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  1. Have you, or anyone on these forums tested it on linux? I'd like to know how well it handles flash and inbeded video. I tried it yesterday on my Vista install, and eventhough it feels super fast, its a bit glitchy. Back to 9.62 for now.
  2. Kieth, Pretty much like everyone else has said, Mandriva, or Vista ;) If by "user friendly" you mean, great hardware detection, Mandriva is your answer. If you mean, easy to use, then Mandriva is your answer. If you mean greater user support forums, Ubuntu is your answer. I think the only problem Mandriva has is that its too damn good. I hardly ever have to ask any questions about it because everything just works. There are only three other distributions I can say that about; OpenSuse, PCLINUXOS(Mandriva based), and SimplyMepis(based on Ubuntu, havent tried the debian base yet.)
  3. boatman, If I were you I'd leave KDE4 on and install Gnome if you need a stable/solid DE. The reason I say leave KDE4 on is because, eventually, it will replace KDE3 like it or not. I can't say much about it since I've only tried it on an OpenSuse live cd once or twice. I believe the Project Lead once said something along the lines of "pushing KDE4 to get more users to use it and test and submit their results to improve it." I personally think that they could've introduced some of its new features in 3 and kept building on it eventually transitioning to KDE4.
  4. It's unfortunate that you've been having so many problems with linux, I hope Vista doesn't disappoint you.
  5. ***disregard Greg2 beat me to it*** I believe it may be an MSFONT, but im not sure
  6. Well, I now want to install Mandy on my laptop again :( I know I shouldn't but damn, it's so tempting. I've now seen the Gnome, KDE, LXDE, and XFCE versions of Mandriva and they all look great. Thanks for posting the screenshot Chris, and congratulations on your new desktop enviroment.
  7. Chris, I hope you manage to install it and let us know how it goes. Post a screenshot even, I'm dying to know what it would look like and how it runs. Thanks.
  8. Taupist, It's unfortunate that you feel that way about Mandriva. I think KDE4 may be the root of all your problems, not Mandriva as a whole. I've not installed the latest release, infact I haven't used Mandriva since a month after 2008.1 was released. Have you tried using Gnome as your default DE? If you have, what was that experience like?
  9. I don't think I understand what you're getting at. Are you concerned that your PS3 was able to detect, connect to, and browse your desktop when you didn't configure your desktop to be a mediaserver? Have you looked into the MCC and checked the FW settings or any other network setting?
  10. Well that sux that you couldn't install it ac_dispatcher. They've got like 58 or 59 days left til they release it, hopefully by then they'll fix it.
  11. Hello everyone, Have you all heard the news, Beta 1 for OpenSuse is out! Woot. Anyway, have y'all seen the screenshots posted? http://en.opensuse.org/Screenshots/openSUSE_11.0_Beta1 I don't know about you guys, but damn does it look stunning. Do you think Mandriva could out do them with 2009? With respect to the Mandriva Dev Team, functionality is the most important part to any distro, and they seem to have that down. But as far as the look and feel, well I personally feel/think that they are lacking just a tad, but still great in the end. I was looking at their(Suse) Media layout page, found here http://en.opensuse.org/Media_Layout/11.0 and noticed they've got a KDE4 LIVE CD. What do you guys think about Suse 11? Has anyone here tried it, if so, how does it compare to Mandy?
  12. I wouldn't worry about it. Like you said you've got your firewall running. I don't think its possible to gain access to your box, and any secure site you're visiting should have 256 encryption, and I believe all browsers offer 128 bit encryption. I could be wrong though. Take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm no networking export and I'm far from being a Linux expert.
  13. Today I received an email from the Mandriva Store and gave me a refund. I'd like to thank Adam for all his help. I honestly don't think the refund would have happened without his help. With that, I'm off to installing 2008.1 Gnome One.
  14. I don't believe my comparison is or was wrong in anyway. Just about anything I can do in Linux I can do on Windows with free alternatives and vice versa. i don't have a problem buying the Distro from Mandriva because like I said in an earlier post, I know its a Company, and a company is in business to make money. I realize that it comes with Codecs and Cedega and thats got to be paid for somehow. Yeah thats fine. Don't sit there and tell me to go with the free version or another distro if I don't want to pay. I'll admit that I am at fault for not reading the Product Listing carefully, but I do feel like I should be given access to the 2009 image when it comes out either by discount or a download.
  15. Artic I bought the SLIM PACK 2 DVD SET, If I had a fast/dedicated Internet connection I would have gone with the Subscription. So, with the SLIM PACK Will i still be able to Upgrade to 2009 or not. Mandriva has not replied to any of my messages yet either.
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