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  1. As afore stated, broken, brokren,broken.... How inferior... At the very least I still have URPMI, just no prcatical and attractive GUI for centralized package management. How disappointing... Final words -- I am inclined to agree with you, it doesn not have anything to do with Smart or Apt, it is the environment in which they were poorly implemented. yr2alex
  2. Ok perhaps I am doing something wrong, that is not an implausible idea. I am using LE2005 on this system, but I have no objections to changing mirrors or pointing them to MDV 2006. So said so done. That is fine and dandy but if Synaptic is not configured to use hdlist.cz or synthesis.hdlist.cz the way Synaptic uses packages.gz on a Debian system then it is for all intensive purposes broken! Ok i'll bite # Package repository URL's # Signed repositories have a [<key>] where <key> is the name of the key # as it appears in vendors.list. If you remove it, no digital signature check # will be made. # See http://www.mandrake-linux.com/en/cookerdevel.php3 for a full list of # mirrors. # You can also get mirrors from easyurpmi.zarb.org # format is simple : # 1) rpm is the type of archive # 2) server is the path to the main directory # 3) list is the relative path to the list, from the main directory # 4) rpms is the relative path to the rpms, from the main directory # you cannot use synthesis.hdlist, but you can take a hdlist.src, to install SRPM # with apt. # example # rpm ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/linux/distributions/mandrake-devel/cooker/i586/media/ media_info/hdlist_main main #Acnova-Plf-Free rpm http://plf.acnova.com/mandrake/non-free/10.2/ hdlist i586 #Acnova-Plf-Non-Free rpm http://plf.acnova.com/mandrake/free/10.2/ hdlist i586 #Gulus-Updates #rpm http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/Mandrakelinux/official/updates/LE2005/main_updates/ media_info/hdlist updates #Gulus-Main #rpm http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/Mandrakelinux/official/2005/i586/media/ media_info/hdlist_main main #Gulus-Contrib #rpm http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/Mandrakelinux/official/2005/i586/media/ media_info/hdlist_contrib contrib #Gulus-Jpackage #rpm http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/Mandrakelinux/official/2005/i586/media/ media_info/hdlist_jpackage jpackage #Planetmirror-Plf-Free #rpm ftp://ftp.planetmirror.com/pub/plf/mandrake/free/2006.0 hdlist i586 #Planetmirror-Plf-Non-Free #rpm ftp://ftp.planetmirror.com/pub/plf/mandrake/non-free/2006.0 hdlist i586 #Texas-Updates #rpm ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/official/updates/2006.0/main_updates/ media_info/hdlist updates #Texas-Main #rpm ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/main media_info/hdlist main #Texas-Contrib #rpm ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/contrib media_info/hdlist contrib #Texas-Jpackage #rpm ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/jpackage media_info/hdlist jpackage #UK_Anorien-Updates rpm http://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/Mandrakelinux/official/updates/2006.0/main_updates/ media_info/hdlist updates #UK_Anorien-Main rpm http://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/Mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/main media_info/hdlist main #UK_Anorien-Contrib rpm http://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/Mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/contrib media_info/hdlist contrib #UK_Anorien-Jpackage rpm http://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/Mandrakelinux/official/2006.0/i586/media/jpackage media_info/hdlist jpackage But wait there'is more.... I now try to upgrade mozilla-firefox from 1.0.2 -1.0.6 and get the following: Please help Regards, yr2alex
  3. Are these package managers configured to use urpmi sources? If they are then bugs apparently have not been squashed.. and that is a shame. Good gui tools will definitely make Mandriva's transition to desktop a viability and reality much sooner. See what happens when I attempt to upgrade mozilla-firefox using both Smartpm and Synaptic via Apt the proof is in the pudding. Then again there is always the possibility that I did something wrong like whipped instead of sturred. See for yourself. yr2alex
  4. I have used both, as a mtter of preference I use APT. I love MDV and APT, I've got the best of both worlds
  5. And the moral of the story is Apt is better, no URPMI is better,no APT, no URPMI, no APT ..... Oh who gives a F.A.Q already!!! Use whatever the F.A.Q. you want, just make sure it is on Linux. As for me... (see the screen shots below) yr2alex
  6. yr2alex


