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      Official documentation for extant versions of Mandriva can be found at doc.mandriva.com.   Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there. You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed - files are prefixed mandriva-doc.
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      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
      We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed (It costs money) See this thread: Here


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  1. mandrake router

    Don't forget to enable ip routing/forwarding on the Mandrake box.
  2. file sharing over home network

    NFS is not hard to setup, but what's wrong with Samba? It's also pretty easy to setup, and with Webmin it's even easier to setup and manage.
  3. root password recovery - SOLVED

    This looks like a fraud to me...and besides, it's a Windows program (.exe). I would stay away from this it all sounds to vague to me.
  4. anti-virus

    I have a Zyxel router with a built-in firewall, and it never lets me down.. I used to have ZoneAlarm on my Windows pc, but no intrusion detection ever occured.
  5. Open-Xchange

    I was wondering if somebody downloaded and installed the Open-Xchange 0.7.0 server? And if so, what client mail program can you use with it? Is there any Outlook-similar program to use with Open-Xchange?
  6. I wonder

    Well, I've got some advice for you. First of all, it would be best if you install (if it hasn't already been installed yet) (Webmin. You can then configure your server using a webbrowser. Go to https://server's ip address:10000 and the Webmin page should come up asking you to login as root. With webmin you can easily check all the logs files (you can find them on the System tab), and log files could tell you more about a possible hack attempt. Also, most routers have a built in firewall, my Zyxel has one and it actually works pretty good.
  7. Wireless lan tool

    I'm also having a problem with my wireless connection. Let me explain my config a bit. I got eth0 (internal NIC) which has the address 192.168.117.xxx. My eth1 is my wifi card, it has 10.0.1.xxx as its address, which is in the same range as my home network. Ok, link is up and running, I can ping my wireless AP, my adsl router, my server etc. but I have to change the broadcast address on eth1 with ifconfig eth broadcast or else I can't. But when I try to ping a website, it says ping: unknown host yahoo.com. When I try to ping an internet ip address I get connect: Network is unreachable. The gateway for my computer is set to my adsl router, but it just doesn' t seem to act as a gateway for my wifi connection, for the rest of the network it does, ofcourse. Any suggestions?
  8. Wireless lan tool

    I've just got my Asus wl100-g card to work in my laptop (finally) only I don't like the configuring part with iwconfig. Is there a GUI tool for KDE available to configure wireless settings like ESSID, encryption, channel etc.?
  9. Do you have an Asus WL100-G pcmcia card? I recognize the Broadcom chipset you mention although I am not sure if my Asus card has exactly the same chipset, but I think so. What I've used to get my card to work is Linuxant's Driverloader (www.linuxant.com), it was a bit of struggle but now I almost got it working the way I want to. I think you should give it a try, it costs $19,95 but you can try it out for 30 days and their support is pretty fast in case you get stuck.
  10. Postfix problem

    Well I tried so many things but it kept not-working, so I removed Postfix and re-installed it again, adjusted the main.cf somewhat and voila..it works! Thanks for the help.
  11. Postfix problem

    Thanks for your help so far, it didn't make a difference yet though. I deleted all the (standard) comment from the main.cf, maybe you can take another look it's easier to read now.
  12. Postfix problem

    Well now my server accepts SMTP connections, only Postfix doesn't really know what to do with it... When I try to send an email to myself from my office, this is what comes into my root mailbox: Out: 220 ravenrealm.demon.nl ESMTP Postfix (20010228) In: EHLO mail.xxx-xxx.nl Out: 250-ravenrealm.demon.nl Out: 250-PIPELINING Out: 250-SIZE 10240000 Out: 250-VRFY Out: 250-ETRN Out: 250 8BITMIME In: MAIL FROM:<johan.xxxxxxx@xxx.com> SIZE=1361 Out: 250 Ok In: RCPT TO:<johan@ravenrealm.net> Out: 451 <johan@ravenrealm.net>: Temporary lookup failure In: QUIT Out: 221 Bye Here's a link to my main.cf... main.cf
  13. SMTP service

    Ok, I removed my firewall from the network, now my router forwards specific ports to my web/mailserver. And now, it does not accept SMTP connections from outside! However, when I go to my website from the office, it loads. So port 80 is being forwarded correctly, and being accepted by my server. Port 25 and 110 are not, I can not telnet domain 25/110 to it. Any idea?
  14. SMTP service II

    It seems to me you don't have the same problem as I had. What I understand from your story is, that you can receive emails fine on your system from other people, but when you try to send emails your messages get rejected by the other server. Right? So incoming SMTP connections (port 25) go through to your server and you receive mails. But when you send mails through that same server, it has to make an outgoing connection on port 25 directly to another SMTP server. If this is correct so far, you can try setting up postfix to send mail through your ISP's smtp server, and see if it works then.
  15. SMTP service

    Ok, after rebooting the Postfix server it works! I think maybe setting inet_interfaces=all might have done the trick. I did a postfix reload after changing that line (it was commented with a #) but that apparantely wasn't enough. Now only to get my firewall forwarding to that pc... ;) thread