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  1. Most serial port modems will work with most Linux distributions, and can be purchased fairly cheaply on ebay. I have a Trust v92 external serial port modem which I got for £20 new & works perfectly, used modems are can be got even cheaper.
  2. Thanks, the KDE DVD Authoring Wizard was just what I was looking for :D
  3. I'm trying to create a DVD with 6 seperate videos. I've converted the avi's to the correct format using avidemux, then used dvdauthor to create the correct file structures using : dvdauthor -o dvd/ -t movie.mpg (for each file) then : dvdauthor -o dvd/ -T Burning the DVD with K3b goes fine but the DVD will only play the first file, if I want to watch the other files I have to select each file seperately and watch them one by one. I want to be able to insert the DVD into a player and have all the videos play one after the other. How do I do it ? Thanks.
  4. I've read in another place (Mandriva Club) that "It is normal for iptables to be listed as stopped. It runs once at boot and then terminates." And /etc/rc.firewall contents show that it was generated by Guarddog, so all seems to be working fine. Thanks.
  5. I tried to start iptables from MCC and it still shows as stopped. It says in the Guarddog manual that Guarddog does not have to be running for it to protect your system is the same is true for iptables ? I tried the quickscan at sygate and all showed as blocked, so I don't know if everything is working exactly as it should but it seems to be doing the job.
  6. After a reboot everything seems to be working /etc/rc.firewall exists but I can't find any similar process running also iptables is showing as stopped in MCC as is shorewall which I stopped myself, but I passed as true stealth at grc.com, so it seems to be ok.
  7. Guarddog doesn't show up as a system service in the Mandriva Control Centre, as shorewall does. How do I start it at boot ?
  8. I've started using Guarddog and I've stopped Shorewall and disabled it from loading at boot is this right ? As I understand it they are both frontends for iptables so I don't need both. Is Mandi another iptables frontend ? I'm a bit confused as to what I need to run, I want to use Guarddog to control port access. I'm using Mandriva 2006 powerpack and dial up with kppp.
  9. UPDATE Using another install script I've realised that the scripts are looking for /mnt/cdrom/disk2.zip, I don't have that on my disc 2 I have disk2.bzf. I'm not a programmer does anyone know how these installations can be modified for /mnt/cdrom/disk2.bzf ?
  10. I'm trying to install NWNGold using the ravage NWNGold installer but it does not detect my cdrom even though it is mounted as /mnt/cdrom. I've read the faq and tried to solve the problem as suggested even though it should work automatically. I've tried disabling supermount, unmounting and then remounting the discs and it asks for disc two, after inserting disc two it again asks for disc two. I've tried with all four discs, unmounting, remounting and it still asks for disc two while in the terminal for all discs it shows: mount: No medium found I've also tried export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom before running ./neverwinter_nights_gold.run and still no success, I've also tried SETUP_CDROM=/dev/hdc as this is my cdrom location in fstab and still no joy. I also tried Biowares instructions for installing NWNGold but the files needed are not on my cd's. Their instructions are specific to the North American edition and I have the UK edition, the cd contents seem to be different. I also do not have access to Windows. Any ideas ? I bought NWN because I believed it was one retail game that would work on linux and I know others have it working, so any advice would be welcome. I have Mandriva Powerpack 2006.
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