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  1. I already tried this, but no result. I have got ubuntu from a friend, it works pretty good. But I'm more familiar with rpm based nix. I just wished mandriva could have worked fine here.. too bad. Anyway.. lets hope for a better future ;) tux99, thanks for droping by and trying to help, it\s appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone. I'm trying to install Mandriva 2008 (32-bit) on Dell Studio 1537 (core 2 duo - radeon HD), but i'm having a problem: I can boot the installation DVD, I select installation. The kernel loads, then after I get a black popup saying "No CDROM found". So, I cannot install linux. Since I'm not a windows fan, this is a big issue for me now. I need to get a linux distro on this laptop. Can anyone help please? I have not tried Mandriva 2009 yet. May be OpenSuse will do fine with this laptop? Thanks!
  3. I just installed the latest version of PCLinuxOS. So far, so go.. I find it cool till now but I still need to try it more.. 1) Anyone else have used or is using it? What are your views about PCLinuxOS ? 2) It's very similar to Mandi (since it's based on the latter).. But what are the core differences which set it apart from Mandi? (I'm expecting this one to be replied by advanced nix users :P )
  4. Seconded! So many people here use Mandi successfully and we cannot all be wrong
  5. Wakish Wonderz - My Blog Thanks!
  6. Yeah I meant XAMPP, I'm really sorry for the typo.. Wow, the abyssws seems cool! I will try it asap - Thanks a lot for the reply mate! - Wakish -
  7. Hey guys.. I was not sure where I would post my query, I'm sorry if it does not fit here.. Yeah, so lets get into the subject matter: ---------------- I have XAMP installed on Mandi.. My problem is that the messaging system of any php/mysql based systems (whether a forum or text--based game) is not working.. By messaging, I mean the "Private Messages..etc" I have tried on WinXP, same prob.. though with other alternatives like WAMP or EasyPhp, the messaging works fine. But with XAMP, it's not working.. I think it has to do with it's internal settings, but I'm not being able to find a solution.. // I have asked for help on XAMP's support forum, but poor support! No answer since 3days now :( // I'm hoping someone here is using XAMP and can help me? ---------------- // In anycase, is there another other alternatives to XAMP for Linux? ---------------- Thanks! - Wakish -
  8. Yeah I have even installed the tcl, but still cannot install it. All related files/apckages can be found here: http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idp...0.i586.rpm.html Anyone has the solution? Thanks!
  9. It seems that amsn does not install on madriva 2007 unlike the 2006 version. When I tried installing amsn 0.97RC1, it says no tcl directory found. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  10. Searches for Arctic with a stick -------------------- To the subject: Saying "Windows better than Linux" is just like saying the sea is dangerous just because you don't know how to swim... Get to know the the true meaning of something before saying your bucket of water is safer than the sea. (Linux IS and WILL be better than Windows!)
  11. I find KDE much more comfortable for me than GNome.. The placement, styles and features of KDE are more nice for my needs.. But I have noted that GNome might be a better solution for people indulged in deep programming as it offers more tools and features.. but i dnt know how far this is true?
  12. Yeah John, i have always been doing it this way! ;)
  13. wakish

    newbie lost [solved]

    The sagem modem, i guess is a usb modem type? In general, modem are a headache to use with linux. If you are lucky wnough it might work, but this is very rare. The sure way is to go a for a router/ethernet modem. Here there is no way of frustration. All the best!
  14. Such people deserves respect! Cheers for team-spirit!
  15. @Gowator: Yeah, i see what you mean... but it's inevitable if you want to produce something of good quality ;) And i wonder: "Is there any use of windows programs while making a distro?".. i guess the answer is Yes?
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