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  1. I had a similar problem. After modding the socket read and proxy connect to higher values, the problem was resolved. Regards, Armond
  2. armondf


    One of the best ways to get into it is starting with online tutorials that teach you the basics, show you how to use variables, mixing HTML and PHP, etc etc. I would suggest any O`Reilly book. And visit PHP (www.php.net) and download the documentation (they have various formats available). The PHP Manual is THE resource for all the hundreds of functions. It will explain how to do virtually eerything, from installing to writing complex code. Regards, Armond
  3. Try the following in a terminal: Regards, Armond
  4. If you have a problem initialising the camera under USB, do the following in a console terminal: modprobe usbcore modprobe usb-storage modprobe usb-uhci mount -t usbdevfs /dev/sda1 /proc/bus/usb You should then be able to hotplug and sync your camera using FLPhoto or GTKam. Regards, Armond
  5. armondf


    Hi What do you mean "program" Do you mean to run PHP (server) or do you mean to write PHP scripts? Regards, Armond
  6. Hi I can translate from English to Afrikaans and vice versa. I can translate German to English and Dutch to English as well. Regards, Armond
  7. Hi, sorry, haven't checked this thread out in a while. What do you wanna delete? Regards, Armond
  8. He started with Webmin, but it didn't start. That to me seems more of an Apache issue than a webmin issue......
  9. any directory prepended with a "." (period) is *hidden*. try doing the following: rm /home/your username/.kde/share/apps/kppp/kppp.pid
  10. Gates: "We've gone from little over 40 hours on average to 24 hours. With Linux, that would be a couple of weeks on average." 2003-10-15 (Same Interview: We invented personal computing.) Bit off topic as well, but how about throwing in these little gems: "The Internet? We are not interested in it" - Bill Gates, 1993 "Sometimes we do get taken by surprise. For example, when the Internet came along, we had it as a fifth or sixth priority." - Bill Gates, Jul, 1998 "We had planned to integrate a Web browser with our operating system as far back as 1993" - Microsoft (27 Jul 1998, filing its first court responses to federal antitrust) "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good." - Bill Gates "The next generation of interesting software will be made on a Macintosh, not an IBM PC." - Bill Gates, 1984
  11. try removing the pid file. regards, armond
  12. Yeah, tis possible to have more than one kernel t coose from, though, not really advisable. "fairly easy to set up" is really directly reliant on your experiance with installations....
  13. It's not installed by default unless you selected *everything* or specifically selected the separate sources. Usually, to install a *non-default* kernel, you would need to pass options to it during install with linux expert install. Regards, Armond
  14. Oddly enough, many many people I've asked this question here in South Africa say they will use linux as a server before usin it as a desktop. I run linux on my notebook, personal PC's and 26 servers. And I have plans to convert everyone in the companies I'm associated with to linux, both desktop and server. regards, Armond
  15. I've been using Enlightenment more than the others. I have completely redone virtually everything from the menus to creating custom "kickers", etc etc. And it's quick. I've written a session handler for most of the apps I run as well, so it performs well as a previously *un*sessioned window manager. regards, Armond
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