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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, I should add a link to Mandriva users. Will do that first time I make a new version. Any other hints for improvement are very welcome. Ciao, Sitor
  2. Hello, Quite some time ago (somewhere in october / november) I wrote a (dutch) article on what Mandriva Linux 2006 can be for normal home users. It is directed to people who have heard about linux and have some curiousity, but don't know really much about it. I finally came to it to translate it to english, and to create a website to publish it. You can find it here: http://coulier.org/CMS/MDV_2006_homeusers_1_EN.html. I used a creative commons license, so if you would like to translate, or use it for making another article or something, don't hesitate. Ciao, Sitor
  3. Hello, I've been struggling with this quite some time now. However I'm not a developer , or packager, so since there seems to be some problem with the Mandriva RPMs, I'm kind of stuck and hoping someone here can help me. For a full description of my problems, check out the bugreport I made on bugzilla. If you know any way to get on with this, please help. Thanks, Sitor
  4. OK, I did some more googling and testing, and this is what I got: mknod -m 666 /dev/dv1394 c 171 34 did not create /dev/ieee1394/dv/host0/PAL/out. Apparently http://www.linux1394.org/dv1394.php is outdated. I found out that currently that command creates /dev/dv1394 plain and simple. Setting that in the preferences of kino did the trick. :D :D :D However after rebooting, /dev/dv1394 was gone again. :( So I added mknod -m 666 /dev/dv1394 c 171 34 to the /etc/rc.local script. Now upon boot the device /dev/dv1394 is created automatically.:) Of course it would be better if MDL 2005 LE would do this without tinkering from the user required. So I hope they will fix this anyhow. Oh, yeah, in MDL 10.0 I always needed to run kino as root, or it would not let me control the camera. That is fixed now. That is a good thing. I must say that I am quite satisfied of MDL 2005 LE. Except for this one bug no real annoying problems, and that while having installed immediately when the new version was available only to club members! :D :D Good work done by all the hackers of MDL! Ciao, Sitor
  5. Hello, I think this is a bug, so I already reported this to bugzilla, however maybe someone might help me with a quick fix or workaround. Please find below what I reported to bugzilla: Thanks in advance for any help. Ciao, Sitor
  6. Just for info, I'm downloading the Mandriva Linux 2005 Limited Edition right now. Not really high speed yet, but that will come once there are more people starting the download. Ciao, Sitor
  7. I'll definetely will upgrade my desktop from 10.1 to LE2k5. There are some apps of which I could not get the newest versions to run properly on my 10.0. They are in LE2k5 and my tests with RC1 were so positive that that made up my mind.
  8. Hello, I have Firefox installed on my Mandrake 10.0 OE. It works fine, but I'm not able to install extensions nor to use the automatic update function from within Firefox. I have the same problem on a test machine that was installed with 10.0 OE. It does start to download the extensions and updates, but they don't get installed. I get the message: The in the detailed overview he shows: I'm not sure, but I guess that he does the download but then stores it in read only mode on disk or something. I've googled on this problem, searched the board, but not seen any hint of someone having the same problem. But to me it happened on both machines. Doesn't any Mandrake user try to install updates or extensions for Firefox? How can I fix this? Thanks in advance, Sitor
  9. I've been thinking about talking to the IT team that installs PCs in the shool of my kids. Never came to it. Probably they would not accept it because they run quite some commercial (semi)-educational games (only Windows of course). And even if I could convince them, nothing would happen unless I spent quite some time on this (these are all volunteers, so if someone has an idea,...). I don't have the time to start installing PCs. I prefer spending time with my kids. I recently created accounts for them on my PC, installed all the free games that are OK for their age. I created also an e-mail account for the oldest (7 years). He now knows how to boot the machine in Linux (its a dual boot), start evolution and how to receive and send e-mails. Maybe some day? If Wine would mature enough so that I would be able to get those Windows only games working,... Ciao, Sitor
  10. Marco, Have a look in my thread here: Thread on installing Mandrake 10.1 as VMWare Guest I've put it on the Mandrake Wiki as an idea for 10.2: that they make sure Mandrake installs correctly in VMWare by default. Ciao, Sitor
  11. Well Mandrakesoft clearly does not promote KDE 3.3. You need to add the KDE folder on the 4th CD yourself as a source in the Mandrake Control Center. Once that is done you have to select all KDE 3.3 packages for installation yourself. I've done it, and it works. However there are still some problems with it. I tried to install Firefox. Didn't work. Tried to install Mozilla, didn't work. Did not spent much time trying though. Just the fact that the RPMs don't work is already bad enough for me. Result: except of my test system, I will not do the effort to update to 10.1. Just don't see enough added value to do the effort. I'll stick with 10.0 for the moment. Ciao, Sitor
  12. Hello, I recently fell onto a webpage mentioning Qemu, which seems to be an Open Source alternative to VMWare. See: Qemu homepage and The FreeOSZoo homepage that provides premade Qemu OS images For the moment I have quite little time. If I would receive confirmation that this is a decent solution that is manageable for a non-geek, I would install it to compare it with with VMWare on my Windoze lappy, but also use it to ditch my dual boot on my desktop for a Mandrake only boot with Windoze in Qemu for the games of the kids. Does anyone have any experience with it? Difficult to use? Does it perform well? Anyone a clue why there is so little talk about it, while at first sight this looks like a viable alternative for VMWare that is discussed quite often as a very good solution but too expensive? Ciao, Sitor
  13. If it might have to do with upgrade i.o. fresh install, why not try uninstalling K3B and some of the packages it depends on and then reinstall? Maybe it gets fixed doing that? OK, not the best hack around, but it just might work. Ciao, Sitor
  14. sitor


    You might want to check out gthumb as well. It works perfect for me. Ciao, Sitor
  15. What striked me is that when they give market share figures they say that the percentage of Linux PCs sold is much higher then the percentage of Linux users. How many of the Linux users have bought a Linux PC? Most of the linux users use a PC that originally came with Windows, because they could not get the model they wanted without it. That is not true of course for those who have build there own system, but unlike what SoulSe seems to think, most computer users tend to buy a prebuild system, because not everybody is able to build his own system. Conclusion: In my opinion, the linux user market share is probably higher then what the sales of prebuild linux PCs indicates, not the other way around. Ciao, Sitor
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