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    AMD Sempron2800+
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    onboard S3 Unichrome VGA
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    I Gig Dell PC3200
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    160 Gig WD IDE
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    onboard VIA AC97
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    Mandriva One 2008/ Windows XP Pro Dual Boot
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    Acer AL1916W
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    Logitech Wireless Keyboaed/Mouse
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    same as above
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    NewEgg Barebones MSI MS-7181

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  1. Thanks for the replies, a pending hardware failure is what I was afraid of, and have already backed up everything I care about. I built the system almost 18 months ago, with all new hardware. It took me approx ten tries to get it to boot past GRUB this morning, but since, I have shut it down, and started it back up 4 times without incident. Doesn't want to run cold??....whick makes me think it may in fact be a connection problem. I will pull the box and check the IDE cables. The Connector at the motherboard did work it's way loose several months ago, but then it would take almost a minute to detect the IDE drives during boot, where it normally would flash past that screen. At that time, this was a XP box.It is not stalling at the point where it detects the drives, but stall during GRUB. If I do in fact have looming hardware failure, I would suspect the HDD, do you all agree?
  2. After working perfectly for 5 months, I am having boot problems with GRUB. It took several tries to get my machine to boot this morning, I kept receiving errors during GRUB, errors #16 & #18 to be specific. I also received a different error the first try , I don't remeber exactly what it was, but it read " cylinder exceeds" something. I am condering doing a complete Install, but I don't know if this is a hardware, or software problem. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions? Any help is sincerely appreciated as always.
  3. I added Urpmi a couple months ago, after reading on the forum that it was a good idea to do so, even though I didn't know exactly what I was doing , or why. I also received a "Urpmi database locked" message once, but after reboot, and using software update, it didn't return, so I didn't worry about it. Can someone please give me a brief description to what Urpmi is? I did some reading at the time, and although I found instruction on how to install, I didn't find a general explanation as to what it is. .....Thank you in advance, and sorry for the partial thread hyjack.
  4. I've had Mandriva One '08 installed since the beginning of the year, and until today, was completely stable. When I started the puter this afternoon, I got an error before boot,"Inconsistent file structure." I should have written down what else was on the screen, but I didn't. I also received the same message after trying to boot failsafe. After powering off the puter, and trying again, it booted fine, I am using it now. Any idea's?.... Sould I be worried? Moderator: I read all the thread titles and still was not sure where to post this (honest!) Please feel freee to move it where you think is best and I promise I won't whine.
  5. Ok.....once again....thank you all for the input and suggestions.....I mean that sincerely. As for my whiny demeaor....I'll admit, you MIGHT have a point. I was frustrated that something as simple as editing a menu (which I have done with minimum effort in a few other distros) could be so time consuming, and frankly, I was stumped. So....I come to the forum, and I have participated in many forums of various interests over the years. I post my question, and the "moderator" moves it within five minutes of posting it, but didn't bother to take an extra 30 seconds to help me out. I'm assuming the "moderator" of the forum would have experience, and knowledge of Mandriva, so I'm also assuming he/she could have helped. If my assumptions are incorrect...I apologize.........if not, I stand by what I wrote. EDIT: NEWSFLASH!!....I just noticed under the Admin's avatar: "not a Mandriva guru"........ If that isn't sarcasm, then I guess I do owe an apology. You can all feel free to call me a jacka$$. I can take it.( I would have deleted this post, but I don't believe in deleting things once they've been posted) I would not have thought to post my question on the security thread, for my question was about how to edit my Kmenu. I am fairly new to Linux, and people like me are the ones who rely on these forums. My suggestion for a General Questions thread, was just a thought to help those like myself, that still have ALOT to learn. I will not deabte this any further, I am what I am (Edit: see EDIT: NEWSFLASH!!). I do however want to ,again, sincerely thank those who offered help.
  6. Thanks!! That problem is solved! I would still like the option to log in as root.....is there a way to edit that file to allow this? I don't know the commands to edit in a terminal. Got it....thanks!!!.... I know it was a stupid question, but those simple codes were all i needed. I also understand now how it works. I understand the security risks asssociated with running as root, and the damage (especially from new users like myself) that can be done. Both PCLOS & openSuSE have root logins as an option. I don't log in as root often, but I have needed to to delete wifi modules so it would look to the ndiswrapper driver by default, and to edit menus. Thank you agin, it is appreciated.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I tried that, opened with KWrite, but again, when I try to save the file after making the change I get a "permission denied" error. How can I edit that menu with root privelidges? Thanks agin for the reply.
