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  1. Hello!!!!!! I am a bot. Not really. But I could pass for one. :)

  2. ditto. I used to use them but now typing linux (or my distro) first then my keywords deliver the same value that I need. ciao!
  3. this is not meant to be any consolation but if everything still turns out for the worse then i will add adamw's name to this list: civileme, tom. to the young whippersnappers, just know that those are great names when it comes to mandy's user rapport. ciao!
  4. good for you. my solution was to downgrade the encryption of my router to WEP which is relatively safe in my neighborhood. :-| ciao!
  5. in my case that means that whenever i do a system upgrade i scratch my head thinking why i am pulling down a lot of package for software that i don't recognize. i understand dependencies but i am assuming that most of those are small libraries instead of big multi-megabyte files. :) ciao!
  6. ramfree17

    smb4k issue

    ok, i thought .bashrc is read everytime a new bash shell is launched and it was the .bash_profile that was only read during login. my bash literature is getting rusty. :D ciao!
  7. ramfree17

    smb4k issue

    i think sourcing the new .bashrc is enough but the readonly variables will not be reset (like the TMOUT variable). $ . ~/.bashrc or $ source ~/.bashrc i might be mistaken though. :huh: ciao!
  8. here iis the wpa_cli output whever i configure/connect the wireless interface Selected interface 'wlan0' Interactive mode > <2>CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED - Disconnect event - remove keys <2>CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING - signal 15 received 'PING' command timed out. Connection to wpa_supplicant lost - trying to reconnect Connection to wpa_supplicant re-established <2>WPA: Key negotiation completed with 00:13:46:41:d2:62 [PTK=TKIP GTK=TKIP] <2>CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED - Connection to 00:13:46:41:d2:62 completed (auth) [id=0 id_str=] there isnt any activity posted when i try to get a new DHCP offer though. i am using a DLink router so i tried disabling the Turbo G enhancements but the results are the same. i downgraded the encryption to WEP and now i can connect wirelessly (posting it while inside the bedroom, :) ). i think i will hold off using ndiwsrapper untill i can find another WPA access point to isolate that the problem is really with the driver and not my access point. any further suggestions would be welcome though. :) ciao!
  9. this may sound pretty basic but have you checked the md5sum of the installer ISO images before you burned them? i am posting from my Wind and have reinstalled mdv2009.0 at least twice (since the rc versions). everything is working except the WPA but adamw is helping me on that front. btw, i used the cd images since i don't have a free DVD drive hanging around. ciao!
  10. its showing the same output. i read about iwconfig and wpa_supplicant thinking that maybe i can force it manually but found out that wpa_supplicant is already running as a daemon and the configuration for my AP is correctly entered in the wpa_supplicant configuration file. if there are no other option to try then over the weekend i am thinking of downgrading my access point to WEP since nobody near our house seems to use any computer so its fairly "safe". if that fails then i will try the ndiswrapper route again. :( ciao!
  11. wouldnt that overwrite the whole file (aka redirection)? the original problem is to truncate a file up to a certain point so that the file contents is still usable and space is freed up. ciao!
  12. the gui drakconnect hits the same "blank" wireless network list[1] so i switched to using the console mode. everything went according to the expected screens and i got a congratulatory remark at the end. the wireless card is still unable to get any IP address from the server and the only errors in the console is the SIOCETHTOOL: Operation not supported message. :( ciao!
  13. netbook computers preloaded with linux get returned not because its hard to configure but because people expect it to be windows, missed reading the OS part and concentrates on the price difference. gizmodo or engadget had a side comment that its a sorry state that people fail the basic reading comprehension and blame it on the operating system. ciao!
  14. oh crap, its missing. i spent 5 minutes uploading that 41kb file last night as my internet connection was dog slow. ill re-upload it later and duplicate in my blog. sorry. ciao!
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