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  1. yes, mozillasunbird http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird.html
  2. i'm am particularly glad about the adblock extension being added to konqueror. thanx for the screenies.
  3. comming to a desktop near you in...... thats right folks. kde 3.5 is on its way. read here feature plan all the links to screenshots are broken. if yall find any, please post them. Konqueror conquers ACID2 test
  4. this is so true. it is funny how people make assumptions based on a bias or limited information. when i talk with people about linux, they generaly say something like "inst that the operating system that you have to program?" or "isnt that like DOS?". when i tell them that is not the case, that they can point and click arround, their usually quite intruiged. out of fairness, i do let them know that linux is different and to allow time to get used to it. linux does have quite a selection of games. games that you can run natively or game that you can run through emulation. this is another area i combat when talking with windows users. they commonly think linux has no games. when i let them know that AA, UT, DOOM3 and so on run natively in linux, that usually gets their attention. why people continue to make the assertion that something is hard because their not used to it is beyond me.
  5. well said. even windows has the command line. the recovery console is all command line. anyone every restore the registry from the command line? even though i work for a communications company, and i'm a customer service rep (so my job is not tech support but billing), i still get customers that need help with their pc's. i always hear it from windows users. never from mac users. windows users are the ones that have the problems. infact it is so bad, that when a customer wants high speed internet, i discourage using usb connections for the modem. sure i know windows users that havent had a "problem". its interesting what is classified a problem to. its interesting how spyware, and viruses are just accepted. i routinely have to inform customers that the international or 900 call on their bill is from the internet. a dialer that was downloaded and installed and dialed often with out their knowledge. they invariably ask me if there is a way to stop this. short of recomending a new OS, i tell them what they can do. set up a guest account, set up web filtering (dansguardian), get firefox, and sure we can add a 900 block, but it may not help with a dialer. i joked with one today about installing a shot gun. if one reads the news lists from the microsoft site, then one can quickly dismiss that windows is so wonderfull. i used to provide web based tech support to windows users, driver issues were quite common. one of my friends used to work for M$ doing tech support. we all know M$ wont support a pirated version. so we can eliminated piracy as a cause of problems.
  6. heres a post i wrote at another forum. currious, i never made images. so in that respect, your more "geekish" than i. you talk about how you dont have to dive deeply, but then mention the registry. i gave several examples, the registry being only one. now what about "the complete idiots guide to windows--" and "windows-- for dummies"? millions of users have blought those books. learning how to maximize, restore, minimize and close windows. your avoiding the point. the point is, you still have to take time to learn the OS. in windows there are things that you have to learn in order just to run the system, that you do not need to know in linux. you say security is a big issue, yet you get viruses.the verry fact that you get viruses is indicative of some bad habbits. i am quite aware of what kind of virus you get. viruses usually come in email attachments. viruses have to be downloaded and opened. you doing this tells me that you have some bad habbits. when i started my transition to linux, i didnt know alot about linux. i barely knew what ntfs was. i was certainly no geek. at that time, all linux was, was just kind of a toy to me. something i'd never heard of, so i was currious about. this was back in the day before apt, urpmi, swaret, or emerge. dependancy hell ruled the land. for those of yo familiar with linux, slack 7.1 is when i started. i can remember having to compile my first driver to get my winmodem working. hal? whats a hal? how do i find that? whats a chipset? so i can relate to "at least I can access the internet in Linux now". i've had to slowly unlearn my windows habbits. like reboot, to fix a problem. or if its real bad, format and reinstall. i mentioned earlier about images and that i didnt know about them, at least until about a year and a half ago (my work uses images. that where i first saw them). linux also does images. partimage. its quite similar to norton ghost. now before you go and think that linux is to hard, my 7 year old girl and my wife use linux. neither are geeks. both are less knowledgable about computers then you. my wife has managed to successfully fix a couple problems on her own. its not that linux is anymore hard, its that linux is different. this is one of my pet peives about windows users comming over to linux. saying that linux should be easier, more like windows. there are reasons why we consider linux anyway. to make linux like windows defeats that purpose. try suse 7.0 or before to get a feel of the way things were 5 years ago. no hotplugger, no apt. i guess this would be like having to edit *.init files in windows (which i can remember doing). when i first installed slack 7.0, i ended up calling tech support to get it installed. only to find out i had over complicated things. back then, i didnt have forums, and the support i got from the net was irc. in which their typical responce was RTFM. what i know about windows, i've had to teach myself. listen to me here. i've had to teach myself. learning windows, took a long time and was just as frightening and frustrating. in the end, it was that i cant go fix things to the extent i can in linux. in windows you are limited as to what you can and can not do. for example, i can make windows extremely secure. almost as secure as linux, where viruses become a non issue, but doing this has huge consequences. i have also trashed linux. i have trashed it to what i thought was the point where i had to reinstall. when you trash about 300 packages, then your in a position to either reinstall, or learn a hell of a lot. technically, i could fix that. as long as i have the kernel, its fixable. since i've been in suse (about a year and a half now. since 9.0), i've never had to reinstall. when you run into the ntfs.drv problem, there is no solution but to reinstall windows. the recovery console will not see the partition. there are other problems with windows where reinstall is the only solution. when i first got XP, i was euphoric. people mistook me for an XP salesman :blink: i beta tested XP, then liked it so much i bought it. then the tide turned with sp1. i saw how M$ sat on a vulnerability and told people not to disclose it to the world (uplddrvinfo.htm in the pchealth directory). they sat on that and squelched that info for 11 months. i wrote M$ and told them "never again". i told them, i'd never buy another M$ product again. this was only one of many reasons why i dropped M$. alot of it had to do with stability. when you spend all day, fixing and maintaining your system, thats no fun. thats exactly what i had to do with windows. ME was nigtmarish. XP at least i could work with.
  7. i take it you've never struggled with windows. everything just worked. thats nice. what about times when you install a driver that supposed to work and it causes a BSOD? what about drivers becomming corrupt? driver conflicts? no? never had any of these? must be nice indeed. linux isnt any more difficult than windows, but it is different. do not confuse difference with difficulty.
  8. read here. now thats what i'm talking about. :D
  9. IIRC ever since sco, unix has been on the down swing and linux has been said to be gaining on unix. the articles comparing M$ gaining to unix, i thought was amusing in this light, since unix is/was on the down swing. M$ comparing themselves to someone loosing ground..... http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialne...d=apn_tech_down http://www.serverwatch.com/news/article.php/2215611 just some observations that i made about the original article.
  10. i read the same article and laughed. now read this http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2137317/...rver-sales-boom just as a comparison
  11. linux_learner


