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  1. yes stuff like that... for instance how to open a program...
  2. hey guys...i run mandrake 9.0 and i forgot the commands... i only want the basic commands for now...later i'll ask for more of them..
  3. I have photoshop for Windows, but since I also own Mandrake [9.0 maybe..], is there any good graphics programs for Linux if this has been done please reply with a link!!!
  4. AI, what you said in your first post, makes me want it. i saw on G4TV that it's bad...and it probably is.
  5. i own a ps2 and the game is fun but i love computer games. so...any news??? :deal: OUT
  6. the makers of battlefield 1942 made a FREE mod of the game...star wars oriented. there is a link on Tech TV.com OUT
  7. man people love a good game of chess eh? OUT
  8. HEY!!! my favorite game right now is MVP BASEBALL 2004 OUT
  9. if any of you guys have a PS2, at least rent Final Fantasy X. great. :D OUT
  10. i keep hearin bout them...wut are they? OUT
  11. it'd be like heaven with a keyboard... OUT
  12. It has come to my attention that most of yoyu have done that...sorry... OUT
  13. jeez sorry...there is an "Other" choice ya know...by the way if you reply name your favorite game. OUT
  14. wut is THIS???? its like mixing...bbq sauce and cereal... OUT
  15. my favorite game of all time is easily Final Fantasy X. The graphics are TOP NOTCH!!! the story is for lack of a better word CAPTIVATING. the battle system is damn good. great. play it. OUT
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