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  1. I can't seem to start a topic in the how to section of the forum. So, that's why I'm posting it here. Anyway, how do I enable the 3d settings on my nvidia graphics card and what files do I need to use the 3d features? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. Is there anyway I can import .jpg files from a windows partition and not have them as read only? I've found out that I can copy them from the windows partition, but they still retain their read only attributes. any thing I can do to change the attributes after copying them over to linux so I can edit them? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. In the Pan Newsreader v0.114, is there some sort of hack whereas I can increase the number of connections from the limit of 4 to 10 which my news server allows?
  4. One particular line included this: Ethernet controller: Sundance Technology Inc Here is the entire line output: 02:0a.0 Ethernet controller: Sundance Technology Inc: Unknown device 0200 (rev 3 1)
  5. Does anyone know of a website for instructions on how to install an onboard LAN driver. Mandriva itself in the initial install did not have it on the list when it came time to install that particular driver. The motherboard is an ABIT UL8 AMD Athlon 64 System Board Socket 939. The linux driver I needed was an IC Plus IP100 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter. I went to the abit website and no linux lan driver was offered.
  6. Rick069

    Swap file size

    Well, I don't know if this was ok to do, but I had a harddrive I was not using and I used it as the swap file. Its 160GB. Do I need it that big?
  7. Rick069

    Swap file size

    How big should a swap file be? Is the rule of thumb, "the bigger the better" or "the smaller the better"? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. What linux program from within mandriva can I use to save a .mpg or .avi file as a numbered sequence of individual .jpg files that I can use to individually retouch or remaster? Is there software to remaster a .mpg and .avi file in its present form?
  9. I'm guessing most of you tried other distros, but decided to use Mandrake over all the other ones. What was it that got you to choose mandrake over the other distros? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  10. Rick069

    Size Matters

    Haven't been getting much response from any other forums on this subject so I'll try this one. I have a Canon Pixma ip2000 usb printer and I know this particular printer isn't supported by linux just yet, but I did find a driver that works with it. The driver is presently designed for the BJC-4100 and BJC-600 series canon printers work with the pixma printer I have. The thing is that when I print it prints at less than half scale. A page showing as being regular size on on computer screen, is printed small enough to fit on a corner of a regular sized paper measuring around 6 x 6 or so. How can I get it to print at 100%?
  11. Rick069

    Canon and CUPS

    I took a look at that post and I configured my canon ip2000 pixma printer and the driver for the BJC-4100. It seems to work just fine with that particular driver. Now what I have to do is figure out how it prints photographs. Any suggestions on software I can use to print photographs for linux or does linux already have software for that?
  12. Rick069

    Canon and CUPS

    I intend to run it locally. I'm just a regular home computer user.
  13. Rick069

    Canon and CUPS

    Since linux doesn't directly support my particular printer (Canon Pixma ip2000), I will assume that there is a way to compile a program so that it can work with liunx. Am I right and if I am, how could it be done by someone who is not tecnically inclined? Turboprint isn't an option right now since I'm broke as s**t.
  14. One more thing, if I was to create a folder of misc. files, like a lot of graphics files and mp3's where would be the best place to put them? What about third party apps I want to install. Where would be a good place to put its folder ?
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