    lol. who isnt? the moment you stop learning......your dead.
  12. linux_learner


    lol. i'll agree on a few points. not open source, yep. i agree there. java probs? nope. ugly? a matter of perspective. they have more themes than any other browser. poor ease of use? also a matter of perspective. less choice of extensions.....thats absolutely true. cluttered? a matter of opinion there. my wife and i run opera and firefox simultaneously. when i'm using firefox, she'll leave her opera up and vise versa. i also use konqueror, epiphany, galeon and mozilla. other than firefox, konqueror is my favorite. but yes, i actually leave my apps up an running.
  13. linux_learner


    my wife runs opera and has since 6. she now has 8. i run firefox. we use the same box, so its a side by side comparison. i have done a timed test. > time -p opera opera: Activated running instance real 3.02 user 1.09 sys 0.08 > time -p firefox real 2.21 user 0.02 sys 0.02 you try it. based on this test, firefox is faster.
  14. pretty much nailed me. i run suse 9.3 it also said: mandriva (i've run mandrake before and like it quite a bit, it;d be my second choice. and yes i know you can get it for free) desktop lx ( tried this before, and it failed miserably. i couldnt do things like compile software. apparently they dont include make, and gcc and such). yellowdog (never tried it) fedora core ( technically i have never tried fedora core, but i have tried redhat. i dont like the way redhat configures things. so i dont imagine i'd like fedora core either).
  15. arno's firewall and ipkungfu are good alternatives, and so are, firestarter and guarddog (for those that like gui's the last two are good).
  16. that book is one of the best books i have read. its one book i read pretty much cover to cover.
  17. can i vote? i dont use mandriva, so i wouldnt need the updates, but i think its a good idea.
  18. then to follow up, i think its only fair to mention that there is an easy enough fix. http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-linux-e...5-Apr/0665.html whenever i read a news story or a review, i always verify it for accuracy.
  19. since i run suse, and have run suse since 9.0, i am qualified to speak here. while part of what adamw says is true, it is an extreme exaggeration. yes you need packman for libs and such, just as mdk needs plf. packman really is the mdk equivalent to plf. i play mp3's constantly on my system through xmms, mplayer, kplayer, kaffiene, totem, amarok and so on. no it didnt involve ripping out kde. i am running kde 3.4 now. if i remember right, mp3's do play right out of the box. its the dvd's you need packman for. you need to get libdvdcss and libdvdnav, and libdvdread and such. i also have this on my system with out any adverse affect to kde.
  20. try looking up GUID and chown. these would be more appropriate.
  21. i think i have a lead on why my fonts are blurry. http://www.xfree86.org/current/fonts2.html#4 # xset q Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: Protocol not supported by server xset: unable to open display ":0.0" so how do i fix this?
  22. http://code.google.com/index.html
  23. i tried anti-aliasing it doesnt seem to help. i got this pc 3 weeks ago. this is a clean install. i am sorry, but i am not about to reinstall. there has to be a solution to this.
  24. try it. you just maybe surprised.
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