid file. regards, armond
  12. Yeah, tis possible to have more than one kernel t coose from, though, not really advisable. "fairly easy to set up" is really directly reliant on your experiance with installations....
  13. It's not installed by default unless you selected *everything* or specifically selected the separate sources. Usually, to install a *non-default* kernel, you would need to pass options to it during install with linux expert install. Regards, Armond
  14. Oddly enough, many many people I've asked this question here in South Africa say they will use linux as a server before usin it as a desktop. I run linux on my notebook, personal PC's and 26 servers. And I have plans to convert everyone in the companies I'm associated with to linux, both desktop and server. regards, Armond
  15. I've been using Enlightenment more than the others. I have completely redone virtually everything from the menus to creating custom "kickers", etc etc. And it's quick. I've written a session handler for most of the apps I run as well, so it performs well as a previously *un*sessioned window manager. regards, Armond
  16. Hi how did you install 2.4.x? regards, Armond
  17. Why is everyone so heavily dependent on Webmin around here? Learn to configure apache properly, and you'll not only understand the webserver better, it'll be way more secure. Regards, Armond
  18. armondf

    MYSQL server

    *Smile* It's good to see that so many people would "like to learn" linux :). MySql is very very powerful, installing mysql by selecting it during Linux Installation is your best bet to get it running the fastest possible way. I guess you'll only be using it on your internal network? Also, if you wanna run the server as a Database Server only, you'll need to do some things like add a user and giving that user specific rights from remote locations (i.e, your webserver, other connecting servers etc). Please, even if you just start out on a local LAN, consider security aspects of your servers, so that you can build good habits from the start. If you wanna continue using other web servers/services to query the database, you will need mysql db connectors, which you may download from the mysql site. Shout if you need more help. Regards, Armond
  19. I think that most people add their own localised FTP mirrors of all the different sources. Contrib seems to have the most "tertiary" application sources. Regards, Armond
  20. Hi is this a USB cam? Or is it just a standard digital cam with a memory disk of some sort? Kind Regards, Armond
  21. CSS should not be viewed as a replacement for many HTML elements (like tables). You can style any HTML element using CSS, including tables. I don't get why there's suddenly been this whole "thou shalt not use tables in your HTML" view. All website developers that want to structurally place content in collumns use tables instead of *floating* divs/spans. Don't believe me? View the source of this page (the one you're reading this from). See how much CSS is used? See how many tables are in place? So don't think the one replaces the other, they compliment, and work hand in hand with each other Regards, Armond
  22. Default Apache2 and PHP installations with Mandrake 10 are at the best of times a pain to configure. Make sure that if you want to use PHP with Apache (RPM install) that you also installed the PHP libraries for Apache. Once that's done, it should work nicely. Also refer to this post if you wish to use Virtual Hosts. I prefer installing from source, as more often than not I require some additional compile options, and also, updating to the newest version of PHP is less of a drama. There are plenty of sites detailing how to do this. Also, the base Apache conf files installed with Apache are much cleaner, added that you always get later versions of the software when downloading sources and installing that way. By the way, PHP 5 was officially released, and it looks really *really* good.
  23. Hey Johan, your postfix conf looks good. Firstly, are you connecting to this server directly? In other words, are you sending mail straight to this server via your mail client? If you are, then on to the next question, if you're not, then test by setting your mail client to connect to the mail server directly, or ensure that you have your MX records set up correctly (DNS MX records tell mail from the world to what server mail for a domain must be routed to, and in what order/priority). Second, have you set up an account for your mail recipient? Postfix Mail users can be real (adduser) or virtual (by adding a virtusertable). For your requirements, creating a standard linux user would suffice. Remember, adding a user bob would make that users mail address bob@host.domain.com, so unless your hostname happens to be yourdomain.com, mail to bob@yourdomain.com will only work if correctly set up in Postfix (which in your case it is). Speed things up by adding yourdomain.com into your /etc/hosts file. We want to test SMTP, so enter the following at a command prompt... echo "Hello World" | mail bob@yourdomain.com -s "this is a test" This will send a mail to bob@yourdomain.com. Check the logs tail -f /var/log/mail/errors /var/log/mail/warnings /var/log/mail/info Lemme know what the outcome is. Regards, Armond
  24. Hi Johan, the error below means that there was an error when looking up the domain ravenrealm.net. Modify your main.cf file to do the following: tell it to handle mail for the domain: $mydomain = yourdomain.com tell the machine to handle incoming mail for that domain: //uncomment this line... mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain $mydomain Also, to speed up lookups when the machine is local, add the domain to your hosts file (*nix first looks up domains from hosts, then DNS by default): yourdomain.com reload postfix: postfix reload or /etc/rc.d/init.d/postfix restart Regards, Armond
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    Hi Noel, Installing from RPMs is often the method of choice for someone new to linux. However, recompiling something should not really be as intimidating as some people feel. Your best bet to find an RPM for anything is usually to use something like http://www.rpmfind.net/ (this uses the speakeasy RPM search utility, and you will usually be able to find cooker RPMs for pretty much anything you need. Regards, Armond
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