  8. I think it's a general question about how to configure the OS. We have different definitions of "security," as to how it pertains to computing. As you can see, I have made few posts, yet most seem to get moved. I wish you would put a "General Questions" thread at the top, so one doesn't have to spend more time trying to figure out what thread to list the question, then it does to type the question. I'll post my question over at linuxquestions.org. There, I'm more likely to get an answer to my question before it gets moved. Great OS!....poor forum.
  9. I'm embarrased to have to ask this question, for I have been using MAndiva One 2008 for a few months now. Why are root log ins not allowed in Mandriva?? I downloaded and installed Picasa, but it won't work. I uninstalled using thepackage manager, but the menu entry is still there under "graphics-[+]other" I tried to delete both the Picasa launch entry and the "[+]other" folded it resides in, but when I go to save the file, it won't write to the menu because I don't have permission. I tried opening a terminal within the /.config folder, and entered "su", then my root password, but it still wouldn't give me access to the folded (that has worked for me in the past). Again, whay are root log ins not allowed in Mandriva???... I haven't had this problem with other distros. I prefer Mandriva over PCLOS, but things are easier to configure in PCLOS. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Note: I did quicly red through the FAQ's. I wasn't sure where in the forum to post this question. I apologize if I picked the wrong place.
  10. Turns out Poker Stars software works fine as wine in Wine. I downloaded the version from ".net", which is the play $$ version. I had to got to pokerstars.com and download the software therer. Just wanted topass it along that it does in fact work, and Poker Stars is a great poker site.
  11. I am also a new Mandriva user, and dual boot XP. I am extremely pleased with Mandriva thus far, and use it 99% of the time. The first time I installed Mandriva, I went ahead and downloaded all the available updates. I had some problems with the system after. I decided to install again, and then only downkoaded the "security" updates. My system is fine now. I did not download any of the bug fixes, figuring if I come across a bug, I'll go back through the list and look for a fix. No bugs thus far,
  12. I am using Mandriva One 2008 and downloaded the latest version of Wine (0.9.57) and Pokers Stars software. I successfully installed the program, but only have access to play money tables, and there is no cashier button in the main lobby.I can only acccess my real money account if I boot into XP. I know this isn't a big problem, but i am trying to completely rid myself of Microsoft, and am very close to where I will no longer need to dual boot with XP. I was hoping someone here may also be using the Poker Stars software. Thank you in advance.....Dan [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  13. Thank you for the replies and advice!! I decided I had spent enough time trying to make the ATI card work . After reading your reply stating nVidia support was far betterr than ATI, I went to eBay and found a cheap Asus GeForce4 Ti 4600 card. I installed it last night and it is plug and play in both Mandriva 08 & WinXP. So, problem solved! So far, I am really enjoying Mandriva! I did play around with the 3D desktops, but they slow the system down, so I went back to no 3D desktop. I definitely have 3D though! I did open a cosole and follow the directions in your reply, and It did do what you said it would do. I still don't understand what happened. Was I installing updates? Updating the kernel? Is Easy URPMI a program, or does it work alongwith add/remove software? I did notice now that "sysinfo" works, where before I received an error when trying to start it. Thank you again for your time!!...Dan
  14. When I installed Mandriva, it would not work with the card in the title. I removed the card and it works with the onboard video, but without 3D. I've done searches and read many posts. I believe I have a driver that will work (fglrx_4_3_0-8.28.8-1.i386.rpm). The post I found that took me too this drived stated I needed to have the kernel source installed. Obviously a newbie, I don't know how to verify this. If anyone could direct me on how to install this driver I would sincerely appreciate it. I would like to reinstall the card and free up the shared RAM the onboard chip uses. I was able to get this card working in openSUSE 10.3 by setting the screen resolution to 1024x768 before the install, but that will not work with Mandriva 08. It will boot the live CD for a couple of minutes then I get a floating "input not supported" message. My system: MSI MS-7181 mobo, Sempron 2800+ (1.6), onboard S3 Unichrome VGA, onboard AC97 sound, Acer AL1916W monitor. Edit: Also, while reading another post, I came across Easy UPPMI. I went to this page, http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ , and followed the instructions, and a couple of files were downloaded. Not understanding exactly what I'm doing, I am not sure if I was adding repositories, where I can find the drivers, or if I was acually downloading drivers. Please advise, sorry for the stupid questions. Obviously, I have a lot of reading to do.
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