    I have MDV 10.2 installed on a VMware machine which has to access the internet and external networks via a firewall/proxy. I Tried Smartpm on it and was very impressed with the exception of the fact that it does not have built-in proxy support making package management impossible. However, I tried Synaptic -I am rather fond of it (in fact I use it quite frequently on Debian, Mepis, and Ubuntu). It is a mature package manager that has built-in proxy support, with the exception of a few external issues it worked as soon as I plugged in the repo data. Smart is good but it does not suit my needs because I can not use it here at work because it lacks proxy support. Urpmi does, nevertheless, a moot point a frontend gui that will perform the same actions is what I need. all for your help, yr2alex P.S. I have provided some screen shots
  7. yr2alex


    Believe me I intend on it. Further more, I would like to perform an active comparison beteween the two package managers. This was my motive for asking. Again is there any available documentation containing instructions on how to configure Apt-get to use Mandriva mirrors? yr2alex
  8. yr2alex


    Now that Apt and Synaptic are available for Mandriva, is there documentaion available with instructions on how to configure /etc/apt/sources.list to use Mandriva mirrors? No flaming please, just exercising the right to make choices. Linux --need i say more? cheers yr2alex
  9. this is the answer i was looking for in a nutshell, thanks Oh and btw oddly enough 1.0.4 was made available just before your reply to this post, heh. Viva Mandriva, thanks again -yr2alex
  10. I never meant for the words "more robust" to be a negative implaction despite how it sounds. I too have not had any major issues with URPMI to speak of. In fact my experiences have been much like yours in that regard. with the exception one incident that I had with the install of Mandriva I have had nothing but good things to say about Mandriva. In fact I have been content with using it since release version 8.2, only I'm not sure if URPMI was available then and if so I wasn't aware of it. As far as installing packages was concerned then, I either installed via rpm -ivh, -Uvh or built from source if I wasn't able to resolve deps. Each distro has their pros and cons please don't be offended because I chose to underscore the pros of another. No worries as always I reserve flames for edibles.. :lol: Touche!! Agreed yr2alex
  11. Thanks. I had come to the same conclusion after having read the help files, man pages and other on line documentation. However, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything that perhaps I may have overlooked. While on the subject of package management, Apt-Get does provide the upgrade feature that I was looking for in URPMI. Connectiva was the distro responsible for porting apt to rpm (which by the way has worked very well on my Fedora box to date). I mention this in light of Mandrake's recent aquisition of Connectiva, hence Mandriva. My question is, and I'm sure someone else has probably asked it before, Will Mandriva some day incorporate Apt-Get in the O.S.? URPMI is good, but because it is not as mature as Apt-Get it lacks some of the features that make Apt-Get so robust. P.S. thank you again -yr2alex
  12. Hello all, Just a quick question, is there a way to upgrade an individual package using the URPMI utility? For example, I want to upgrade Mozilla Firefox from version 1.0.3 to the latest 1.0.4, what option would I use with URPMI in order to accomplish this? TIA yr2alex [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  13. Ok so I wanted to put everyones theories including mine to the test. I went to the local Office Depot here in Sunny St. Pete Florida while there I bought 2 25 packs of Maxell CDRW (got a great deal they were on sale $8.99 off), next burned the iso images using K3B on my Fedora 3 box (which by the way burned at 4x for my CDRW 's by default) instead of using Nero on my XP box. My choice of using CDRWs was purely a strategic and precautionary measure. Finally installed MDK 10.2 on an IBM Thinkpad R40. If my recollection servers me right there were only two minor hick-ups as far as errors are concerned- but that it did not stop the install from completing successfully. Mandriva formerly Mandrake Linux has redeemed itself. Thank you, those of you who bothered to make any suggestions I appreciate your candor and diligence.
  14. My instincs tell me otherwise. I beg your pardon my most recent episodes have made me quite a skeptic, however, you may be on to something worth looking into. Have you any other suggestions?
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