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  1. SuSE Pro is really nice. Especially if you want to use your computer and not worry about configs and such. I am using 9.2 Pro, and I was impressed enough to switch from Mandrake.
  2. For the Graphics card, consider what your applications require. Do they require Hardware OpenGL? If so, nVidia is your best choice. Even then, you need to consider the minimum requirements for what you want to do. If you want to get into 3D CGI, then you really have to look over the applications' hardware requirements, before you make a purchase. If you are installing the drivers in Mandrake Linux (non-powerpack), your card options are greater (nVidia). Consider the applications for both OSes. Then make the choice based on that. For example, I cannot run Daz Studio because the card is below the minimum spec of 64 MB, OpenGL 1.5. This card is an ATI Xpert 2000 Pro, 32 MB AGP, OpenGL 1.1. (on this computer) On my CGI box, I can run Maya and other high end apps, as well as Daz Studio. I can also run SuSE 9.2 Pro, but not Mandrake Powerpack.
  3. If you think in terms of printers, scanners, digital cameras, and such, there's alot of incompatible hardware. Lexmark is notorious for lack of support for Linux. Even Mandrake Powerpack does not support nVidia Quadro workstation cards, while SuSE Pro does. Also Linksys WiFi cards are not supported in Linux. I got that straight from Linksys. The wired/wireless broadband G gateway/router works, so long as the linux box is connected via ethernet.
  4. If you want 3D, then use Blender 2.34, since it IS a full blown 3D CGI app, including animation, modelling, and all that.
  5. I think MS believes that their SCO UNIX license gives them Carte Blanche access to all Linux code. It would certainly explain it.
  6. Hmmm....... Okay, that is weird. I am running 9.2 Pro (32 bit), and I noticed that IF you have a cable modem (or other) connected via ethernet nic, SuSE install insists on installing Samba Server and Client, even when you don't need it. This takes up alot of ram, and I would presume, cpu time as well. Could something like this be hogging your cpu, and thus generating heat?
  7. The problem is not SuSE or powersave. It is the computer! Since you already mentioned an overheat problem, BIOS is shutting down the computer to protect it. This is independent of the OS. Check your heatsink/fan to be sure it is functioning. Check in between the fins of the heatsink to make sure they are clear of crud. make sure your case fans and power supply are crud free and the fans are operating (and correctly): Fans in rear of case blow hot air OUT, while fans on bottom front, and side panel, blow air IN. Another possible cause, is there is no thermal compound between cpu heatsink and cpu core. You need proper air flow through the case in order to keep things cool (hdds put out heat as well, and the faster the spindle speed (RPM), the greater the heat output).
  8. It's already here. pktcdvd. It's still considered experimental and it makes my 680 MB CDRW only 535 MB when I format it and prepare it for packet writing, but we're getting there. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, I am used to the 535 MB CD-RW. I do know that k3b can supposedly format DVD+-RWs, but, I have been afraid to to try. Still, I am glad to know that progress is being made in this area. I would hope that this would become a standard part of the kernel at some point. (module or whatever) Thank you for the info, Steve.
  9. The only thing lacking in Linux, is UDF Packet Writing (aka InCD) for using cd-rw and dvd+RW/-RW, as we are used to in Windows.
  10. Sarissi

    My Hardware

    I would upgrade the video card to something that is more up to date, like an nVidia FX 5200 8X AGP.
  11. I don't think all that well of Chaintech. The mobo that I had did not like NEC dvd burners.
  12. I would need more data before I made a decision on this. This is nothing more than a Press release. No data on the website. As yet.
  13. Once all of your hardware is working in Linux, it has a way of growing on you, which is subtle and insidious. You find that you forget when you last rebooted into Windows. Here, rebooting into Windows is fairly routine (usually 3 - 4 times per week). I have to spend a substatnial amou of time in Windows to do what I want to do, since no Linux equivalents exist.
  14. I really can't understand the revulsion to .RPM. Then again, I never bothered with the Free Download Distros or Standard retail box (aka personal). I always went with the Powerpack with Mandrake, and Professional with SuSE. My box is stable with: Win98SE Windows 2000 Pro Mandrake 10.0 OE Powerpack Mandrake 10.0 CE Powerpack (used until I got the OE boxed) SuSE 9.2 Professional I haven't tried to install Debian Sarge Net Install. Yet..... My mobo is an nForce2 by Gigabyte.
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